One for the sea, One for the land...... Living the Nomadic Life is our plan

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'OMG It's Almost Time' in 'Getting the Boat Ready' attempts to describe my excitement of our impending departure.
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The Midwest

24 October 2017
The last leg of this seasons road trip
The Midwest!

Wisconsin, my home for the first 50 years of my life. Each trip back to the area is a trip down memory lane with visits, dinners out and card games. They say you can take the girl out of Wisconsin but you can't take the Wisconsin out of the girl, or something like that.

A whirlwind schedule had us booked solid and criss crossing the state. It was wonderful to spend time with dear friends and loved ones, unfortunately a few were missed and really were truly missed.

Each trip back always includes a few Brandy Old Fashions, hmm, just thinking about them has me adding brandy to my shopping list. For my island hopping friends it is like a Lemon Lime and Bitters with brandy added. I remember years ago on a trip when I ordered one and the bartender asked if I was from Wisconsin! Ha, I guess I am predictable.

Each trip also continues the quest for the very best fried cheese curds (another local delicacy) and this year two stood out as so superior I might even take a trip back sooner than expected just to feast on that warm gooey goodness. For those that have never tasted curds I'll try to explain.

In the very early stage of the cheese making process just as the milk has curldled and before the curds are pressed into blocks you scoop out the curds from the whey. This sqeeky piece of cheese needs to be enjoyed within a day or two before it just tastes like regular cheese. Now let's use that curd to make a famous bar snack. Deep-fried cheese curds are covered with a batter, similar to one used for onion rings, and deep fried. Many menus have fried cheese curds but only a few really use fresh curds and that is what makes them great. Really really great. Melty runny stringy ooze great!

Iowa, in addition to a wonderful visit with my brother we toured The Bridges of Madison County. A collection of covered wooden bridges made famous by the movie of the same name in the mid 90s. Iowa has one of the largest collection of historic bridges in the country. Uncovered wooden bridges have a lifespan of only 10 to 15 years, covering the bridge protects the wooden structure. While no longer used for vehicle traffic, these bridges were built in the late 1800s and are very popular with both professional and amateur photographers.

The Ozarks, a region that comprises the southern region of Missouri and the northern territory of Arkansas. The area is known for its numerous lakes, fabulous scenic roads and mountainous Vistas. This area is a special destination for motorcycle enthusiasts but we braved the winding narrow roads in our Big Rig, often with my eyes closed. Branson is a bit of Nashville with country music, dinner shows and a variety of family entertainment.

Hundreds of Corp of Engineer campgrounds line the waterways and some of the best campsites we have found are here. We also had a chance to visit with more special friends.

We enjoyed the area so much that we have added it to the short list of places we would consider settling down. That is if and when that time ever comes, we do love this Nomadic life!

Hot Springs National Park is the smallest of the parks with only 6 thousand acres. Bathers have been flocking to the waters that were believed to be therepudic for centuries, waters that spring from deep in the earth. This is the first national park that you can't tell when you enter our leave and looks more like one stoplight town overrun with tourists. I am not saying we didn't enjoy it because we really did, especially my spa experience at the Buckstaff Bath House on The Row. I enjoyed a traditional bath house experience finished off with a lovely massage. A luxurious and pampered morning treat.

This was our last park of the season bringing our total up to 41.
We have 7 more to visit in the southwest and we will have visited all 47 in the lower 48 plus the Virgin Islands. That was our original goal but now we may decide to include some from Alaska and Hawaii.

Like we always say, our plans are written in the sand at low tide.

Does anybody read this stuff.....?

Theodore Roosevelt - Voyagers - Isle Royale

24 October 2017
National Parks
Our intended plan is to head north on our boat next spring continuing the Great American Loop. Because of this we needed to visit three more National Parks near the Canadian border. These are parks that only the heartiest of souls would visit in the winter.

First of these was Theodore Roosevelt in North Dakota. We visited both the north and south units and found it very similar to The Badlands and Black Hills area of South Dakota. One afternoon we had a heard of Buffalo grazing as they wandered through our campground and on to the river.

President Roosevelt claimed that his time on his land here helped him overcome personal tragedies and go on to transform his love of nature into law. While in office he established the US Forest Service and the Antiquities Act to protect 230 million acres of land. Protected land now exceeded many more million acres so we all need to thank our early environmentalist for their foresight.

It was time to get out water fix so we headed east toward the Great Lakes.

The next park, Voyagers, is part of the rugged and remote area that borders the Boundry Waters. Over 1 million acres, the Boundry Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is a huge network of bogs and waterways. Voyagersis a park that is as much water as land, with unspoiled shoreline of over 500 islands. Many visitors come here to fish and camp in one of the 200+ boat-in camp sites. After checking in at the visitor center we hopped on a boat to tour some of the park by water, which is really the only way to visit this park. Bald Eagle sightings were the highlight for most passengers on our tour although we did stop to visit a historic hotel on a remote island in the Kettle Falls District. Unlike most lodges of the National Park system, this one was a small run down wooden structure that is still in operation by a concessionaire. House boats are also available to rent and we passed several even though the weather was quite cold dipping into the low 40s at night.

The last park in the North was Isle Royal which is only accessible by a 2 hour boat ride and has fewer visitors in a year than Yellowstone has in a day. This island sits in the middle of Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes, and the worlds largest freshwater Lake. Only 25% of the 850 sq mile park is above water.

It is a paradise for back country campers but impossible to get my motor home to. Again, a bit cold and remote for our liking. We had packed a picnic and enjoyed a ranger led hike and a few ranger talks. I had a bit of childhood reminiscing of growing up on a lake in the North Woods, of growing up in "God's Country".

These two parks would be a great destination for city slickers that have always wanted to spend a weekend inside an idyllic Hamms commercial.
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One for the sea, One for the land...... Living the Nomadic Life is our plan

Who: Janice & Steve

Click: Where are we now?

'OMG It's Almost Time' in 'Getting the Boat Ready' attempts to describe my excitement of our impending departure.
Check out our Favorite Anchorages and best snorkeling spots in Blog Catagory 'Our Favorite Things'
And our thoughts on the completion of our first year in 'Our Cruising Advenures'!
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