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09/15/2010, Santa Barbara, CA

After a great stop in Monterey, our favorite so far, we are underway again. (By the way the Aquarium is amazing & Lopez Cantina has great Mexican food.) We rounded Point Pinos in dense fog & a 2-4' low NW swell. not a bad ride.... A hundred or so miles south & or 6-8 miles NW of San Luis Obispo we came upon a Minke Whale swimming fast approaching the boat, he swam from one side to the other then started breaching, each time getting closer to the boat. By the fifth breach he landed not 10 ft from our starboard side, covering the entire boat in his spray. I was hollering with joy as Jane thought he was going to hit us & had first thought it was Jaws. Wow, what a rush!
After an overnight in San Luis we were underway at 0430 in calm & low NW swell. As we reached Point Aguello the wind started to build & by the time we reached Point Conception we had 25 knots with gusts in the 30's. good news was it was from the NW blowing us on our way to Santa Barbara. Not a drop of water on deck, just that sloppy roll when you are sailing dead down wind, actually real sloppy. I steared by hand as the wind waves built from 4-6'. But, we cheated death one more time & are secure in Santa Barbara feeling pretty smug as we look across at the palm trees. Hasta.

09/09/2010, Monterey, CA

We have been in Monterey for a few days now playing tourist. There is an amazing amount of wildlife here. Sea lions everywhere, on jetties, nav. buoys, boats, you name it, they are there. The area is so rich in food they populate like rabbits, being protected & with few natural preditors. The sea otters swim thru the marina with their babies on their chest & the jelly fish seem to be blooming. An incredible place.
As can be expected on a trip like this, things break or just quit. Our chart plotter has been breathing it's last few breaths for the last couple of weeks & died on the way into Monterey. We ordered another (Garmin) & I am installing it today as Jane makes a trip to the commisary & Tucker guards things. He seems to be taking it quite seriously lately.
More soon, Smooth Sailing, Rod

South Bound
09/04/2010, Half Moon Bay, CA

We are finally south of San Francisco and tied up at the Pillar Point Marina (just south of the world famous surf spot Mavericks)
We had a great time in Eureka visiting family & friends and headed out on Aug. 31. We had a rolly ride around Cape Mendecino and arrived at Fort Bragg on Sept. 1.
After a short rest stop we were underway again rounded Point Arena & arrived here yesterday afternoon. More soon, having a rough time with the internet.....

Isabella in Eureka

Home. By the way. The moorage in Eureka is very reasonable. 56 bucks a week for a 32' boat including elec.

Eureka, CA

We are presently tied up at the Woodley Island Marina in Humbolt Bay, Eureka,CA. We are enjoying our visit with my folks, sister, brother-in-law, nephews & friends.
However, its still low clouds & fog, temps in the mid 50's to 60's. Not beach weather yet.
Got a little spanking with south winds in the 30's, gusting in the mid 40's, 12'-14' following seas with a few I'm sure were 16' & 6' on the nose (very confused) at Cape Blanco in the middle of the night. Jane says its kind of like a roller coaster ride you can't get off. Very uncomfortable. It took us 3 1/2 hours to go 6 miles. Much like the Seattle commute with big waves. We had a great day into Eureka though with light winds & a small following seas, lots of dolphins, bird life & a few whales.
Tucker has been able to play chase with his cousin Moose & sporting his Doggles to get ready for the sun as we head south.

Rod, Jane & Tuck

the weather
08/09/2010, Newport, OR

Well , We're still here in Newport & will be for a couple of more days as we wait for the weather window we are looking for to complete our next leg south around Cape Blanco which can be kind of cranky, as it seems to be right now.

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