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S/V Eleuthera II
Recently finished a career in the Fire Service. Should be able to enjoy the water more now. Just updated my USCG license and became an ASA instructor. Brand new owner of a CSY Walkthrough. Stay Tuned, progress updates and pics to follow.
The nitty gritty
02/05/2010, Stuart, Florida

A quick update for those of you interested in the progress to date on the repairs/upgrades to the latest aquisition, a CSY 44 Walkthrough Afterglow. I returned from Mobile , Al. after 8 days of work, surveying, testing, grinding, researching, etc...... I found that almost everything still works after a lighting strike while on the hard for rudder repairs. I did replace all the deep cycle batteries ($$), they were pretty much shot after sitting in the yard so long. The rudder is being made from the original mold at Foss Foam here in Florida. Idropped the old one off at the plant on my way home. The bottom paint is being removed by the yard in preparation for epoxy barrier coat and bottom paint. I have just ordered all new thru-hulls and flanged valves for the aft section of the hull. Fiberglass repairs are still needed at the rudder area but I will most likely do that job here at home. A small bulkhead repair is needed in the master head area but will be an easy fix.
The big change is to the rig. I must shorten the mast back to the original height of 55' off the waterline in order to get through the bridges to my dock. This will of course cause the alteration of the standing rigging, mainsail, headsails, spreaders, etc. but I will end up with a more versatile sailplan and boat.

Preparation is everything

When I was a young man I worked for a short while with a painter who knew what he was doing. He always said " Preparation is everything". I have come to believe that as well, not with just paint projects but on a much broader theme. So now I prepare to take possesion of the CSY44 walkthrough "Afterglow". She suffered a grounding which damaged the rudder and after being hauled into the boatyard, a lightning strike. Now I come to her by way of Ebay when USAuctions disposed of her for the insurance company. I had an advantage though, I followed the boats' history long before the sale started and had contacted the previous owners. They supplied me with valuable information and pictures. Since I have worked on boats pretty much my whole life, including a complete rebuild of a rudder and rig, it seemed logical for me to take that leap of faith and make her my next project. Even my wife was excited. She works for the school system and has the summers off. We are hoping to make repairs in time for a short cruise this summer. I have so much to do in preparation, bottom paint removed, epoxy barrier coat, new thru-hulls, replace rudder, replace standing rigging, etc., etc., etc. For those of you who know boats, one job leads to two more. So I will try to make it by this summer but I can't bypass solid preparation.

A new boat !!
01/17/2010, Still in Stuart

I have been blessed with the good fortune of a supportive wife and as a result, a new boat (to me). We have just made a deal on a 1981 CSY 44 Walkthrough. It needs some refurbishing, but stuff I would want to do anyway before taking any long trip. I will update as much as possible.

I had seen this boat on a salvage website and tracked the previous owners down and got invauable information. I also went to work preparing a "worst case" budget and calculated that into my bid offer. The damage was not as bad as first reported so I know I paid a fair price for her condition. The boat went on ebay from the insurance company and I won! I am thrilled.

Now, I must part with my Sirius 28 "Eleuthera".

Bimini sailing instruction trip
Doug ~ before the nasty stuff gets here...
08/17/2009, Bimini

Returned yesterday from a 4 day sail instruction trip to Bimini through SailTime Miami. Great trip but too little wind to work with. Stayed at Honeymoon Harbor (on the north tip of Gun Key) one night and Dollar Harbor (on the southeast tip of South Cat Island) another. Ran aground, ate some lobster, drank some beer, motored alot and sweated. Your average Bahama experience in August. Made the crossing alone from Bimini to Miami before this tropical wave came up from the south to make things nasty.

Belated Fathers' Day post
Warm but beautiful, nice breeze...
06/26/2009, Stuart (Where else ?)

When the family asked what I wanted for Fathers' Day, I thought awhile and said the only thing I wanted was to have them join me for the annual Summer Sailstice sail. (Sailors are frugal by nature) No racing, no planned activities with others, just enjoying the day sailing on our local waters. They joined me for a great afternoon on the water.

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