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La Palapa sails on
dodger removal day
06/03/2011, yacht marin marina

this was not a fun job, all the solar panels had to come off and it took until noon to complete. we took the afternoon off and hung by the pool. all our friends where occupied so we declared date night and headed into the marina for happy hour and dinner. we were surprised happy hour did not start until 6pm so we had to have a pre happy hour soda while waiting on proper drinks!

still working on pithy!

cheers, roger

sunrise underway
06/02/2011, marmaris

i got up at 2am to get us underway for our 45nm trip to marmaris hoping to miss the stronger afternoon winds. the sunrise was awsome, one of the great theings about being at sea but alas we did not beat the wind. the last 15nm where pretty crappy and as a result karli elected to spend the whole trip sleeping jut getting up at 1030 as we came into the harbor.

after a trip to shore for lunch and a nap we headed down to the other end of the bay to join stu and sandy for dinner at the marina restaruant. it was quite nice with cheep beer and great steak and a nice pool. we may stay here for a bit!

cheers, roger

private island dinner
06/01/2011, another island south of gocek

so we finally managed to get out of gocek and motor 2nm south to a private little anchorage. we finally got back into the naked swim program and and a great dinner on the grill while we watched the sunset. tomorrow early we head back to marmaris!

cheers, roger

palapa charter
05/31/2011, island south of gocek

so today we took one of karli's yoga friends out for a "harbor" cruise. karli and i where not super motivated to get up the anchor but our guest was and it turned out to be a prefect little sail/motor to the local island where we picked up a mooring and had a nice swim and lunch curtosy karli! perhaps we could do this and get paid. apparently the going rate is 50 euros for half a day on a big gulet. i think we could easily charge 100 euros per person lunch included for a 2 to 4 person group!

cheers, roger

karli night on the town!
05/30/2011, gocek

actually more like night on a mega yacht followed by night on the town! i dropper karli off at 530pm on JW a mega yacht that one of karli's yoga friends worked on . next thing i know i woke up at 1am to notice a text from karli asking for a pick up in 10 minutes. the text was sent an hour previously but as i approached the dock there was karli and here buddies walking down towards jw. i picked up karli and got her back to palapa just in time as she was not feeling super, surprisingly enough!

i have been requested to be a bit more pithy let me know what you think!

cheers, roger

pirate party on palapa (in the rain)
05/29/2011, gocek island

well the weather did not exactly clear for the birthday event but we managed in spite of it. stu and sandy called to say they where underway (via car) around 11am. the slapas called to say they where moving over to the anchorage about the same time and karli and could see them anchoring as we had brunch on shore. we did one final run to the farmers market for provisions. as i was finishing up my shopping looking for a sword and a bird (did not find either) i ran into stu on the street. i vectored him and sandy to the kebob hospital as they where starving and headed out to palapa with karli and the final load of provisions.

we got stu and sandy out to palapa before the next storm hit but we could not say the same from the slappers. by the time they arrived at 5pm it was full on pouring. they where in charge of appetizers and drinks and arrived with them and a rum punch kit (complete with pirate bucket) and goody packets for everyone (see photo). we took photos in front of the pirate flag for the costume contest (see karli's blog in a few days). stu won for the hook arm, sword, eye patch and parrot (actually sandy should have won for preparing stu's costume).

after we finished the slap appetizers i got going on the grill. this was in spite of the torrential rain. the original plan was to do the first part of the event on slap dash but we where glad we had aborted this and glad we had pushed stu and sandy to stay on palapa so we would not need to dingy them home. we had a full on meat fest for the second round of appetizers. after this we had to pause for a few hours before we again fired up the grill for the final kebob course, this was along with the massive greek salad karli put together.

we followed this off with the most delicious birthday cake ever courtesy of sandy (again check the karli blog for pics in a few days). i even got presents, the best being a new dingy painter!! we finally called the event when stu was falling asleep in the recliner. the slappers managed to get back in the rain and stu and sandy found the aft cabin. a great success in spite of the weather many thanks for everyone's contribution. we will be working on stu's trophy.

cheers, roger

06/01/2011 | David
39th birthday canceled for weather!
05/28/2011, gocek island

well perhaps not canceled just postponed and reorganized! we woke up early with karli eager to go for a kayak and i had promised to help seth with his outboard. it was drizzling slightly but karli was motivated from her yoga event so she headed off into the drizzle. there was a bit of miscommunication about which way she was going which would prove to be a bit of a problem! as karli kayaked off i emptied the entire lazartet to get the back up/new 5 hp 2 stoke out. by the time i was done and had the engine out and everything back together karli was long gone and it was raining harder.

i headed over to slapdash and in no time we had diagnosed the problem to the fuel filter and fortunately while we where doing this jamie had located the spare in the engine parts section i stuck the new one in and the engine fired right up. unfortunately it was raining and thundering and lightning by this point and i did a couple of passes back and forth to see if i could see karli with no luck. by the time i had got a radio foul weather gear for us both and headed off (the wrong way) around the island seth was calling to tell me karli had made it back. she was fine but had been out for over an hour in the rain and was not super happy, again a great welcome back to sailing! she took a hot shower but was still not super happy.

as i was wondering how we where going to work the bday event stu called to say he was being blown onto the dock in marmaris 50nm away and was having to run the motor to keep off the dock. it idid not look like he would be arriving any time soon. i started looking into marina prices as a backup plan as it continued to rain harder and harder. the best i could find was 60 Euro a night, yikes more than a hotel. karli was not excited about the constant plan change especially on top of her near death kyak experience. things where not developing in the fun manner i had hoped at all. finally i decided to at least move back to the anchorage so if stu and sandy did make it we would at least be able to get them in the dingy.

of course by the time i had the stern line up and got back in the cockpit stu and sandy had called back to say they where out of danger but not excited about driving down in the rain. that clinched it and i canceled/postponed the birthday. karli and i where able to get the hook dropped in the rain in amongst the gulets but not before geting hit on the foot by a ball of chain (its good we make her where her crocks up there). as one of gulets swung quite close to us i let out more chain to avoid him and then discovered i had no up on the windless. at least i did not have to worry about any other venues changes or the birthday event, it was going to be here where we where anchored or no where.

it eventually cleared up and karli took me out for a quiet pre-birthday dinner as stu and sandy are going to try to drive down again tomorrow. seth and jamie had picked up the mooring we vacated and decided to stay out at the island for now. we will see how it goes tomorrow the forecast is for more of the same!

cheers, roger

06/01/2011 | Timmy P

I forgot you were a child prodigy at MIT and the youngest ever F-18 Pilot at 16. Impressive.
06/01/2011 | Frank
Keep postponing your birthday party and you'll never turn 39 :) Hope the weather clears for your birthday BBQ, bonfire or whatever you have planned.
06/01/2011 | nancy
Sigh... "Best laid plans..." Tornados (?sp) here in western MA today! Un-birthdays are always good. :-)
06/01/2011 | roger hayward
good point frank, why did i not think of that!
karli returns a day early only to be thwarted by the dingy(s)
05/27/2011, gocek island

so i managed to get up at dawn and get underway back up to gocek. i had a ton of stuff to get finished off today on the boat (see photo) and still had to get stuff for my birthday event. of course before i even got half way to gocek i got a text from karli asking if it was ok for her to come down from yoga a day early. of course i said absolutely but i was not close to ready for her arrival. i was totally excited to see her again but also a bit concerned how everything was going to go. i had hopped to welcome here back to a spic and span chore complete palapa but alas this was not going to be.

i found a couple of moorings on this little island about 1 nm away from the town of gocek. the plan was to enjoy the beautiful solitude of the island while still being able to dingy back and forth for supplies (there would turn out to be a few problems with this plan). i managed to pick up a mooring flawlessly by my self (all those trips to catalina where good for something). i got the stern line in place with no problem either and got to work finishing up the autopilot rewiring in the aft cabin and getting all the spare parts stowed. i was only just getting started on this when karli called to say she was here. this was great and i was hoping she would want to be picked up right away. unfortunately she had some stuff with her bank to finish up in town so i had to keep working for another hour or so. i had to time my drive in to go with seth as i was just about completely out of dingy fuel so i worked until he called then took a quick swim/shower wanting to look and smell my best for karli.

i set off for shore with seth and jamie behind me and waited for them for a bit for them to close the gap but they seemed to never catch up but i figured it was just they could not plane so i blasted on into the marina. i got my gas tank filled and still there was no sight of them. i was getting concerned when they finally appeared. apparently their engine had conked out and had to get towed in and seth was quite grumpy. i was feeling a little overwhlemed, i was planning to have a nice romantic lunch with karli and now everything was spinning out of control.

i offered seth the use of my dingy to go get my extra fuel tank and or motor and went off to find karli. she was not super happy either as the bank card had arrived and she had just spent and hour on the phone and been charged 10 lira for a "free" call to the bank. i gave her a biq hug and twirled her around in the post office and we went off to lunch and to collect her stuff. we got a nice spot by the water at our favorite little restaurant and sat down for a nice romantic lunch, alas this was not to work out exactly...

i had asked seth to swing by and pick up karlis bags before heading out to the boats. he eventually arrived but pointed out that this red light that looked like an oil light on my outboard was on. i confirmed this was not normal and checked the oil, not very much so off he went to find oil and i went back to lunch. a bit later he got back and i again excused myself to fill the oil and test. no oil light! great! by this point karli (and i) where getting a bit frustrated at the dingy centric turn the day had taken!

while we waited on seth karli and i went pirate costume shopping, she got this cool black and gold princess hat with a vail thing. i got a black stray hat with a skull and bones on it. after this we went to get some groceries and after we finished up dingied over to see karli's new yoga friend on this mega yacht. the yacht was quite nice and she and her boyfriend are kiwis and have been crewing using the money to pay off a house for the last 5 years. of course after leaving the mega yacht our engine died and took some time to restart. i called seth and made plans to rendezvous again for a convoy back to the island as i did not have a lot of confidence in either motor. we got about 1/3 of the way and i could see we where opening the gap so we looped back and took them under tow. you have to love towing 2 dinghies and 4 people and a ton of groceries with a 6hp motor. it was a great welcome back to sailing for karli!

after we got back to palapa we where exhausted so took a nice nap. after the nap i we made dinner on board. for dinner i bbqed some lamb kebob and karli mad some vegi stir fry very good and relaxing after the crazy day. we also went over karli's list of things to do to make her happier on palapa, i got a few action items from this as well such as:
1. make more hot water - at least while it is still frezzing
2. create yoga spot on palapa - not sure how hard/ easy this is
3. add water filter to palapa drinking water - aparetnly they had awsome spring water at the retreat
4. more reliable dingy engine - think this may have occured after the retreate
5. spend a couple of days a month on a dock for date night activites
6. set up skype in for karli's ausi friends who can not manage skype
7. "work" time every day - this should be good for both of us
8. fix ipod shuffle - not sure how this got in here
9. full length mirror

her list included things like:
1. exercise every day
2. no more lunch wines except on special occasions
3. a couple of alcohol free days per week
4. one karli day per week
and a few others

should be fun!
cheers, roger

05/30/2011 | caston
Glad to hear Karli came back :)

You could always hook up a spinning bike to a small generator and have Karli charge the batteries. Just think, three hours on the bike would give you enough power to run your Fridge for a night.......
06/01/2011 | roger hayward
hi caston, i was glad she came back too, i have thought about the bike thing as well, just not sure how to stow it. perhaps another poor buisness oportunity. cheers,
06/01/2011 | nancy
Both lists sound like plans! :-) Especially the 2nd one - saves money & time!

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