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I think he liked the boat.

First stop south
08/04/2010, Westport, Wa

Fog, Drizzle & 52 degrees (& people wonder why we're headed south)

We had our first stowaway. A sparrow lost, tired & wet landed on the boat for a rest stop. After deciding we were not a threat became quite friendly while looking for a place to rest & dry out. I fed him some bread crumbs & part of a cherry. He went down below with Jane & Tucker, warmed up awhile & then took off on his merry way... always cool....

We made our first stop in Westport on our coastal hop south. After rounding Cape Flattery we motorsailed in light winds for a few hours until the wind died. The further south we went the more confused the seas became until we were rolling rail to rail in a 5' NW & 3'Sw swell that would peak on our beam & roll the boat very qiuckly to the opposite side. Very uncomfortable! Somehow Jane heated up some dinner & I tried to get most of it from the bowl to my mouth in one not so easy swoop.

In the dark , about 12 miles offshore, we ran into A mine field of pot buoys & slid over 4 of them as we put the engine in nuetral. Some tense momemts followed as we waited for them to slid out our stern. But we cheated death one more time & are now tied up in Westport resting, doing a few projects before for our next leg to Newport, OR. Headed out tomorrow.... Hopefully. Rod



Another pic

Sucia Island

We're off
Fog & west wind 15-25 kts
07/29/2010, Port Angeles, WA

OK, so we left Olympia May 19 to start our shake down cruise north thru the San Juan & Gulf Islands. On our first night there were Gale Warnings posted & we had 1.5 inches of rain.

Not what we expected.

A few days later we arrived in the San Juans & we spent 2 days anchored with 40 knot winds.

Not what we expected.

However things have gradually improved to where we have achieved our first sunburn by July 20th. Tucker has jumped or fallen of the boat twice, we have walked many beaches, taken waves over the boat, broken & fixed many items, Drank a gallon of tequila, gained weight & have had a few great days scattered about.

We left Oak Harbor on Tues. the 27th & we are presently sitting in Port Angeles on our way to Neah Bay tomorrow & planning to make the left turn south around Cape Flatttery on Saturday or Sunday.

More soon................. Rod

Oh yeah -- and the picture was taken in Echo Bay, Sucia Island.

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