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S/V Eleuthera II
Recently finished a career in the Fire Service. Should be able to enjoy the water more now. Just updated my USCG license and became an ASA instructor. Brand new owner of a CSY Walkthrough. Stay Tuned, progress updates and pics to follow.
Peck Lake Paradise
doug ~ perfect
10/27/2013, at anchor, Peck Lake

This is why we have a boat with comfortable accommodations and great sailing ability. We finally had some time off (thanks to a furlough day for Rosie courtesy of the Martin County School System) and decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and full moon. Decided that Peck Lake, off the intracoastal, would be a great spot to unwind a bit. We are now "empty nesters" and can do these spontaneous things a little more often. I took the boat into town at a mooring at Sunset Bay Marina as a staging for departure the next morning. Had a motor sail to the anchorage then enjoyed a quick tour of the lake by kayak then headed to the beach. We enjoyed the most spectacular moon rise as the only people on the entire beach. Just perfect!
The next morning we enjoyed a perfect sail off the anchor until we had to furl sail and start the engine 4 hours later at the Roosevelt Bridge. I wish we could have sailed forever as the wind and temp was absolutely perfect. Pictures can't do justice but here are a few...

Work continues - Yet another project done
02/19/2013, Stuart, Florida

Sailors are cheap... real cheap. We look for bargains on already discounted sailing stuff, as a rule, we shun the fancy marinas with their fancy prices and we depend on a fuel that is free and complain when we get it. Any sailor will tell you, the wind always seems to come out of the direction you want to go or it's either too strong or too weak. But on those rare occasions when it all comes together, it's magic! But I have digressed. Being the cheap sailor I am, I was not going to spend what the retailer wanted for the high frequency single sideband marine radio that has been long on my wish list. I was patient and it paid off. Waiting over two years for the right deal to come along, I found it on craigslist; new, never used, Icom 802 with the AT140 tuner. I made the call on the 23rd of December and went to Miami on Christmas eve to pick it up. Saved $750 off the current best price and no tax either. So since then I've been playing with the rig in a makeshift radio shack at the house then finally completed the install in my nav station. The contoller of the radio is separate from the main unit (the guts) which allowed me to build a drawer in a cabinet to house the controller. The main unit is tucked neatly behind everything with access behind a removable bronze screen. I also added a separate drawer on the right of the cabinet for more storage.
I've made contact with the Cruiseheimers net in the morning (8152.0 Mhz) and she works flawlessly. Now I'm studying for my HAM license so I can participate with the many maritime mobile nets, get weather faxes, use email aboard, and all for free!

The first Eleuthera sold
sunny cold and windy

I couple weeks ago I said good-bye to my beloved 28' Sirius sv "Eleuthera". As most boat owners will tell you, it is a great day. Not for me however, I thouroughly enjoyed my time with her over these last many years but it was time to say good-bye and let a new owner enjoy her. As it turns out, her new owner is keeping her name and treating her well, just the kind of sailor I had hoped for. Here is a pic of the last time I saw her as she motored down the Okeechobee Waterway toward her ne home in Sarasota.

Next project
12/13/2012, still at the dock of course

Just about to complete the a/c install in the aft cabin. This should open up the summer months to some more cruising.

In the mean time, came across a couple of quotes by Richard Bode that resonates with me;

" I have a choice, the same choice that faces every man. I can live a frivolous life, trying to impress others with the house I live in, the clothes I wear, the car I drive. I can strive to be a success in the way of the world, seeking the admiration of others, reveling in their jealousy. I can seek domination over my family and fellow workers in a vain attempt to hide my own deficiencies. I can seek fame, which is the most elusive pursuit of all, for it has no substance and soon vanishes in the air.
I can indulge in endless prattle about my friends and neighbours, dissipating my life's energy a little at a time. I can wallow in self-pity, refusing to accept responsibility for my own circumstances. I can manipulate others into taking care of me, which is the way of all petty tyrants. I can complain about boredom, as if it were up to those around me to inject excitement into my day.
These are the patterns of the living dead, people who have forsaken life, who are willing to squander their most precious gift, because they refuse to face up to the reality of death. If they wanted to live, truly wanted to live, they would rise up in a resurrection of their own making and commit themselves to the life they have."


" Please don't let me gather dust lying on the shelf of mediocrity or get mired in the forever sloping pit of others expectations, so that I will say on the day of my death, I have never lived'. I already know everything about my fate that I need to know; I will grow old and die. Until then let me raise my sails and billow in the wind "

Boat yard blues
10/01/2012, Indiantown Florida

Had planned a quick sail with my son Jeff over the weekend of 9/15. About 5 minutes off the dock I hear the high water alarm blaring, not a good start. Apparently, what was left of the flax in my stuffing box disintegrated and I had water pouring in the bilge. Not that this constitutes a true emergency as the onboard bilge pumps should handle the flow quite easily. It was just that at the same moment, BOTH of my float switches decided to crap out. What are the odds? So back to the dock to make repairs. After a day of going through the fuses, pumps, switches, wiring, etc. It was determined that the problem was the float switches even though a continuity test showed they should be working. So back to the marine store to pick up new ones. Made it to Monday with the pumps working automatically and took her to Indiantown Marina. While on the hard, re-painted the bottom and cleaned the hull as well as repacked the stuffing box with the new graphite (GFO) packing and replaced the "shaft saver" transmission coupling. Did a few minor projects while I was dry. Got back in the water on the 25th of September. All is well and the new packing has been great, no leaks. Indiantown Marina did leave me one parting gift, red sling marks on my clean hull.

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