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06/06/2010, Madeline Island Yacht Club

Friday was my last day at work.........liberating and scary at the same time. Thank you to everyone for the cake, presents and Happy Hour. I very much enjoyed working with all of you, especially the old and current AR Team - you know who you are.

This blog allows you to post comments - would love for you all to keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

Bill and I have switched places. He spent the week here on the boat, I arrived yesterday and Bill left this morning to head back to the apartment. Bill will come back here on Tuesday. HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY TO MARIAH!!!

We bottom painted yesterday, looks really good, now we need to wash and wax the remainder. Boat should, cross our fingers, go back in the water tomorrow. I am remaining here to do last minute touch-up painting, check off the list of things the Madeline Island Yacht Club guys are supposed to do and take pictures.

If we have a good weather window on Wednesday and work is completed on the boat Bill will "sail" Walk A-Bout to Silver Bay on Wednesday and I will drive over to meet him. I put "sail" in quotes since he will more than likely motor the majority of the way. Much easier when you are single handling to motor than try and mess with the sails by yourself. It should take about 6 hours from Madeline Island to Silver Bay.

Brought my sewing machine up and hope to get some sewing projects done. Right now the boat is a complete mess, with stuff all over the place, we need to utilize every nook and cranny or we will have no where to sit. At this point it looks like we will need to tow a trailer behind us for all our junk!!

06/07/2010 | Clara
You go girl! I am thrilled for you guys and have spent many moments imagining all of your upcoming adventures.

Here is a good quote for you both -
"Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads."
-Erica Jong
06/08/2010 | S/V PACHANGA
Congtrats! Pam and I wish we could be there with you, see you soon!
07/01/2010 | Dan L

Best wishes, and thanks for everything. Have a great time. Will watch the posts. Later
07/22/2010 | Peter Eshenaur
Sounds like you will be having a lot of good times exploring the high seas. I'm looking forward to reading this blog more often and wish you all safe travels. PS-Accounts Payable had a union labor dispute and walked off the job, so we don't have to deal with them anymore... Don't I wish... ;)
Island Time
06/01/2010, Gravel parking lot

So Memorial Weekend has come and gone and Walk A-Bout still remains in a dusty gravel parking lot among many others. To step back a couple of days she was to receive a fresh coat of bottom paint the prior week and be in the water waiting for us to rig the sails and stow a multitude of items purchased for her in the off season. We then received an e-mail from the marina telling us that the paint shipment was damaged and UPS would not even delivery it. (My guess is the back of a trailer is now ready anti fouling water) Nevertheless the new cans were to arrive the Friday before the holiday weekend but the marina did not have the time/staff to do the job on that day.

Well hec, we can do a little sanding and slap on some paint not a problem. Pieces of cake just roll up our sleeves and have at it!! Unfortunately when we arrived on Saturday we were told the paint had yet to arrive - earliest was to be Tuesday because of the Holiday, "Island Time "the woman informed us from across the counter.

Hhhhmmmm Island Time. I guess we have been living too long always expecting to have what we want today available for us yesterday. Hhhhmmmm Island Time, wait Island Time=Beer Time??? I think I can adjust. 

By the way never sand off bottom paint in a yellow tacky Hawaiian shirt, unless that was the look you wanted.

Not In The Water Yet
05/31/2010, Madeline Island, WI

We foud out on Thursday that the bottom paint still has not been completed. Apparently the paint had to be shipped but there was a problem and had to be reshipped. It was supposed to be at Madeline Island by Friday so we decided to go do the painting ourselves. We arrived on Saturday and no paint. So, we spent the day of Sunday sanding the bottom, very messy. Bill will post some pics of us. Bill is staying the week and hopefully the paint will arrive on Tuesday. Still several other items that need to be taken care of prior to getting in the water and after. We are going to hope for next weekend to be back in the water. Don't know that we will make the Ice Out Party at Silver Bay next Saturday night.

05/24/2010, Still on Land

So here we sit. Cheryl and I are writing his and her blogs for the emotions that we are feeling at the moment. We are at the cusp of changing our lifestyle so dramatically it is hard to comprehend.

10 years ago it was a fantasy/dream to take off and become a cruising couple. 4 years later it became a goal and we could see it just never imagined it at the end. With this goal there were ton of objectives that needed to be met for the goal to come to fruition. Each year we met those objectives one by one, we have achieved them all.

Wow - - we are good. Now we sit, amazed at our accomplishment but unable to fully appreciate the achievement. It is a romantic concept at its onset yet feels different once you have met it.

Walk A-bout is still on the hard, getting one last coat of bottom paint before touching the water once again. A week away the new beginning actually starts --- Time to think of the next fantasy/dream - this one will be to enjoy each new sunrise/sunset as we have anticipated in our minds for the past ten years.

Stop thinking and just do it!!
05/24/2010, Still on land

I have spent the majority of my 40 working years in corporate America. Tomorrow I will give my notice. Lots of mixed emotions.

On the one hand: I will quote Martin Luther King, Jr. "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, free at last!" That pretty much sums up my feelings about leaving corporate America - I feel like a freed slave.

Now on the other hand: Oh my God - what am I thinking? America has an unemployment rate of 10% and I am voluntarily quitting! I can't say I'm retiring since 1. I'm not old enough to collect Social Security and 2. I may have to go back to work once our cruising life is over.

Bill and I both agree that at this point we should be bouncing off the walls, being so excited that we are going to live our dream in a few short months. I think reality is just now starting to set in and fears are starting to come out.

Even with the fears, the what ifs - from medical issues, family concerns, and on and on I can't imagine not at least trying to live our dream.

06/09/2010 | sharron
i am very proud of my little sister, ha ha you and bill are very brave or crazy. i know i will worry about you, but i think you are doing the right thing, my love to you both. sharron
Playing with YouTube
05/23/2010, Still on Land

Bill has been playing with our old pics of our maiden voyage on Walk A-Bout, Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin to Silver Bay Minnesota in 2004 - Lake Michigan to Lake Huron, through the Sault Ste Marie Locks and across Lake Superior.

Here is the link

05/26/2010 | Ai Ling
Cool video, Bill. Adventure is about to begin!

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