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The Adventure Continues
Almost Ready to "Jump"
04/07/2012, 20 44.918'N:105 22.768'W, La Cruz, Banderas Bay, Mexico

After seemingly endless boat projects that have consumed the last seveal months, and provisioning that has involved numerous trips to Costco, Mega and the local tiendas (where does Linda find places to put all that stuff?) we are just about ready to say "Adios" to Mexico and "jump" to the South Pacific. We leave Mexico with much left to be explored, but secure in the knowledge that we will be back someday to pick up where we left off. We are anxious to start this next chapter in our "Grand Adventure" and look forward to seeing new sights, meeting new people, and the challenge of crossing an ocean in a small boat! In preparing to make this crossing, we have strengthened many old friendships and made many new friends among our fellow "Puddle Jumpers" and look forward to our seeing them again at the Latitude 38 rally in Tahiti in June, and elsewhere down the line. Stay tuned for further updates as we cruise to and through the South Pacific!

04/09/2012 | Gary and Deva
Bon Voyage, Bob and Linda. Have a great cruise!
04/09/2012 | Bob & Beth Connollypp
Very excited for you guys!
04/10/2012 | Dan Kern
Bob and Linda - WOW, you are now headed across the ocean and I feel fortunate to have heard this dream Many,Many years ago from both of you and now your affirmation has taken place.

Nancy and I pray for your safety always and know the dear Lord is watching over both of you and your beautiful Yacht!!!!

We will see both of you sometime after I retire on 30 June 2012.


04/11/2012 | Leon and Joanie
We are so excited with you! Many have dreams but many do not live them. Go for it guys! Fair winds and calm seas!
Leon and Joanie
04/14/2012 | Dan and Nancy Kern
Day 3 and all is well - it really must be amazing in the day looking all around at that vast ocean and imagine earlier Pioneers in their sail ships exploring the seas for new lands and wondering if the world really is flat and they'll just sail off the edge.

Night and all the stars - WOW - i think I would just forget about sailing and lay on the deck and stare at all those stars!!!!


Dan and Nancy Kern
04/18/2012 | Mark Sciarretta
Linda & Bob,
Congratulations on completing your 3rd day out! With a bit more breeze, I'm sure you'd really be enjoying the passage. It's bringing back memories of my 2006 passage from PV to Hilo, Hawaii aboard the Swedish flagged Morgan 43, "Royal Treat" with Anders Bilred and his wife and 11-yr. old daughter.

We had the luxury of personalized weather-routing from Don of "Summer Passage" (I'm sure you've heard of his recent passing - he was great to have "on-board!). He had us sailing down to 17 degrees, where the wind was too light, then up to 19 where the wind was too brisk - we repeated this for several weeks. We shut the engine down at the Marietta's as well, not firing her up again until Hawaii was in sight.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Isla Socorro) and the other Revillagigedos - that'll be the last land you see for a long, long time. Oh, and don't worry about the boobies - before long I'm sure you'll have the decks awash, cleaning up any and messes!

Stay safe and keep writing!

Capitano Marco & Debbie

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