S/V Eleuthera II

Just updated my USCG license to 100T Master and became an ASA instructor. Owner of a CSY Walkthrough. Stay Tuned, progress updates and pics to follow.

07 February 2017 | Port Salerno Boatyard
19 November 2015
13 May 2015 | Port Salerno Boatyard
17 March 2015
19 February 2015
11 February 2015 | Stuart
28 August 2014
24 August 2014
11 June 2014 | Seabase ~ Islamorada
30 May 2014 | Florida Seabase Islamorada Florida
13 May 2014 | Islamorada, FL
27 October 2013 | at anchor, Peck Lake
19 February 2013 | Stuart, Florida
22 December 2012
13 December 2012 | still at the dock of course
01 October 2012 | Indiantown Florida
07 July 2012

Repairing the repair.....

07 February 2017 | Port Salerno Boatyard
It seems there was some work done on the prop shaft log by a previous owner many years ago, probably in Venezuela or other South American spot. I don't know why, but there was a 7" extension to the original log, maybe when the new engine was installed. The problem became apparent when the boat started taking on water due to the extension failing from a crack at the connection. It seems they just placed the extension up against the existing log and laid tons of resin around it. It took 3 days of grinding and chipping to remove it all. I repaired the repair by using a fiberglass splice tube epoxied between the new and old making sure the clearance remained at 1/4" around the prop shaft. After all was said and done, new parts included a new cutlass bearing, 1 1/2" shaft, stuffing box with GFO packing, and shaft coupling. As with every boat project, it took on a life of its own. I also replaced all motor mounts, all hose clamps, engine hoses and painted the bilge under the engine. The only item left to do is a final engine alignment. I'm shooting for clearances under .004. This will take a good day of tweaking of the motor mounts. Looking forward to getting back on the water....

Deck work done... now onto the center cockpit

18 April 2016
I must say, it looks great.

Now for the deck and teak... part 2

04 February 2016
Just a quick update on the progress, I wanted to see if the beautiful deck paint, non-skid and new varnished handrails would show in a picture worthy of the way they look. I think so.....

Taking a break

19 November 2015
After getting the cabin trunk completed with new handrails and after painting the topsides, it was time for some fun on the boat. I met my son and brothers down in Palm Beach after a beautiful sail from Stuart for a fishing weekend. Here is the video:
Spinnaker Sail to Palm Beach

Now for the deck and teak...

22 October 2015
The renovation to the topsides has begun in earnest. The plan is to prime and paint the deck using Interlux Perfection on the glossy areas and Kiwi Grip on the non-skid areas. The teak will have 7 coats of new varnish using TotalBoat Lust High-Gloss. I have taken all the parts that can come off the boat to do the prep and paint/varnish in the garage. I am replacing all the hand holds topside as well. The results are better than I expected. I figure this is a 2 to 3 month process working as weather and schedule allows. I've waited until the cooler temps to begin and now is the time.
Vessel Name: Eleuthera II
Vessel Make/Model: 1981 CSY 44 Walkthrough
Hailing Port: Stuart, Florida
Crew: Doug Rosie Kate and Mel
About: Mostly the Family: Rosie, my wife. Now my daughters Katie and Melanie are away at college so maybe a bit more traveling... Sometimes other assorted folks.
Extra: 1981 CSY 44 Walkthrough. Eleuthera, a jewel of an island in the Bahamas "out islands" also, from the Greek; Eleuthera means Freedom ! NOW FOR SALE.
Eleuthera II's Photos - Abaco Bahamas 2011
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Added 30 September 2011

SV Eleuthera II IS FOR SALE !!! $120k

Who: Doug Rosie Kate and Mel
Port: Stuart, Florida