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Anchored in the Caribbean
To be a sailor and live a shore in the Caribbean.

After 2 days with the charter tourist (they was supposed to stay 3) we went out sailing with some friends. We went back to "Palmillas" I was the captain of the night, and I must say that I loved it! Flat water, 10 knots wind in 50° perfect, the guys went down below and let us ladies have the night and the moon to ourselves, we had a bless!

Anchored in "Las Palmillas" this day's was a couple from Argentina in there Mason 53' "Limay". We took them for a tour in "Catuano Passage" between "Saona Island" and main land. There is mangroves with a lot of channels thought most of them a very shallow. Totally still water and nobody in sight ore hear. Lots of birds and when we were going out we saw an "eagle spotted sting ray" and 2 turtles. It was my first times I've ever seen these animals in this spot but it made me happy to see them and knowing that there're there.

Las Palmillas if foul of sea stars, and I finally had the opportunity to hold one of them. They look so friendly down there in the sand but holding one of them, they did not seem so friendly any more, thought they are very beautiful but I think I will let them stay at the bottom all by themselves. After all that's their home and that's where they are the most beautiful.

We spent 2 nights on an anchor before heading back to Casa de Campo, another amazing sailing!

More Pics from the trip cane bee seen here:

// Lisa

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01/05/2010 | Tommy
Very nice star you get up there...........Jippie


Puerto Rico, Ponce

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