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S/V Eleuthera II
Recently finished a career in the Fire Service. Should be able to enjoy the water more now. Just updated my USCG license and became an ASA instructor. Brand new owner of a CSY Walkthrough. Stay Tuned, progress updates and pics to follow.
Off and Running
Doug Calm ~ Sunny
06/11/2014, Seabase ~ Islamorada

Today is the first day working at Seabase, a Boy Scouts of America summer camp for sailing, diving snorkeling, etc. in the Florida Keys. I'll be here until mid August running 5 day trips with the scouts from all over America. I'll post as I can pending internet availability. Should be a great time. It's hot but the breeze is steady but mild. Stay tuned.
Check them out:
Seabase Florida

breezy and beautiful
05/30/2014, Florida Seabase Islamorada Florida

USCG inspection complete! I am now ready to shove off after handling my Moms' affairs. Should start around the 11th of June. Looking forward to the sailing / snorkeling / fishing with the Boy scouts that this summer will bring. Here are a couple of pics from my time at Seabase.
BSA Florida Seabase

New Position
05/13/2014, Islamorada, FL

Well it's been far too long so time for an update. Projects mostly completed, I wanted to try to make more use of her. For me, it is a sad thing that a boat sits for months on end, especially if it is MY boat. So I made inquiries into the possibility of captaining for the Boy Scouts of America Seabase in Islamorada this summer. I had been aware of the Coral Reef Sailing program for quite a while but was never able to pursue it due to being way too busy. Now I find that with a little planning and the kids in college and busy themselves this summer, I decided to pursue the position with my wife's' blessing. College is pretty expensive so the extra income helped us decide.
It's been a long road getting all the training and paperwork that is required by the Boy Scouts as well as changing my USCG Vessel Documentation and getting the $400.00 fishing license and extra safety gear for the boat. That's all done now and I'm prepping like crazy to pass the last hurdle, the USCG safety inspection. Should be a breeze as I've had a solid, well prepped boat even before this started. I'll be starting in June after dealing with some family business and so looking forward to it! Here is the web page for Seabase so check it out;

Peck Lake Paradise
doug ~ perfect
10/27/2013, at anchor, Peck Lake

This is why we have a boat with comfortable accommodations and great sailing ability. We finally had some time off (thanks to a furlough day for Rosie courtesy of the Martin County School System) and decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and full moon. Decided that Peck Lake, off the intracoastal, would be a great spot to unwind a bit. We are now "empty nesters" and can do these spontaneous things a little more often. I took the boat into town at a mooring at Sunset Bay Marina as a staging for departure the next morning. Had a motor sail to the anchorage then enjoyed a quick tour of the lake by kayak then headed to the beach. We enjoyed the most spectacular moon rise as the only people on the entire beach. Just perfect!
The next morning we enjoyed a perfect sail off the anchor until we had to furl sail and start the engine 4 hours later at the Roosevelt Bridge. I wish we could have sailed forever as the wind and temp was absolutely perfect. Pictures can't do justice but here are a few...

Work continues - Yet another project done
02/19/2013, Stuart, Florida

Sailors are cheap... real cheap. We look for bargains on already discounted sailing stuff, as a rule, we shun the fancy marinas with their fancy prices and we depend on a fuel that is free and complain when we get it. Any sailor will tell you, the wind always seems to come out of the direction you want to go or it's either too strong or too weak. But on those rare occasions when it all comes together, it's magic! But I have digressed. Being the cheap sailor I am, I was not going to spend what the retailer wanted for the high frequency single sideband marine radio that has been long on my wish list. I was patient and it paid off. Waiting over two years for the right deal to come along, I found it on craigslist; new, never used, Icom 802 with the AT140 tuner. I made the call on the 23rd of December and went to Miami on Christmas eve to pick it up. Saved $750 off the current best price and no tax either. So since then I've been playing with the rig in a makeshift radio shack at the house then finally completed the install in my nav station. The contoller of the radio is separate from the main unit (the guts) which allowed me to build a drawer in a cabinet to house the controller. The main unit is tucked neatly behind everything with access behind a removable bronze screen. I also added a separate drawer on the right of the cabinet for more storage.
I've made contact with the Cruiseheimers net in the morning (8152.0 Mhz) and she works flawlessly. Now I'm studying for my HAM license so I can participate with the many maritime mobile nets, get weather faxes, use email aboard, and all for free!

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