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Northwest Cruising
A nice day at Mouat Bay
Gary / Sunny and warm
08/21/2013, Mouat Bay, Texada Island

We spent two nights at one of our favorite anchorages.........Sunset Cove on Jededia Island (a B.C provincial park). A second boat came into the cove the second day and struggled a little with the anchoring and shore tie drill (that never happens to us). In the wee hours of the morning, the wind picked up and changed direction and their boat started drifting down on us. I let out more chain and he put out a stern anchor and after an hour or so of being on anchor watch, I went back to bed.

We had set a prawn trap and picked up 30 mid-sized mouthfuls. We left it out overnight, then picked it up on our way out........13 more. Shrimp stir-fry for dinner tonight!

Today, we are sitting at another favorite place....Mouat Bay on the west side of Texada Island. The weather has been great and now we have gone to crab mode. Deva has been catching small flounder and they make great crab bait. The dogs love to fish (maybe more than Deva) and when they get a chance to bite one, it makes for a successful fishing trip. Sassy reached another milestone in her life.........she lunged for a bullhead Deva had just caught and she fell off the boat. A few panicked moments later., after Deva jumped down into the dinghy and fished her out, she was back on deck and ready for more. Saltwater wet dog is a unique smell, difficult to post in the blog. It is bath day for the dog today!

We will be here another night, then off to Desolation Sound tomorrow (if we feel like it).

08/22/2013 | Erika
I saw mom's picture of the shrimp. Looks delicious! Sassy's fearless! I'm glad she knows how to doggy paddle. She needs to be careful. Fish don't really fight back much, but a crab might take her down!!!
Foggy Crossing
Gary / foggy
08/17/2013, Ganges, Saltspring Island

A short crossing from Stuart Island to Bedwell Harbor, then on the Ganges Harbor. Our fog equipment worked very well (automatic fog horn, AIS and radar). We crossed 3 big ships in the fog crossing the shipping lanes in Boundary Pass, but felt secure we know where they were.

Got groceries and fishing license in we are ready to head north. Our plan is Silva Bay (Gabriola Island) tonight, then Sunset Cove (Jedediah Island) tomorrow, then Mouat Bay (Texada Island) after that. We may linger a day or two along the way.

Garrison Bay
08/15/2013, 48 35.27'N:123 09.63'W

We spent a relaxing couple of days in Garrison Bay.....our favorite place to catch crab. This time, however, we arrived on an "off" day (no crabbing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and we ate our "killer crab" from Ft. Flagler instead. Also decided to see a doctor in Friday Harbor about my finger. Good thing because she was able to numb it and pry the nail bed back under my skin so it will heal properly. I won't post photos. Life is good.

It is very foggy this morning, so later we will go over to Stuart Island for the night, then leave for the Canadian border tomorrow.

08/16/2013 | Erika
Yikes! I'm glad you went to the doctor. And thanks for not showing me a picture. :)
08/16/2013 | chris
Where are all the fish?
08/21/2013 | Dave Reid
A great shot of the huge Starfish, too bad they're not edible(?!). And your two "deck hands", looks like they don't take up too much space above or below deck.
First Crab
Gary/hazy sun
08/13/2013, Ft. Flagler

Ft. Flagler is one of our favorite places, so we decided to stay an extra day. We haven't had much luck crabbing in the past, so we decided to give it a "go" with Gronzo's excellent bait. There was insult (the largest starfish I have ever seen) and injury (those little crabs can pinch hard!) but we will have the last laugh when we eat our crab and fettuccini casserole tonight.

On the way out of the bay there was a family of seals sunning on the beach.

On the road again
Gary / Overcast
08/11/2013, Blakely Harbor

We got away from OYC on Friday afternoon and saw the most beautiful sunset on the way, with sunrays shining through the clouds. After so many warm, sunny days, weather was moving in. We had a spectacular lightning storm overnight and the boat got a good freshwater rinse from the rain.

Yesterday, we headed north and decided to stay in a different place than usual....Blakely Harbor. It is just a little farther north than Blake Island, where we usually stay. It turned out to be a good choice........a protected anchorage with a county park at the head and walking trails. Some "new sniffs" for the dogs. I am sure we will stay here again in the future.

Today we are headed for one of our favorite stops.....Ft. Flagler

08/11/2013 | Erika
What a beautiful picture! That lightening storm was crazy. Watching it from the boat would have been amazing and scary!!
08/11/2013 | maryelaine
Absolutely beautiful! Glad you are off to a great start..... keep posting when you can... we all love it :)
Leaving the San Juans
10/02/2012, Fort Flagler

We left Roche early enough to fish down the coast of San Juan Island. We caught a small coho. Had a couple of other hits, but nothing landed, except a puny little 6 inch salmon. Sent a picture to the boys as a joke.
A fairly strong wind was predicted, but didn't amount to much. We ended up motor-sailing across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. As a matter of fact, it was calm enough that Deva baked cookies while underway. Got to Fort Flagler in time for another beautiful sunset.

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