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Promise Ship's Log
Port: Watson Bayou Marina, Panama City, FL
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Ft Myers Beach Nov 11, 2012
Dale & Christina, windy and sunny
11/11/2012, Ft Myers Beach, Fl. Mooring Field

We are still in Ft. Myers Beach. We have lost our prop off of our dinghy and are having a difficult time replacing it. We will probably sit tight until we get a new one. I can't think of a better place to be "stuck" if we have to be stuck anywhere. There's lots to do and the facilities are great.

Nov. 1st-7th
Dale & Christina
11/07/2012, Ft. Myers Beach

Underway 11/01/12 @ 18:30 from PC to Ft. Myer's Beach, Fl. Rough coming out of the PC pass, where Skipper the cat threw up all over the setee, but was fine for the remainder of the trip. Motorsailed the entire 71 hours with moderate winds and average speed of 5 knots. Weather was perfect with seas moderate enough to enjoy several hot meals underway. Watches rotated effortlessly with us sleeping an average of 2 hours at a time at night and then swapping out.

Arrived at Ft. Myer's Beach @ 17:30 on 11/04/12, with 71 hours of continuous sail. Picked up a mooring ball and have been here ever since enjoying Ft. Myer's Beach, and awaiting a weather opportunity to head out to to the Keys for staging for Bimini. Weather is nice here but rough on the outside, so we will remain here and enjoy Ft. Myer's Beach until we can cross. This is a beautiful place to be sitting awaiting a weather window.

Stats: 30 gallons of diesel burned for an average usage of .42 gallons per hour. Travelled approx. 320 miles.

What we did from Sept. 15 til Nov 1
Dale and Christina
11/07/2012, PC

Have been getting Promise ready to cruise with the help of good friends Rick Shumaker & Vulkar Larwig. Thanks Guys!! Have been fortunate to be visited by our close friends from Ga., Steve & Cindy Whitlock, who also helped us out tremendoulsy by driving down to PC to pick up our vehicle after we got underway. Have been tackling the task of provisioning a boat for several months of cruising. Amazing how much you can spend at Wal-Mart & Sam's..:)

Beth and Mickey in Pc
Hot and humid

On wednesday July 18, 2012 Christina and I came to PC for boat maintenance. Micky and Beth arrived Thursday July 19, 2012 at about 1700. Just in time for happy hour and go out to dinner. Friday morning Mickey and I started work on the Bimini top in the rain. Beth and Christina stayed busy sleepning late. I got hit on the right leg by the old top when we dropped it then later I fell off the back of the truck and hurt my other leg. Maybe that's my accidents for the year.

On Saturday we got the top on and bolted down. It looks good and I don't think it will rot this time. I think we'll go out to shell Island tomorrow.

In PC for clinicals
very pleasant
04/09/2012, watson Bayou

We came down on Sunday April 1, 2012 so Christina could start clinicals at Bay on Tues. On Monday she helped run the wires on the new Garmin 546s. It seems to work great. Got the bilge cleaned, opened, foamed, and glassed over Tues. and Wednes. I did some more boat work on Thurs. I forgot what it was as I've done so much. On Fri. Christina and I cleaned the boat and got ready for MIckey and Beth.

When they got here we went to the Friday street scene on Harrison. It was a lot of fun and we got some good Philopino food. Saturday morning early we headed out to Shell Island. We spent some time on the beach then went over to Bunker's Cove to anchor as we were supposed to have 20 knots from the east. It never happened but we were tucked in good just in case. We had nachos and lemon drops for dinner.

Sunday morning April 8, Mickey helped me change out the zincs after breakfast. We went back in and Mickey and Beth headed home.

Christina started back on clinicals Mon. and I worked on some plumbing problems.

DAle foggy and low of 55
01/06/2012, Watson Bayou

We came down on mondat Jan. 2, 2012. We spent the night at the Boardwalk then came to the boat the next afternoon. I'm doing nothing but laying around and recuperating after my knee replacement. We did look at a few condos at Bayou Pointe but after Vulker took us over to sound the docks we decided it was a no go. Tody is actually Friday the 6th and I will try to do a little light maintenance tommorrow.

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