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09/14/2010, Buffalo, NY

After a long, bumpy ride from Erie, PA we arrived in Buffalo, NY. We had our mast unstepped at RCR Marina. They did a great job and made the whole process very painless. We were all expecting to have a very tense, trying day but it wasn't. A very nice couple stopped by the boat for a chat, then she came back and brought us a bottle of wine that is home made by 3 of the ladies here at the marina - 'Three Sheets' is the name of the wine. Very, very nice of her to do that.

We are off to the Erie Canal this morning. Our first lock will be the Black Rock Canal in Buffalo and hope to make it as far as Lockport and Locks E34/E35 this afternoon. Lock hours just went to their reduced schedule so they now close at 5:00 pm each day.

09/12/2010, Erie, PA

Pulled into Erie at around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. Tall ships are here. Staying at Wolverine Marina. Leaving here in about a 1/2 an hour, our last day on the Great Lakes, heading for RCR Marina in Buffalo, NY where we will be dropping our mast.

09/13/2010 | Ray Miller
Glad you made it to Erie. Missed you leaving Geneva. I had to work, when I returned you were gone. Hope the 8 cases hold out for you. Ray in geneva( Irwin 37}
02/24/2011 | Dave
Ooh. That's the Baltimore Pride Schooner i think.
09/09/2010, Cleveland, OH

I must admit I didn't think I would like Cleveland but have been pleasantly surprised. From what we have seen it is a nice city, clean and the people have been friendly. We did go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum yesterday. Dan and Mariann from 'Midori' joined us. After the museum we walked to the Warehouse District and had a good dinner at an Irish Pub. We spent about 5 hours at the Museum, could have spent a few more hours there but decided we were too hungry. Had a great time. Craig stayed on the boat and cleaned up the cockpit - thanks Craig.

Looks like we will be here at least another day. At this rate it seems like we will never get off Lake Erie but I was thinking the same thing about Lake Superior. So far this entire trip it has been a couple of good weather days then sit for 3-4 days, then repeat the same thing again. Yesterday the waves were coming over the breakwall, then the wind died a little, switched direction and started blowing again. Prediction is for 7 footers today. It is cold again, shorts are off and the sweats are on.

09/10/2010 | Kathy and George
Hi Glad to see you're making good progress. Lake Erie can be really difficult. Unpredictable weather and long runs between marinas. (We draw 5 feet) We enjoyed Edgewater Marina and the Airshow last September on our way south. The staff and people there were great.
09/07/2010, Cleveland, OH

We had a very nice stay at Battery Park Marina in Sandusky, Ohio. Craig joined us on Saturday - bringing his 8 cases of beer, of course, Bill did manage somehow to find room for it all. Met a nice family there - Gary & Linda aboard 'Horizons' who will be leaving about the 15th to head south.

Left Sandusky on Monday but made it a short day and went to Lorain, OH. We stayed at Spitzer's Lakeside Marina. Not impressed at all. They put us at the end of the dock along with the TONS of bird shit and what looked like bones from dead birds. We went to the office and they said they charged $80 a night (absolutely way over priced) but since we had Boat US membership it would only be $60.00. Finally talked them into $50 based on the slip they gave us. While grilling dinner Bill & Martha aboard 'Eagle's Wings' pulled in. We met them at Port Sanilac on Lake Huron. They are heading home to Canada, going through the Welland Canal to Lake Ontario. We met a nice man, along with his dog Buddy, who is a security guard for the other Spitzer's marina. He drove us to the grocery store, then waited for us and drove us back to the marina.

We are staying at the Edgewater Yacht Club in Cleveland. Only $1.00 per foot for the first night and free the second night. As we were approaching Cleveland there was an air show going on that included the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. That was great to watch. Shortly after we pulled in two other cruising sailboats arrived from Sandusky - Jack & Kris aboard 'Renaissance' and Dan & Mariann aboard 'Midori'. We immediately knew they were going through the Erie Canal since both had their mast cradles already built, on the deck and ready to go - we were very impressed!! We got lots of great tips and even tried to talk Dan into building our cradle for us (ha ha). Both great couples heading to the Bahamas and we hope to see them again in our travels. Due to weather (AGAIN) looks like we may be here for a few days so we just may be heading for a Home Depot this morning to get lumber and nails to build our cradles while here. Tomorrow we may go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

09/07/2010 | Keith
Finally got around to reading your ongoing saga. Very impressed by your "blogging diligence"! Be happy you're out of L. Superior, as there are 12 ft. waves today.
Did you get to the R & R Hall of Fame?
09/08/2010 | sharron
Hi glad your trip is going good. where is the pictures of your hair cuts. be safe love sharron
09/02/2010, Sandusky, OH

We made it to Lake Erie, current location is Sandusky, Ohio. We planned on staying last night in Toledo, Ohio. Couple of miles out of Toledo Bill calls the marinas and Yacht Clubs - either no slips available or too shallow. So, we turn around and scramble to figure out where we should go. Ended up deciding to go all the way to Sandusky arriving at 1:15 am. It was a bit hairy at the end with all the buoys to maneuver through, basically on instruments only. We called ahead to Battery Park Marina letting them know that we would not arrive until very early morning. They gave me the security guards phone number so I could call just before coming in to give us assistance finding the slip in the dark. Worked out great, the security guard was waiting for us, guiding us in with his flashlight. So far, only positive things to say about the marina.

This is the marina we planned on staying at on Saturday night, waiting for Craig to arrive. This will give us a couple of days to rest up, clean up the boat and explore a little. I think we will try and locate a Sports Bar to go to this evening so we can watch the Vikings play on TV tonight. Looking at the weather we may not be able to leave until Monday, will have to see if forecast changes before then.

09/03/2010 | Craig Horn
Leaving in the morning...See you Saturday
08/31/2010, Detroit, MI

St Clair River and St Clair Lake were very nice, clear water with beautiful homes along the shoreline. We pulled into Kean's Marina at around 4:30, it is just inside the Detroit River. We pulled into the marina to locate our slip and missed it and had to pull out into the river to turn around - in that short amount of time we had weeds completely wrapped around the prop and found it difficult to steer the boat. Asked for someone from the marina to come to the slip to throw a line to - no one showed up. Don't know if it is all of the Detroit River or just this marina but it is full of weeds and scum - yuck! Most expensive marina we have been to so far. Max so far we have paid is $39 per night, this one is $55.50 per night. Seems to me we could get a motel room for that amount. The plus is it does have a swimming pool so plan on taking advantage of that since it is hot here today.

We have now stowed both the Lake Superior and Lake Huron chart books away. Tomorrow we will be in the last lake - Lake Erie.

09/22/2010 | Ed & Kolleen jones
Sorry you had a bad time at keans. We keep our boat their and like keens a lot. Its more of a yacht club than a marina with a bar, pool, store, and scheduled events. The weeds only acumulate around the main gas dock in front of the club house. Our slip is always clean. Sinbads next door is also a great place to eat. picnic areas are in front of every dock and many boaters share food and spirits and have become good friends.

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