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Irwin 52 "Esea Livin"

sailing irwin
Who: John and Irene Messerli
Port: Kemah, Texas
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Bottom looks soooo good!

Anew bottom job and is looking real good. She is ready to sail as soon as we get new exhaust run.

05/13/2010 | Jonathan
Hello! A friend suggested I troll sailing blogs and forums to find a summer adventure/possible job. I apologize for the unexpected message, but, well, here goes: I'm a 4th year jr. high teacher/tutor living in Walnut Creek, CA (all core subjects, esp. English, and also Bible, photography, volleyball), 29 years old, very fit, with sailing experience (including some racing in Marina Del Rey) and EMT trained. Jack of several trades (including cooking, guitar, etc). Are you willing/able to point me towards any wholesome people needing crew for a voyage this summer (doesn't matter where in the U.S.)? Priority would go to a boat where I could earn some supplemental income or at least have expenses paid (especially a family with kids that I can tutor/teach onboard while also crewing). Crewfile and other sites haven't really turned up anything like this, so I hope word of mouth might! Again, sorry for any inconvenience, but I do hope to hear from you. Thank you!

-Jonathan Vince
09/15/2010 | Michael Ronneberger
Could this boat be hull number 156 originally from California, used to be called "Chandrah"? Let me know if this sounds like it could be her? Deep keel option?
She has a new name!!!

We took her out again for new stuffing box and bottom paint. While she is out we put a new name and port on her stern. She is ready to sail now. Hoorah!!!


Time for a bath and a few repairs. Yuk ugly stuff on the bottom. LOL
Looks good after pressure sprayed. First time to see what the bottom
looks like on Esea Livin. Will need a new bottom paint in another year.

03/13/2010 | Jean Hurley
Sounds exciting!! Keep in touch, we'll be "sailing" with you from here! Jean s/v Maxine