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Sailing Isabella & now the Beachcomber
Rod, Warm & Sunny
02/24/2015, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

And I'll be damned, as we passed by Punta San Lorenzo we hooked up with a small Dorado (around 5 or 6 lbs ) & had a fresh fish dinner. The other half is in the freezer for this week. We are all stoked.

Rod, Warm & Sunny
02/24/2015, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

We did a little fishing........ or I should say we were dragging around a few lures on our way to Bonanza. Here Jane & Tucker are trying to wish a fish onto the hook.......

Rod, Warm & Sunny
02/23/2015, BCS, Mexico

And a near perfect end to another near perfect day........

Rod, Warm & Sunny
02/23/2015, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Tucker even gets into the spirit of beachcombing, playing with seashells, sticks & running for miles. Here he has found puffer fish on the beach & checks to make sure it wont be moving & get him. He is soooo brave......

A BIG Beach
Rod, 80 degrees & Sunny
02/23/2015, Baja California Sur

Here is a picture that gives you a better idea of Jane's favorite beach........ Miles of beach & not a soul around but us....... Very Cool!

The Find
Rod, 80 degrees & Sunny
02/23/2015, Bonanza Bay

So Jane's big find for this trip was a Helmet Conch. It was however, full of cockroaches that were eating what was left of the critter inside when she found on the beach. She was a bit grossed out about that as she had been carrying it for 30 or 40 minutes before they started making their exit. It is a beautiful example of the species though.

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S/V Isabella now Beachcomber
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