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Sailing Isabella & now the Beachcomber
Rod/ Awesome weather
08/05/2014, Canadian Gulf Islands

Snorkeling...... in the Pacific NorthWest?
...... If you are from Saskatchewan & have never even seen salt water let alone touch it..... well, yeah!
Jim & Diane brought Alecia with them to Vancouver Island a couple of weeks ago & she had also never been on a boat, so we all loaded into the little Sea Ranger 19 & took a ride to Tent Island where Jimmy took Alecia snorkeling. (See Jimmy does have a heart, just don't tell anyone)
My understanding is that Alecia is a fish at the local pool, but the waters of the Gulf Islands took a few minutes to warm up to, but a great time was had by all.

Summer Time
Rod/ Awesome weather
08/04/2014, Pacific NorthWest

We have been busy since returning to the Pacific Northwest for the summer. We spent 2 weeks on a cruise in Alaska with the company I retired from as payment for helping them out with one of the boats last winter in La Paz. We spent almost 2 weeks traveling the Olympic Peninsula thru the temperate rain forest & Olympic National Park then we spent a little over a week cruising Vancouver Island, the Canadian Gulf Islands & catching up with Jim & Diane of Prairie Oyster. Then had Scott & Monica of Scott Free up to the cabin for a couple of days last week & went crabbing.
Today we just received the new dripless shaft seals for Beachcomber with several more parts on their way this week & plan to be back on the water at the end of the week in the San Juan's.
Here is a picture of the little Sea Ranger on Tent Island in the Gulf Islands with Jim & Diane.

08/04/2014 | Heidi & Terry & Rosie
Nice! Can't wait till we get a chance to visit you guys! Enjoy!
And Fishing
Rod, Mostly Sunny
06/11/2014, The San Juan Islands

We have been doing a bit of fishing since we have been back......... not much catching, just fishing.
Here Tucker is giving Jane a helping hand....... & hoping for a lingcod.

06/20/2014 | Heidi, Terry & Rosie
What a cute pic! Miss that Tucker.... Oh and you guys too :)
The Neighbors
06/11/2014, Deception Pass, WA

We love our neighbors, whether at Deception Pass or the Sea Of Cortez. These guys & their mom just happen to be residents of Deception Pass next door.
Love the spotted coats on the little guys.

Back in the Pacific Northwest
Rod, Mostly Sunny & 72
06/07/2014, Deception Pass, WA

At "Beachcomber" in Sonora, Mexico the temperature hovers around 100 degrees in the day & with the humidity in the 70% range it feels much much warmer . We experienced 135 degrees inside of the boat a couple of years ago in San Carlos & that was the end of our Sea of Cortez summers as Jane's foot swelled up to the size of a cantaloupe.

Now we spend those summers in the Islands of Puget Sound at our cabin & our summer cruising is done on a small power boat (boat camping). The rest of our time is spent dreaming & preparing for our next foray south to "Beachcomber" in October. So now I sit here at the cabin, watching the sunset, working on a few things to be installed on the cat this fall, dreaming of palm trees & sharing a margarita & sea stories of sailing with a friend........... Life IS good........

Cruising the Sea on our C-Dory
04/15/2014, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Actually I'm posting this from our cabin at Deception Pass.
Several of our friends have asked where did we take our C-Dory in Mexico. So, here is a copy out of our chart book that I drew our route on, we did almost the same route both ways. A 96 mile crossing of the Sea of Cortez from San Carlos to San Juanico (We did it in about 6 hours @ approx, 15 kts. way, way faster than the sailboat). Between 250 & 300 miles each way, Launching in San Carlos & cruising to La Paz.
It was a great trip.
Of course, spending your winter in La Paz is never a bad way to go anyway......
Hasta, Rod

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