Sailing with Thor

09 July 2011 | Blaine Harbor
07 July 2011 | Montague Harbor, Galiano Island
05 July 2011 | Gabriola Island, BC
04 July 2011 | Musket Cove Marine Park, Hardy Island
01 July 2011 | Gorge Harbor, Cortes Island
29 June 2011 | Rebecca Spit Marine Park, Drew Bay
25 June 2011 | Octopus Islands Marine Park
23 June 2011 | Octopus Islands Marine Park
22 June 2011 | Walsh Harbor Marine Park
21 June 2011 | Roscoe Cove
20 June 2011 | Prideaux Haven
18 June 2011 | Prideaux Haven
16 June 2011 | Tenedos Bay
14 June 2011 | Squirrel Cove, Cortes Island
11 June 2011 | Squirrel Cove, Cortes Island
09 June 2011 | Princess Louisa Inlet, BC, Canada
08 June 2011 | Princess Louisa Inlet, BC, Canada
07 June 2011 | Egmont @Secret Bay, BC, Canada
04 June 2011 | Pender Harbor, BC, Canada
03 June 2011 | Smugglers Cove Marine Park


20 June 2011 | Prideaux Haven
Another brutal hike today...we must be the first cruisers of the season to break these trails because the forest is very thick in British Columbia! Fortunately this one was relatively level but we did have to climb and sown and across some steep ravines. The route took us to the head of Melanie Cove where there was an old homestead site. We were looking for the overgrown orchard and any signs of the old homestead but it was so thick with vegetation that we couldn't find a thing. On the way back to the dinghy we spotted Paul and Kim from Quan Yin paddling their kayaks. Quan Yin is a sistership of Thor. Paul and Kim had just arrived from Grace Harbor and were anchored in Laura Cove just to the east of us. We made plans to get together with them in Roscoe Cove, out next destination.

Later in the afternoon, after returning to the boat, we were in the cockpit reading and boat watching. I was looking at the purple hulled sailboat anchored next to us, (remember the one that came in late and anchored too close?) well, he was still there and nobody was on board. I saw what I first thought was a reflection of light on the side deck but then I realized it was a small fire! Picking up the binoculars confirmed that indeed there was a flame of fire burning on the side deck of the boat. I told Lorrie about it, grabbed one of our fire extinguishers and jumped in the dinghy. When I arrived at the other boat, I found the VHF antennae wire on fire and quickly doused the flame with the fire extinguisher. Must have been a short f some kind that started it. About 30 minutes later the boats owner and crew returned and we explained to them what had transpired. Needless to say they were very grateful and later the owner came by with a small replacement fire extinguisher for us. I told him it was no problem and to keep the extinguisher but he insisted that I take it. We were all just glad that it wasn't worse!
Vessel Name: Thor
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 40
Hailing Port: Bellingham, WA
Crew: Marc and Lorrie Cascio
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Sunset off the coast of Oregon
Old car garden
Hawaiian Chieftain and Thor
Hawaiian Chieftain crew furling sails
Grays Harbor Lighthouse
Gull overlooking Grays Harbor
Neah Bay
Sunset off Cape Flattery
Old Coast Guard Station in Grays Harbor now the Maritime Museum
Cape Flattery and Tatoosh Island
Hawaiian Chieftain
Tanker in the Strait of Juan de Fuca
Various pics from our progress so far from Blaine to Coos Bay, OR
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Created 24 September 2010

Who: Marc and Lorrie Cascio
Port: Bellingham, WA