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La Palapa sails on
another unproductive day
05/26/2011, 20 fathom bay still

well today i had the oposit problem i woke up around 3am and could not get back to sleep. i ended up lying in bed watching almost the entire season 2 of that morman show. i finally dragged my self out of bed at 9am. my task for today was to put the back cabin and associated electronics back together but i could not get up the motivation. i did give the ais keyboard one last shot , i tried trimming the ribbon cable and sanding off some of the insulation but no joy. i will need to order a replacement one.

after that failure i got on the radio and organized a bbq on palapa for the evening. we where all getting low on food but where able to divy up the bbq so we had everythign covered. dinner turned out to be absolutely great. i did some meatball things on the grill as an apitizer. jaimi had provided marinade for the chicken and shema brought some delicious rice and garlic yogurt to go with everything. this was a bit of a farewell to paul and shema as they where heading north to marmaris to meet up with some visitors.

cheers, roger

vhf radio and autopilot breaker day
05/25/2011, 20 fathom bay still

so this morning i slept in until 930 as a result of my late night tv. ironically only moments after i flipped on the vhf radio i got a call from slap dash about coming over for breakfast. the original plan was for 730 but apparently they where a bit behind sched as well. i was on the phone with frank but i told them to head over and my best to multi task making coffee and talking on the cell at the same time. once i got the cofee going i turned the kitchen over to jamie. she did a great job making us breakfast buritos with our eggs and her sausage.

as i mentioned previously i had been getting a bit overwhelmed by the todo list so after breakfast i decided to focus on items needed to allow me to replace all the panels and get the aft cabin back together, these where 1. vhf antenna connectors install 2. new circuit breaker for simrad autopilot and nmea 2000 instruments 3. AIS keyboard with seths help i managed to get 1 and 2 complete but i think i am going to need to get a replacement one from the US. the good news is now i can turn the simrad off so we are saving an amp all the time we are not using the autopilot. the down side is i had to install the breaker under floor in the galley.

by the time we had finished this we only had time for a quick happy hour before seth headed home to make dinner. i decided to go it alone and made some left over rice and stir fry ground beef. once i got done i was a bit lonely so i asked the slappers if i could come over and join them. seth ended up making a similar dish and in the end we just mixed everything together yum yum :)

after dinner we got the unfortunate news that seth's friend jeff was again going to blow him off and cancel his trip out. this got us into a long debate about philosophy of seizing the moment vs doing the responsible thing. during this i managed to talk to karli for a few minutes between drop outs. she was still having a great time but was exhausted. she had also met a new friend who was crew of a power yacht and they where both going for a hike vs the "boat" trip scheduled for the other yogaers tomorrow.

cheers, roger

hike/death march around the bay
05/24/2011, 20 fathom bay again

i woke up early and decided to go retrieve my cell phone from slap dash hoping to hear from karli on how the yoga event was going. based on my previous attempts to try to wake up the slappers early in the morning i expected to just stop by grab the cell and sneak off. in fact the last time i went over to drop off water before we left marmaris i climbed aboard knocked finally gave up just opened the lazeret and got and filled the tanks myself without anyone waking up.

this time just to make sure i did not wake them i even rowed over. alas it is so calm that seth immediately jumped awake. the good news was we found my phone straight away and i got a text from karli that she was having a great time at yoga. this definatly made me a bit happier and even better resulted in jamie making us both breakfast. i supplied the bacon which was still on board and it was delicious. seth figured out how to make two cups of coffee with his one cup coffee maker and we where in business!

after breakfast i headed back to palapa but could not really got anything accomplished. my todo list seems to grow faster than it shrinks. today i had to re-add gen oil light and hatch over the nav table. around noon seth suggested we go on a hike. this seemed like a reasonable plan and i went over to invite paul and apologize for our altercation the night before. he said he was interested but needed to finish sorting nuts, at first i thought he was still pissed off from the night before and making up excuses but then he showed a couple of nuts he had just cleaned.

eventually paul finished up and we headed to shore for our hike. we found a nice trail after a bit of back and forth and ended up walking all the way around to the next cove. it ended up being over a three hour hike. fortunately paul speaks some turkish and he was able to get us a liter of water from a local restaurant at the half way point otherwise we would have been seriously dehydrated by the time we got back.

we where planning on a quite evening but shema had made a delicious vegetarian turkish casserole which she offered to bring over. i made an eggplant salad and the slappers brought quesadieas. another great impromptu pot luck. by the time we where done with everything it was almost 10pm. yikes, the late sun definitely makes it hard to get to bed early. i was not able to get to sleep without karli in spite of attempts to recreate her with a pile of pillows so i ended up all night watching all the rest of the entourage seasons.

cheers, roger

sad day on palapa
05/23/2011, gocek

well i would have to say this was my most un-fun and un-happy day on palapa for as long as i can remember. i would have to say even worse than the worst pirate day. i knew it was not going to be great as karli was leaving but it was much worse than i expected. so things started out "ok" with karli getting packed to go, not supper fun for either of us. fortunately her mother called and at least cheered her up a bit. we got everything packed up and staged on palapa for karli's 2pm departure and headed ashore to collect the card. i remember saying to karli "do you feel lucky" as we walked down toward the bank "yes" she said! well i did not feel lucky and as luck would have it there was no card at the bank. best we can figure is she left it in the machine after getting the money and someone came by to get money and pulled it out. we where both very overwhelmed fortunately we had planned for this possibility and i had given karli enough us dollars to cover a week of the yoga school from the remains of the stash on palapa. unfortunately we needed to cancel the card and see about a replacement as she only had one card.

i got karli set up at her favorit local restaurant with my iphone and wifi and headed back to get her laptop so we could skype the bank. she managed to get through to the bank bank and they agreed to send a card for 40 $ but we needed some kind of address. we settled on the yoga place but it is almost impossible to understand the words with all the extra letters. we finally got an email from the yoga place to send to the bank but there where no numbers of any sort on it, no street number no zip code, yikes! karli emailed it off to the guy at the bank but i dont have a warm fuzzy feeling about everything working!

by this time we where both starving so we had some lunch/breakfast (we had forgotten to order during all the cc angst). by the time we where done with lunch it was time to put karli in a taxi and head her off to yoga class. as she drove off i felt that feeling of overwhelming aloneness. on top of this as soon as i got back to palapa i had to attack the head project. what a mess, i had to make a trip to shore for a snake which turned out to be a complete waste of time. in the end i had to pull all the hoses completely off. i tried to suck the water out with the shop vac first but that created another mess. did i mention i hate heads!!! on top of this all during this i could not get in touch with karli so i was worried she did not make it. the taxi dude did not exude confidence and envisioned her lost by the side of the road somewhere in turkey. finally i got a call from her. there was no cell coverage at the retreat site and she had to hike up a km to get the phone to work, great guess we will not be talking much on the phone.

i eventually got the head back together and decided it was going to be too depressing to spend the night alone in gocek so i headed back down south to join up with slapdash and liander. the only positive thing that occurred was there was still a mooring free and seth and paul came out to help me tie up. somehow i got into a bit of an argument with paul over lightning and grounding problems. later on slap dash this almost led to a full on brawl with me leaving before it got to out of hand. not a great day one of karli's of being gone, hopefully things are going better for her! i really hope karli comes back and i survive until she does!

cheers, roger

reunited with karli, for the moment
05/22/2011, gocek

so again i was up the mast first thing on slap dash for hopefully the final final trip. we had rivits the rivit gun and finally there was no stopping us. i was able to get the one half in rivit out and put in two brand new ones it was beautiful! i almost posted a picture of the finished product for all the engineers but decided on karli as she is heading off again :( after the mast event seth and i went over to palapa to try to knock off a couple more items on the todo list before i had to leave to rndv with karli at 230pm. all we managed to do was get the vhf cable run before i again had to pack the boat and get under way. it was a little challenging getting off the morning palapa really wanted to mate with slap dash so in the end seth jumped on and helped get the 300 feet of cain up. you could tell the windless was not super happy groaning away. i am glad i have the spare motor but am a bit concerned that i got a slightly lower wattage than the original.

i got into gocek and got the hook dropped and set 30 min ahead of schedule. i ended up a bit closer to this 50 ft beetau than i would have liked but it is hard to drop the hook in 80 ft of water by your self in 10 to 15 kts of wind! i texted karli my arrival as i expected she was getting her hair cut so i dropped of our propane and found a nice spot on the water for lunch (5$ beer and 4$ turkish pizza). i am a big short hair fan so i thought karli looked great but she was a bit traumatized by "so much being cut off". we had lunch and headed back to palapa for a nap. it was great to see karli again and in general she was much happier (other than the hair) she had finally tried out a turkish bath and had really enjoyed it. apparently it included a scrub and massage but they are all done by guys so i dont think i will be experiencing this!

karli was still not ready to jump back on palapa after her 24 hours ashore so after a bit of brainstorming i suggested she try to find a yoga course some place in turkey for a week or so. she thought this was a great plan and so after our nap we headed to shore with her laptop to see if there where any options. surprisingly enough almost immediately she found a place in the hills just 8km out of gocek where we where staying and it started tomorrow. she sent an email with her local cell and before we had finished dinner she had a call back from someone with the details.

i was glad to see karli excited about the new plan but not crazy about her leaving. being the supportive boyfriend i am i was upbeat about her trip in spite of my clogged head and overwhelming todo list. we made plans to go try to cover her card in the am from the bank and then get her off to the event.

cheers, roger

day spa/beach bbq
05/21/2011, 20 fathom bay, 8nm south of gocek

well i can say this morning did not start with another mast climb! karli had picked out a cute little place in gocek she wanted to spend a day or two or 3 off the boat at so i headed back over to gocek to drop her off. it was with a heavy heart i left here there on the dock but i was hoping some land time would get her to return to palapa more rested and invigorated (i dont think the non stop partying seth and i had been doing since he arrived was helping her get to this point). karli reported that reported the place was quite nice for only 50 lira with a nice pool, hot shower and breakfast included (not boding well for a quick return to palapa). of course in a bit of irony shortly after dropping karli off i got a call from paul that he and shema where FINALLY on their way over to meet up with us for the bbq we had been supposed to have the night before. it had been a while since i did the single handed thing but managed to get the hook up and underway without hitting any one and headed down to the anchorage slapdash was now at to get things set up for the bbq we had promised liander.

everything seemed twice as hard without karli to help but i managed to get the boat on a mooring with seths help and then headed off with him to recon the bbq sites. we selected the same spot we had with imagine and Pegasus as it was still rigged with a nice circle of rocks. i thought we where going to side tie palapa and slapdash to free up a mooring but seth had had some bad side tie experiences so he and i med moored palapa. it was a bit of a challenge and had to use almost all of the 300 feet of chain i had but we got set up securely and got to shore to get the fire going on schedule.

the bbq went flawlessly with liander arriving to pick up their reserved mooring just as the grill was ready. seth had got the fire going and handed it off to me for the bbq while went to collect paul and shema and their baby complete with car carrier. i managed to rally from my karli free funk helped by seth making numerous scotch and sodas until we ran out of ice. during the bbq i got a text from karli asking for a pickup tomorrow at 230pm. this was welcome news but she also mentioned she had lost her atm card in the atm machine. not good since she only has one. hopefully it will be at the bank when it opens on mon! the beef and chicken jamie had prepared came out great and i used some of my secret wing sause on the wings leander had brought and these came out great as well. all in all a delicious meal!

after the dinner seth got the fire roaring and we had a full on bonfire in no time. jamie even made us smores', the marsh mellows where not quite as perfect as caroline's but the end product was delicious seth and i ended up in a bit of a fight over the last one! some how i was the designated dingy driver and managed to get everyone back to leander safely while seth stayed on shore to put out the fire. there was a bit of miscomunication as far as the after party went so we ended up calling it a night. probably just as well! looking fwd to being reunited with karli tomorrow :)

cheers, roger

05/24/2011 | seamus
Jaw dropping pix.
05/25/2011 | janet
that water looks divine what a swimming hole!
trip to town
05/20/2011, gocek

again this morning started with a climb of the mast on slap dash. we had to time it so we could use jaime to tail while seth winched me up the mast and then cut her free intime to go on a kayack around the island. so again up the mast i went, this time armed with a rivit gun and rivits (i was pretty impressed i had this stuff). i got up to the mast drilled out the old rivits only to discover my rivits where to small and where pulling through the hole. seth, know having been familiarized with what rivits looked like said he thought he might have some. he rumaged around and low and behold found 5 of the guys the correct size. alas they where so corroded (aluminum) only one took. crapedy crap crap .. i was able to get the polarity swaped on one of the mast lights so it would accept a new led bulb that was polarity sesitive so it was not a complete loss.

we where planning to head to town anyways for groceries for the bbq so we just added rivits to the list along with some vhf antenna parts. after a brisk morning swim we all rndvouds on palapa for a group trip over to gocek to take advantage of the palapa anchor windless and the 80 ft of water in the anchorage. seth and i where able to find jut about everything and karli and jaimi got some more fresh food and meet for the bbq. things where getting a bit hectic so i sent the girls to get lunch while seth and i shuffled everything out to the dingy. was a good plan as cube libre was at max load for the trip and we had to take both dingys. we did have a brief dingy race on the way back and we where pretty much neck and neck.

by the time we had finished lunch and got back under way it was looking like the bbq was going to be too ambitious. karli was pooped as well so we came back to the same anchorage and after seth and i had a few beers i made karli a romantic dinner of fried chicken things along with pasta and some fried sea weed they sell here. karli was still a bit run down from the non stop slap dash partying and social event so we made plans to drop her in gocek for a spa day the next morning.

cheers, roger

05/23/2011 | nancy
The blog photos are wonderful! Especially the last one of LaPalapa! Hmmm...and where was the photographer "standing"??
another mast day!
05/19/2011, island south of gocek

i am not sure how i keep agreeing to this but aparently last night i volenteered to again go up the slap dash mast. they have no power winch so this pretty much rules seth out. from the palapa perspective this is hardly a mast, more like a long boom and it is a catamaran so how much can it really move. i am sure all these things went into a carefull decision last night to sign up to go up the mast first thing in the am to replace the vhf antenna and put in a couple of led bulbs. of course it did not turn out to be quite this easy, once up i got the antenna on but noticed it was really only hanging on by one rivit. on top of this only one of the two led bulbs worked (anyone who can guess why get another free beer). after spending what seemed like an hour up here i headed back down for my second cup of coffee. fortunatly karli had insisted on feeding me breakfast before the mast event.

the rest of the day was a whirl wind of activity. seth had agreed to come over and help me change the impeller in the engine that had not been changed since CA. i was not sure what he could do but fortunately his long arms where key as you could not actually see the impeller. he also brought over a cool little tool which was critical in the impeller removal process. the old impeller was not too bad but you could see cracking on the blades so good thing we went ahead and did this. i also almost completed the vhf antenna project and i did "fix" the primary vhf radio which was showing no power. another beer if you can figure out the "fix". karli got going on the stainless as well and everything in the shade of the cockpit is looking rockstar now! we just need to move palapa into the shade somewhere to complete the process.

by this point we where again pushing up against happy hour. slapdash was responsible for appetizers this time and we had great stuffed mushrooms and stufed tomatoes filled with a delicious sausage mixture. we also had a white sangri prepared by jaime. after this we adjourned to palapa for another round of bbq chicken. tomorrow we head into town for some more meet for a beech bbq! i am again signed up for a mast event at first light!

cheers, roger

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