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Getting Started
01/01/2010, Minnesota

I wish I could say that I am writing this from somewhere warm and sunny, but unfortunately that is not the case. I am siting in an apartment in cold, not the right word - frigid, that's better - snowy Minnesota just counting the days (months) until winter ends and we can be back on Walk A-Bout again.

We have been planning our cruising life for 10 years now, finally in year number 10. Depending on work obligations we have two options for leaving Minnesota.

Plan A - September 1 head across Lake Superior, through the lock to Lake Huron, down Lake Michigan, lower the mast, enter Illinois River through Chicago, then to the Mississippi River for a short while then Tenn-Tom waterway out Mobile Bay (put mast back up) to the Gulf. Sail down to the Florida Keys, up to Miami then across to the Bahamas. From there - unknown. Hopefully head south then Panama Canal, the South Pacific and Australia.

Plan B - October have the boat shipped to Florida. We then join Walk A-Bout around the first of December. Then continue Plan A.

05/11/2010 | Steve & Clara
Ahoy Mates! Ashtabula is the closest marina to us so we hope you stop by when sailing Lake Eerie. Just call us when you get close and we can haul ass up there in about 45 minutes.
05/26/2010 | Catherine Brahe
Congratulations and this is great and gives us all hope to do things in life that seem a bit scary. I am going to follow you guys closely and watch you see the world. Spectacular.

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