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Sailing Isabella, Plan B & Beachcomber
Cruising the Sea on our C-Dory
04/15/2014, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Actually I'm posting this from our cabin at Deception Pass.
Several of our friends have asked where did we take our C-Dory in Mexico. So, here is a copy out of our chart book that I drew our route on, we did almost the same route both ways. A 96 mile crossing of the Sea of Cortez from San Carlos to San Juanico (We did it in about 6 hours @ approx, 15 kts. way, way faster than the sailboat). Between 250 & 300 miles each way, Launching in San Carlos & cruising to La Paz.
It was a great trip.
Of course, spending your winter in La Paz is never a bad way to go anyway......
Hasta, Rod

Hasta Luego Mexico 'Till Fall
Rod, 80 degrees & sunny
04/14/2014, Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico

So we finished all we can do here for now. We loaded up the pickup & headed North to Deception Pass from Guaymas, to return in October.
Hasta Luego.

Yard work
Rod, 78 degrees & sunny
04/09/2014, Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico

We had to pull the rudders to get at the cutlass bearings, shafts & dripless shaft seals...... & we wanted to take a look at the folding propellers as well...
We got 8 propellers with this boat..... 6 of them folding, 4 Martec Slipstream & 2 Autoprops the other 2 are the original 2 blade fixed props.

Yard Time
Rod, 78 degrees & sunny
04/09/2014, Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago...... After working on Plan "B" in the front yard of the cabin at Deception Pass I guess I got spoiled, now back to a real boat yard with "Beachcomber" is a reality check. Dirty, hot & lots of back breaking work. However, at Marina Seca Guaymas there are some of the greatest people to work with we have met anywhere. Yes, a lot of hard work but they have been a pleasure to work with & would recommend them to anyone. Here is a pic of some of the stainless work we had done by Rafael, a great job & a great price too...

More beachcombing?
Rod, 75 degrees & sunny
03/09/2014, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

And like I have said...... Tucker gets into the action too!

Rod, 75 degrees & sunny
03/09/2014, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Our new to us boat - Why did we call it the Beachcomber?
Here's why..... My job on the boat is to take Jane & Tucker from beach to beach to beach......
We were going to name the C-Dory that, but there was already one in Cornet Bay...... Go figure......
We have yet to see another anywhere. So now we have our Beachcomber in the Sea of Cortez.
Here is a picture of Jane's latest beachcombing finds.
She has been looking for that Seahorse for years.

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S/V Isabella now Beachcomber
Who: Rod, Jane & Tucker (the Admiral) DuFour
Port: Deception Pass, WA
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