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Island Sunrise
02/19/2012, Mexico

Many times it's the little things that make a big impact.
Like a great island sunrise & a time to reflect.

02/06/2012, S/V Isabella

Tucker seems to have his own drive up window. I almost expect to hear him say "I'll have a Big Mac, Fries & a Coke please"

The Circus
02/05/2012, La Paz, Mexico

Wow, We had French couple perform in the rigging on their boat last week. What a show. They made it look so easy and graceful, where I usually climb the mast with a death grip. Here is a picture of the woman almost looking angelic...... I guess its time to practice......

Tuckers Help
01/28/2012, Sea of Cortez

Tucker helping Jane at the beach.

Island Hopping
01/28/2012, Sea of Cortez

We took off a several days ago for some island hopping & beach combing.
Some great weather & empty beaches were what we found with Jane & Tucker having a great time combing the beaches over a couple of days.
After lunch one day we relaxed reading for a bit & soon Jane couldn't get up. Her sciatic nerve started acting up, in a few hours she was doubled up with the mucles in her leg twiching like crazy. We hung out in the anchorage for a few more hours thinking it would ease up as the wind was now blowing about 35 with the highest gust 41.
Finally the wind began to ease, but not the pain in Jane's leg so at midnight I picked up the hook & began a long nights travel towards La Paz. I got a hold of the Dr. & he met us at the dock & within 30 minutes Jane had an IV inserted with what the Dr. called a cocktail & she was off to lulu land for about 24 hrs. I was promoted again to nurse from turdmate for a few days to administer shots & meds, now she is feeling much better.
That girl, she is always full of suprises......
But look at this beach.... and not a soul around.......

01/20/2012, from La Paz

Yes, we will be shipping Isabella back to the Pacific Northwest this spring. Both of our parents have been having health issues & it's time to take some time out to spend with them. Isabella will be headed back as deck cargo on a freighter with a company known as Yacht Path. They will pick her up here in La Paz in May & drop her off almost at our front door in Victoria Harbor, Canada ten days later. We have decided to ship her as it is much easier on the boat (virtually no wear & tear) & people against the prevailing weather on the West Coast of Mexico & the US, also the price was right. Many of our friends have used this kind of thing from Mexico & the South Pacific with great results.
Our next adventure....... Alaska??

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