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10/03/2010, California Coast

Rod's idea of sailing.......

10/03/2010, California Coast

Jane's idea of sailing....... Baking bread........

10/03/2010, California Coast

Tucker's idea of sailing.....

Southern Caliofornia
10/03/2010, Oceanside Harbor

Boy, Are we glad to be in the south land. We sometimes don't even realize the weather is changing back up in the Pacific NW as the days are still in the 80's here. We spent a few great days at Catalina Island (one of our favorite stops so far) then moved on Oceanside in North San Diego County, arriving for Harbor Days amid numerous pirates and all kinds of indescribable scaliwags. Very fun.
Our friends on Andiamo arrived yesterday for yet another fun evening. In fact there are 3 boats tied up at the Oceanside Yacht Club dock, all from Puget Sound. I guess we aren't the only ones with this idea.
Hope all is well with our friends & family back home.......
Hasta, Rod, Jane & Tucker

Cousin Dave
09/27/2010, Long Beach, CA

After a beautiful day on the water with more Dolphins, Blue Whales & Ocean Sunfish we arrived in Long beach to tie up next to my cousin Dave & his wife Trish on their Catalina 36. We talked nonstop well into the night, trying to catch up on the years in just one evening. We'll be here with them for a couple of days & then moving south again.
As I write this at 0900 it is 86 degrees outside & 77 degrees inside, we have finally made it to that warm weather.
Tucker is having a great time & even starting to become a social to those he meets along the way and has been trying to impress the girls with his stand up paddle boarding skills..... Hasta.

Finally, warm
09/25/2010, Marina Del Ray

We finally made it to warm weather.... As I write this at 0745 in the morning the temp is 75 in the cockpit & it was up to 82 yesterday..... Purrrrfect......
We had a very light wind motor - motorsail here, but the sealife we saw on the way was incredible.
We saw Blue whales, Humpback Whales, over a thousand Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Risso's Dolphins, 5 Ocean Sunfish, Seals, Sealions & a Shark. All in one morning & all in T-shirts & shorts...... Wow, what a day..... The very reason we headed south. We are looking forward to more of the same.
Presently we are tied up next to our good friends on Andiamo III at the Del Ray Yacht Club. Have had a great time with Gene, Tami, Abby & Christian exploring California. Great stuff, wish you were all here..... Hasta.

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