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Tenacatita River Tour
By Ryan and Wesley Harris
04/08/2009, Bahia Tenacatita, Mexico

People on several boats we had met recommended a river tour on the Tenacatita. We plotted it and decided it must be one of our stops. When we arrived (many days later), we launched the dingy and moved toward the river entrance, where many Mexicans were on vacation. It was "Semana Santa" (Easter week). They were lots of tents in a camping ground near the river entrance, and they seemed to be having a great time.

As soon as we pulled our dingy across the sandbar, our tour had begun. There were many fish, lots of birds such as egrets and some other unpronounceable bird names. There were tunnels in the mangroves that were very beautiful in the calm water. We lost track of time, but we guess it took us about 45 minutes to an hour to get to the end. We beached our dinghy, at the end of the river mouth and set off on the trail to the beach.

It was a very busy beach, with shops, fruit stands, restaurants, and people camping out in tents. The water was filled with people playing in the surf. We all took a walk down the beach, and I (Wesley) found a big dried up puffer fish that I put it on a log for everyone to see. We arrived to the end of the beach, clipped off by huge cliffs, and turned around.

When we returned to the main part of the beach, Ryan and I went to play in the water while mom and dad looked for a table at a restaurant. They flagged us down when they found one. We rushed out of the water (it was cold!) and went to the table. We all sat down and took a look at the menu. We ordered a nice mushroom omelet, with a pineapple smoothie. Mom chose a delicious fish fillet with a margarita. Dad picked a fish roll which is some shrimp wrapped in Dorado, deep-fried, and with an almond sauce on it, and a margarita.

We were happy and full, and proceeded to the dingy. We went back through the river, but this time we went a lot faster. We had fast moving pangas behind us, so we had to keep our speed up. It was time for dinner by the time we came back, and ate with one of our recent favorite shows, an episode of "24". Was it our favorite tour? Hard to say, but for sure it was an awesome day.

Touching Toucan
By Ryan Harris
03/09/2009, Half-way to San Jose, Costa Rica

We were having a road trip through the country of Costa Rica, and came across a small zoo that we decided to take a look at. After taking a stroll through the zoo we came across this beautiful toucan. He was stunning! He had a yellow tipped beak and it slowly turned orange as it went to its head. It had a nice finish, with a night sky, black coat of feathers. It was my favorite animal we saw at the zoo. After continuing for a wee bit longer we decided it was time to head out to enjoy the many scenes of the Costa Rican country side.

Cool Cat
by Wesley Harris
03/09/2009, Half-way to San Jose, Costa Rica

On our tour through Zoo Avenue we came across many different wild animals, all of them were fascinating, but this cat that resembled a jaguar and caught my eye. It moved like a cat, stretching through the day like my cat Sam. It is nocturnal, out and about during the night. On its little post on the tree, it looked at us with a curious fixed stare, and continued until we left.

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