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19 January 2018 | Joy at Beach Marine
03 January 2018 | Watching weather in Charleston
01 January 2018 | Charleston Harbor and the USS Yorktown
30 December 2017 | Joyous on Joy !
21 May 2017 | Home at Saltayre
21 May 2017 | Cape Lookout for last night anchorage
30 April 2017 | Chucherias Dining Room
29 April 2017 | Jeep Week in Daytona - they are Everywhere !
22 April 2017 | The Marathon St. Louis Contingent
13 April 2017 | Moon over Marathon Mooring Field
16 March 2017 | Key West Bight
15 March 2017 | One of our favorite rides !
14 March 2017 | Diana and Jolie
14 March 2017 | Marti Square in Ceinfuegos
11 March 2017 | Plaza Jose Marti at City Center
11 March 2017 | Granma at Museum of the Revolution
11 March 2017 | The Prado
11 March 2017 | Sculpture on the Malecon
11 March 2017 | Gran Teatro de la Havana
11 March 2017 | Santeria Neighborhood

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15 March 2017 | One of our favorite rides !
Our last few days were spent in Centro and Vedado, walking and visiting places we had not gotten to yet. With our 14 days expired, we moved back to the boat on Sunday the 5th. A severe cold front had moved through producing rough seas and high winds. We knew we would be delayed leaving, but not yet sure how long.
The previous weekend, seventy four yachts came in for the St. Petersburg to Havana race, the first since 1959. Marina Hemingway was buzzing, with more boats than they have seen in years. We were invited to their awards party and got to meet and talk with many of the boat crews. By shear coincidence, Gerry Douglas from Catalina was a crew on one of the yachts from St. Petersburg. Gerry was the designer of our boat, the CM440, and he has bought hull #60, the last one made. It was a surprise, and a great pleasure for us when he and his wife came on-board "Joy", to see how cruisers are using the boat he designed.
As everyone scrambled to get ready to return to the US, we all watched the weather and discussed departure procedures and how much it would cost to leave...
You pay all your fees, visas, etc. when you leave Cuba, and everything is on a cash basis so we all estimated our tabs and put aside more than what we thought it would cost for our exit "dispatcho". It appeared that the sea conditions would be good enough to leave on Wednesday the 8th, so Tuesday afternoon, we met with the Harbor Master to get our bill paid and notice to depart the next day. As we all waited for our "meeting" with the Harbor Master, we shared our sailing stories, Linx, a tall ship with a 9 ft draft had taken his dinghy out that day to be sure he wouldn't "bounce" of the inlet channel, and an Australian who has sailed around the world with stories, including pirates off the coast of Brazil, but was now headed to the Galapagos, and the St. Petersburg crews reliving their race stories. Everything was prepared and we again checked the weather ready to depart Cuba.
The morning of the 8th came and with early light it seemed calm and clear. Lynx left early to get out while calm with a high tide. We saw 15 boats move toward Customs ready to leave and decided it was a good time and pulled out about 9am for Customs. The clearance 'out' was much simpler and we were cleared to leave by 9:30, pulling out with 5-6 other boats all within sight, all headed 023 NE degrees bound for Key West. That is about the end of the "joyous" passage. Within an hour the winds started to build, and as we entered the Gulf Stream the seas began to climb. We sailed all the way to the Key West entrance light, but it was nearly 16 hours with extremely high winds and 10 ft seas, not a pleasant ride at all. All the predictions were wrong, and we both vowed never to make that long a passage under these conditions again if any doubt at all. Boats on the passage had mechanical and rigging failures including one that trailed with us due to a broken backstay, Finally, about 1 am we entered the Key West Channel, and anchored as quickly as possible to collapse exhausted and sleep for the night. In the morning we made calls to the Coast Guard and US Customs to check in, moved on to Key West Bight where we had a slip reserved for the rest of March. At last, what seems like a vacation !
Vessel Name: Joy
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina Morgan 440
Hailing Port: Vandemere, NC
Crew: John Lark and Diana Borja
John has extensive racing experience on Lasers in Regional races near St Louis and in National competition and previously owned an Erickson 34. Diana has also raced as crew on C&Cs, J14, J36 and on her Ranger 26 (Tango). [...]
Extra: Oliver, the Second Mate/Dog loves sailing and will accompany his owners on the Chesapeake trip. Since he is not boat trained, he will stay behind with neighbors on the Bahama trip.
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Museum and Gardens in South Miami
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Our day at the Farmers Market in Charleston
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