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Sailing Isabella & now the Beachcomber
Hurricane Odile
Cloudy & showers, Rod
09/17/2014, Guaymas, Mx & Deception Pass, WA

Several of our friends have asked how our boat "Beachcomber" is doing after the storm.
"Beachcomber" is sitting in a boatyard out of the water in Guaymas, Sonora, MX which was spared the brunt of the storm & all is well, sitting pretty much as we left her. They had a couple of inches of rain, 20-30 knot winds with gusts into the 40's. Gabriel, the yard manager emailed us with an all is well & said that they will be washing the boat in the next couple of days.
Many of our cruising friends were not as lucky, bearing much more of the storm the we, but with most boats surviving intact, however several boats & 4 people in the La Paz area were not so lucky. Our thoughts & prayers go out to them & their families & friends.

Rod/ Awesome weather
08/05/2014, Canadian Gulf Islands

Snorkeling...... in the Pacific NorthWest?
...... If you are from Saskatchewan & have never even seen salt water let alone touch it..... well, yeah!
Jim & Diane brought Alecia with them to Vancouver Island a couple of weeks ago & she had also never been on a boat, so we all loaded into the little Sea Ranger 19 & took a ride to Tent Island where Jimmy took Alecia snorkeling. (See Jimmy does have a heart, just don't tell anyone)
My understanding is that Alecia is a fish at the local pool, but the waters of the Gulf Islands took a few minutes to warm up to, but a great time was had by all.

Summer Time
Rod/ Awesome weather
08/04/2014, Pacific NorthWest

We have been busy since returning to the Pacific Northwest for the summer. We spent 2 weeks on a cruise in Alaska with the company I retired from as payment for helping them out with one of the boats last winter in La Paz. We spent almost 2 weeks traveling the Olympic Peninsula thru the temperate rain forest & Olympic National Park then we spent a little over a week cruising Vancouver Island, the Canadian Gulf Islands & catching up with Jim & Diane of Prairie Oyster. Then had Scott & Monica of Scott Free up to the cabin for a couple of days last week & went crabbing.
Today we just received the new dripless shaft seals for Beachcomber with several more parts on their way this week & plan to be back on the water at the end of the week in the San Juan's.
Here is a picture of the little Sea Ranger on Tent Island in the Gulf Islands with Jim & Diane.

08/04/2014 | Heidi & Terry & Rosie
Nice! Can't wait till we get a chance to visit you guys! Enjoy!
And Fishing
Rod, Mostly Sunny
06/11/2014, The San Juan Islands

We have been doing a bit of fishing since we have been back......... not much catching, just fishing.
Here Tucker is giving Jane a helping hand....... & hoping for a lingcod.

06/20/2014 | Heidi, Terry & Rosie
What a cute pic! Miss that Tucker.... Oh and you guys too :)
The Neighbors
06/11/2014, Deception Pass, WA

We love our neighbors, whether at Deception Pass or the Sea Of Cortez. These guys & their mom just happen to be residents of Deception Pass next door.
Love the spotted coats on the little guys.

Back in the Pacific Northwest
Rod, Mostly Sunny & 72
06/07/2014, Deception Pass, WA

At "Beachcomber" in Sonora, Mexico the temperature hovers around 100 degrees in the day & with the humidity in the 70% range it feels much much warmer . We experienced 135 degrees inside of the boat a couple of years ago in San Carlos & that was the end of our Sea of Cortez summers as Jane's foot swelled up to the size of a cantaloupe.

Now we spend those summers in the Islands of Puget Sound at our cabin & our summer cruising is done on a small power boat (boat camping). The rest of our time is spent dreaming & preparing for our next foray south to "Beachcomber" in October. So now I sit here at the cabin, watching the sunset, working on a few things to be installed on the cat this fall, dreaming of palm trees & sharing a margarita & sea stories of sailing with a friend........... Life IS good........

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