Sailing Joy

03 January 2018 | Watching weather in Charleston
01 January 2018 | Charleston Harbor and the USS Yorktown
30 December 2017 | Joyous on Joy !
21 May 2017 | Home at Saltayre
21 May 2017 | Cape Lookout for last night anchorage
30 April 2017 | Chucherias Dining Room
29 April 2017 | Jeep Week in Daytona - they are Everywhere !
22 April 2017 | The Marathon St. Louis Contingent
13 April 2017 | Moon over Marathon Mooring Field
16 March 2017 | Key West Bight
15 March 2017 | One of our favorite rides !
14 March 2017 | Diana and Jolie
14 March 2017 | Marti Square in Ceinfuegos
11 March 2017 | Plaza Jose Marti at City Center
11 March 2017 | Granma at Museum of the Revolution
11 March 2017 | The Prado
11 March 2017 | Sculpture on the Malecon
11 March 2017 | Gran Teatro de la Havana
11 March 2017 | Santeria Neighborhood
11 March 2017 | Fusterlandia

Key West, back in the USA !

16 March 2017 | Key West Bight
So we are back to real time, our adventure to Cuba a memory, and we are enjoying "vacation" in Key West. We will be in Key West the month of March, with visitors coming to stay a week or so and friends from St. Louis here renting a condo for the month. Jim and Nancy Sauer have sailed and traveled with us in the past, so it's fun to have them here all month to enjoy all the sights and sounds of this vibrant town. Lenny and Mary Lou, from St. Louis are here for a week, so we all spend the week having dinner, listening to music in the bars and watching the throngs on Duvall Street.
After watching the sunset celebration one night at Mallory Square, we all went out the next aboard Joy for a sunset sail, reversing the usual celebration to watch the crowds of people on Mallory rather than watching the boats from Mallory ! Diana has an old friend coming in to spend a week with us, and after Mary Pat leaves, my grandson Zack and his girl friend Rachel fly in to spend a week on-board. Spring break has begun, and the kids have descended upon Key West, so we know Zack and Rachel will have a wonderful time. For Diana and I, we get a break, no traveling, no boat issues (only minor ones!), and we will probably take a break from the blog until we leave Key West the first of April, its bright, sunny, warm and the beaches are lovely, and we are still escaping the snow and ice up north! Life is Good !
Vessel Name: Joy
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina Morgan 440
Hailing Port: Vandemere, NC
Crew: John Lark and Diana Borja
John has extensive racing experience on Lasers in Regional races near St Louis and in National competition and previously owned an Erickson 34. Diana has also raced as crew on C&Cs, J14, J36 and on her Ranger 26 (Tango). [...]
Extra: Oliver, the Second Mate/Dog loves sailing and will accompany his owners on the Chesapeake trip. Since he is not boat trained, he will stay behind with neighbors on the Bahama trip.
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Museum and Gardens in South Miami
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Our day at the Farmers Market in Charleston
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