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Why Not Now?
rockin and rollin
03/30/2013, 08 30N 127 44W

Our Noon to Noon run was 195 miles- which we are pleased about- the wind has been in the 20-25 range- we are sailing on a course of 180 and managing 8.5 -9 knts- - a 6 to 8 foot wind swell is hitting our port side quarter so we a moving around quite a bit- this does seem to be abating so the wind may start to back off as well. We are currently sailing with a reef in the main and the head sail rolled down to the second hash mark. Everyone is fine, albeit a little tried. We are starting to think about our arrival in Hiva Oa in a week to 10 days. This will most likely be the last time any of us undertakes a voyage of this duration- but of course who knows- Gavin, Paloma and Teyber have a lot of years and adventures ahead of them. Thanks to all of you for your comments- it is nice to stay in touch and have a conversation.

On and on we go
03/29/2013, 10.57N 127.44W

Our noon to noon run yesterday to today was 159 NM- that was with the first 6 hours or so moving at 3.5 to 4 knts- I went to make water this morning and turned out we are moving to fast on this tack to be able to pull water out of the ocean- a situation previous owners have mentioned- so we agreed that rather than change tack or slow down we will conserve water until the conditions change. we have plenty of water, will just cut back on showers etc. We are about 650 miles from the equator. And then about 900 miles from Hiva Oa- we are more than half way in terms of miles -and depending on weather maybe 10 to 12 days out- A lot will depend on what happens in the ITCZ (the doldrums) if it turns out to be narrow- we may just flash through and pick up the SE trades on the other side.

In the middle of the big blue sea
03/28/2013, 13.41 N 127.27W

Another day another 152 miles- the last half of yesterday, say noon until 7'ish and again from about 8 am this morning we continued to work to maintain 3 or 4 knots in light air- last night was pure sweetness- we had 12 -16 knts of breeze out of the ENE, this meant we were able to reach all night in flat seas, sustaining speeds of 8.5 -9.5- moon was out air was warm. and our noon to noon distance was 152 miles. it was the kind of sailing I wish everyone could experience. We listened to the Pacific Puddle Jumper's net tonight (basically folks who are on boats and headed to the same place "meet" every night on the SSB radio- report their position and weather conditions). Most of the boats have left from Mexico. boats with kids, couples etc. I am sure we will meet some of these folks down the line. Tonight Chef Gavin cooked tri-tip - Teyber and I liked it-a lot. More tomorrow.

still driffting
03/27/2013, 16.18 N 127. 10W

We have been working to keep Emma moving. Getting the crew to realize that when we are under spinnaker, the wind is light and shifty the auto pilot will not react fast enough to keep us moving. We had a couple of hours of 6-7 knts boat speed but we are back down to sub 4 (hate to write that). The gribs and forecast seem to agree that we should have more breeze tomorrow and for the next 4 or 5 days. But in the meantime we have agreed that when we drop the spinny at dusk we will fire up the "auxiliary breeze" and motor through the night-doing this will use some of our fuel budget but we are in good shape in that regard. I mentioned the ITCZ earlier, it seems (at the moment) to be breaking down somewhere just east of 130W- good news- but another one has formed below the equator, so we will need to keep an eye on that. Homemade pizza tonight- Paloma is on fire, chocolate chip cookies yesterday, Bryant and Ann Marie's muffins this morning, la voca de vida. and it looks like a nice sunset tonight. Sleep well.

Board shorts and sunscreen
03/27/2013, 16.47 N 127. 10W

The sailing yesterday was a lot of fun. Wind was from 8 to 12-14 knots and the sea was flat. We put the spinnaker up until dark and reeled off some decent mileage. Dropped the spin at dark and then sailed thru the night under full main and genoa. Emma was sailing very well, steady and smooth in the 7 an 8's occasionally kissing 9. Sadly the wind has dropped to about 2-4 knots. We have dropped the main and are flying just the spinnaker- working hard to keep the boat moving. We have mostly clear skies, and the ocean is warming up-yesterday it was 66 deg and today it is 78.5. We are starting to keep a closer eye on the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), this is the area in the vicinity of the equator, where the wind can be light and squally. It changes daily so it difficult to predict things but we can get a feel for what is going on . I imagine we will continue dues south until we hit 10N or so and then start heading a little more SW- but we will have to wait and see what the weather holds. Our non to noon run was 142 nm which includes about a total of 10 hours or so sailing under 5 (a lot under 4) - The ocean is a deep deep blue, just barely kissed by the breeze. We beginning to see a lot of flying fish, this has lead Gavin to anticipate another fish-

Spinnake up headed south
03/26/2013, 18.23 N 127. 12W

Today was a another boat chore day- did laundry, replaced a fresh water pump- and the best one Teyber and I took one of the toilets apart to replace a slipping link. Weather is overcast and wind continues light- long stretches of breeze under 5 knots- Seas are very calm, and we have the spinnaker up. Thanks to all of you for your comments- it is a real pleasure to receive them each day.

moving along in a southerly direction

We continue to make progress albeit at a leisurely pace. Our best 24hr run has been 175 miles and our slowest has been 132 miles. we have seen sustained speeds of 9 -9.5 for several hours at a time then the wind drops from 17 knts to 7 knts and we are back down to 5 knts- that is sailing certainly, but we are anxious to start putting away some real miles. Time for my watch- More tomorrow. Bob

Magic Moments

So you know the voyage is going to be formative when the crew is already getting nostalgic. We have worked hard to get to where we are. The first few days were a challenge as far as dealing with reality- bad conditions, seasickness --cold, cold-- and then variable winds and working had to keep Emma moving. This afternoon we jibed over and are now on a course that is very favorable to our goal. The weather has warmed up-the moon is rising over the stern. we are sailing in a 12-15 knt breeze, Emma is broad reaching at 8.5 knots, Gavin is preparing his tuna and Paloma goes to the bow and returns- understanding what this sailing thing is about. Moments I want to share, moments I want you all to experience. A beautiful, full tranquil contentment.

blue skies -and warming up

We continue our southward progress- albeit a little slower than expected- Last night on my watch the wind was great and we were sailing nicely- an hour into Gavin's watch the wind dropped to nada- .5 to 3 or 4 knots, we worked hard just to keep Emma moving- the wind finally started filling in a couple of hours ago and we are moving again. Teyber and I straightened the deck out today while Gav vacuumed down below. We had amazing seared tuna rolls for lunch, with sesame seeds and Gavin's special aiole sauce. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Bob

Fish On

Gavin just pulled in the first fish of the voyage- a 20lb, ft Yellow Fin Tuna- the ginger and wasabe is coming out for tonight. Will send photos when we get to the Marquesas.

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