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La Palapa sails on
recon day
06/19/2011, little venice, mykonos

so today i pulled myself out of my all alone funk and after a nice evening swim and a delayed palapa happy hour i headed to shore to grab the bus. i was not super excited about heading out on my own but i was expecting stu and sandy on heartsong tomorrow and wanted to make sure i had some options for them as stu mentioned sandy was looking forward to "civilization".

i used my normal strategy to encourage the bus to arrive by ordering a beer at the "bus stop bar" as i have been referring to it as, true to form this lead the bus to actually arrive 5 minutes early and i had to leave half of it on the bar. it was the 740 bus and the sun was just setting on my side of the island by the time i arrived in mykonos it was dark as i retraced my steps in the hope i might find my sunnies lost on the bekford family mykonos outing but alas in spite of finding all our stops i failed to retrieve the sunnies, apparently 2 year old ray bands sat on and used a a chew toy by a toddler are very popular in the after market here!

i had two very nice very expensive cocktails on the water for 12 euro each and then found a gyro dinner including a beer for 5 euro all in all 29 euro for dinner is in budget but not exactly the spread i was expecting. i did select a good spot for drinks and a view of the sunset in little venice and a couple of food options so all in all a success and headed back to palapa.

the photo is via the iphone of a sailing cruise ship very cool looking but hard to see. the sea was flat calm when i returned with a beautiful moon over the water.

cheers, roger

06/27/2011 | larry
waking up to sunny skies, 5 knots of wind, sea temp 68 degrees w good vis
I will be in Avalon for the 4th there is rm aboard if you want to experience a bit of boating heaven
bekord family vacation comes to an end...
06/18/2011, ornos beach

here the whole clan posts for the family photo. nate is wearing his complementary palapa hat come visit now while supplies still last. he also received a complementary tshirt as well. in spite of this he just does not look very happy even though sloan has stopped screaming for this shot, she really is not a fan of the pfd.

after seeing the bekord's to thier cab i went down to the same meat restaurant for take away port. it was just not the same, literaly and figuratively, i tried to order the pork dish nate ordered the night before but failed and got something much less exciting.

i was not in the mood to go out and party which was probably a bad move as there was a huge beach party going on all night. i was having trouble sleeping so i watched a couple of more bond movies as well. when i awoke at 5 am amazingly enough the party was still going strong. i do not think i have a prayer of getting on the same program as the greeks!

cheers, roger

06/21/2011 | naomi
Missing the sun and fun in Greece! On the plus side, the Aileen Quinn earworms are coming to a halt. Hope all is well.
06/22/2011 | Karli
Sounds like you guys had a great time in Greece. Bummer I didn't get to meet n&n&b/s.
palapa beach day
06/17/2011, ornos beach

yes that is sand on my feet, i did actually wade into the water and walk back to the beach palapa. the water was WAY too cold to go past my ankles, it is hard enough to jump off the boat let alone slowly subject your self to the water. in spite of this we had a great "beach day" for n&n nate spent a good half hour in the water wth b/s alas the swim "program" has lost its luster (unless you are a parent). fortunately we resisted the urge to over commit today and go to another beach but rather focused on doing nothing on the beach as tomorrow is n&n&b/s last day. we did get the jib refurled properly and it looks like no permenant damage was done (you can see palapa in the very center of the photo if you squint)

after spending the afternoon on the beach naomi was eager to get back to palapa for the palapa happy hour, it is amazing how well conditioned people can become in just one week! after the swim/shower/bath/happy hour event we headed in for a meat fest and this great restaurant nate picked out. fortunatly it had the greek salad option which i think is all neomi has eaten all week. i held out for the meat and ate way to much (nate ordered 3 plates) if only frank had been here!

it was much more relaxing to be in sight of palapa the whole day and only have a short walk back to the dingy.

cheers, roger

full on civilization
06/16/2011, mykonos town

well we did not in the end anchor off the town of mykonos but just south of it off of ornos beach. ornos beach is a quaint family spot as described in the lonely planet. n&n where eager to expose b/s to the decedent night life of downtown mykanos but we continued to have 20kt winds in the anchorage that made venturing out of the lee of the island sound suboptimal to me.

instead after nate and i tested the beer at all 5 of the beach restaurants we took the bus over the hill the 10 minutes to the main mykonos town. the town was pretty f---ing cool and amazingly crowded. we had met a waitress from athens at the bus stop who recommended a place for great drinks on the water and we managed to find it. i was pretty skeptical but was actually served a cuba libre' that was totally drinkable! we hung here a bit and enjoyed the sun and the throngs of tourists walking/ past us through the restaurant snapping photos crazy crazy. unfortunately i did not bring my camera so we only got very kid centric shots of the gorgeous view.

we had another round of drinks at this famous bar catarinas founded by the first female skipper in Greece. we eventually found a cool place for dinner but not until 9pm or so by the time dinner was over b/s and i where both eager to get back to palapa and climb into bed which we did after narrowly catching the hourly bus. i must say being this far from palapa caused me some angst and i was quite happy to regain sight of the dingy and beet b/s into bed on our return.

did i mention n&n continued to expand their lead in best guest ever category by insisting on paying for everything, over my strong protests!

cheers, roger

full on sailing
06/15/2011, mykonos

well today was quite a change from "nothing" or even the not nothing from yesterday. i got up before dawn to get us under way. nate got up as well and helped me out of the slip. we got the anchor up and heading out the harbor and nate went back to bed and i got to watch another wonderful sunrise. it took 2 full hours to get around the island and then we still had 55nm to go to the closest part of the island so i knew we had a full day ahead of us.

since this was the only "sailing" day of the 10 day adventure it was fortunate that we got all aspects covered. we started with nice relaxing 10 kts of wind on the beam for a nice 4.5 kt beam reach followed by a period of flat calm motoring then for the last 15nm the wind progressively increased to 27 kts sustained and clocked around so we where close hauled. i kept reefing the main and nate had a great time at the helm with full on rail in the water sailing. on the gusts the kayak would float up in its rack but fortunately it was well secured.

naomi was a total trouper as well she was down below for the worst of it changing and nursing with the boat pitching and rolling all. we sailed all the way into the anchorage on jib alone and never got a decrease in wind. of course the engine died as we where trying to get the "new" gib in and it took 3 tries to get it under control and it still messed up (not quite as bad as when frank and i got it wrapped in aus). it was also cold, unacceptable! i really need to get back to the tropics and sub 15 kt breezes this full on sailing is not what i signed up for!

in the end we where able to anchor in 30 ft of water with half the chain deployed and enjoyed a well deserved happy hour before naomi made us a delicous pasta dinner and we watched a 007 movie! i do have to put in a plug for n&n&bs as perhaps the best guests ever. i have not been able to wash a single dish we seem to be using hardly any water, nate even transferred fuel for me today. the only tasks i have been able to hang onto have been coffee and ice/drink making!

cheers, roger

palapa bar on the beach
06/14/2011, patmos

well amazingly enough in spite of dedicating a day to doing nothing we never managed to kick back and enjoy the book in the cockpit, argg. we did find a great bfast internet/crepe place and i successfully babysat the kid using only my foot while her mom and dad diligently caught up on email for what seemed like hours! alas she was finally awakened by the cruise ship horn (see ship in background of pic).

after breky n&n&s headed up to the monastery (just shown in upper right corner of pic). i passed on the monastery and attempted to get a local sim, of course this turned out to be impossible and i was sold a sim but the store never did the right paper work to activate it. in any case after getting the sim i went back to palapa and tackled and finally completed the fix to the hatch over the nav station project. had to drill a hole in the plexi glass and run a long stainless bolt through into the latch then secured it with a little 5200 for extra comfort!

just as i finished up naomi came back as nate had decided to walk down the mountain and we found a cool palapa bar on the beech for me to get lunch/beer. here you see nate on said beach sharing his beer with the child. i taught her the trick of sticking her hand in your drink! i am still teaching her how to lick it afterwards! before the beer break n&b/s did a water show complete with the baby balance on hand and baby dunking. it looked more like water torture to me but she seemed to survive.

alas by the time this excitement was over we had again run into happy hour even after we moved it back to 6pm. we found a great little meat on a spit place just past the cruise ship dock and had another great dinner this time for only 20 euro, what a deal! we really like patmos but think we will head to mikamos tomorrow.

cheers, roger

no free lunch
06/13/2011, patmos

there is no room for slackers on palapa (other than the skipper) so even b/s=baby sloan has to pull her weight. just not being able to walk is no excuse. here nate holds her up while she tightens up the dock-lines to bring palapa a bit closer to shore! i am pretty sure this is very unsafe for a child this young so please do not send to latitude 38 or post on ut-ube we would hate to see b/s growing up on foster care! this is not to mention the nudity and lack of pfd use!

we where able to get fuel and get the jib back on before getting under way this am but decided on a 20nm trip instead of the 60nm one to mykos. the trip included another rest stop for lunch recommended by the image crew (that we just happened to pass heading south). we had a great swim and made it into patmos by 4pm. of course we had 20 kts of wind on the beam by then so backing down on the dock took a few tries. nate had to continuously adjust the tension on the anchor to allow me to use the rudder prop as a stern thruster and suck ourselves in between a couple of boats on the dock. naomi threw the lines to shore for a complete team palapa event with high 5's all round!

we had some cheese and apple for happy hour and after b/s got us adjusted we went off for another great dinner. n&n take turns picking where we eat wich usually works out quite well but there was some miscommunication today and they passed the lead back and forth quite a bit. finally we settled on a great place, thank god for the appetizers! in the end it was another rock star meal for 30 euros, not bad.

tomorrow i am thinking we will do nothing and enjoy the town with some down time reading/hanging out on the boat! we will see if this actually eventuates!

cheers, roger

06/14/2011 | mc
glad to see the jokes are coming back, even if they are in reference to pfds
another rough passage!
06/12/2011, leros island again

it was nice to sleep in on palapa after the early start the previous day knowing we only had about 10nm to go to the next Anchorage. even with our 10am departure we still had plenty of time to kill so i found us another nice secluded anchorage a few miles from our next destination. naomi made us lunch again and then n&n took b/s to shore for some "beach" swimming. i enjoyed a brief nap/swim on palapa and then returned to pick them up when they hailed me on vhf. i am getting good practice for my future "charter captain" job!

after lunch we motored the 15 minutes down and anchored off the "town" withe two other boats. there was a marina with some boats in it but we where right off the "action". again the "action" was a bit disappointing. this was the main town of leros and we where walking around like it was a goast town. very strange. part of this was we had a very early dinner but still where are all the people?? i guess we need to target the "busy" places not the quite ones. i found some ozzo so nate and i where able to stay up and have a few glasses watching the sunset and solving the worlds problems.

the kid seems to really like to stay up as well. i think in the end she out lasted me and i had to leave the parents to get him to sleep. tomorrow we are thinking of trying to head to a more major town perhaps mikanos but it is quite far, we still need fuel and to install the headsail so we will see.

cheers, roger

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