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Sailing Isabella & now the Beachcomber
Viva La Paz
Rod, 78 & Sunny
01/19/2015, La Paz, BCS, Mexico

As we watched the Seahawks playoff game with Green Bay we looked behind us & lo & behold La Paz had to show us why we love our time here.
So not only did the Seahawks pull out a win, but the sunset blew our socks off...... So now I sit here, san socks, but with a margatita in hand. What a day!

2015..... Already?
Rod, Warm & Sunny
01/18/2015, La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Wow, it seems like just yesterday it was 1996........ But, we finally feel that we are done with the holidays & have started working on the boat again......... We did have A LOT of fun with our friends here in La Paz...... We even got Jane dancing again (Here with Mr. T, the real one) .... Now tell me she's not having fun!

01/18/2015 | Irene
What a great dancer....just like her mother....hah!
Rod, Warm & Sunny
12/23/2014, La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Life here seems to center around our boats, sometimes boats that are quite a bit different from the ones we are used to. Here is the one the ladies used to celebrate Sharon's birthday.

Rod, Warm & Sunny
12/06/2014, La Paz, BCS, Mexico

It is hard to describe & even harder to catch on film the feel & beauty of the water as we travel the Sea of Cortez. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure its real.......

Rod, Warm & Sunny
12/06/2014, Puerto Bellena, BCS

In the anchorages this year the water has been beautifully clear & inviting.
I went for a snorkel off of the boat the other day & had Manta's all around me, a magical moment for sure.

Rod, Warm & Sunny
12/06/2014, La Paz, BCS, Mexico

While our friends up north deal with cold & rain or snow, we have been blessed with an abundance of warm & sunny weather for our trip south to La Paz. So warm in fact the Jane even got in the water...... will miracles never cease!

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