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11/16/2010, Palm Coast, FL

It's been a few days since I last updated the blog. After leaving Fernandina we stayed one night in Jacksonville Beach at Beach Marina. The marina was fine, only problem (which is a big drawback) was no potable water available. Next stop for 3 nights was St. Augustine. We picked up a mooring ball (first try too!). The cost of mooring is only $20 per night, much easier on the cruising kitty than staying at a marina.

We both really liked St. Augustine a lot, ranks up there with our top favorite places we have stopped at so far. It was Pirate Days so lots of people dressed up as pirates, we missed the pirate parade which was right before we arrived. We toured the old fort and did a lot of walking around the town. We met Mike and Francie of 'Anan Cara" for a couple of drinks on Saturday. Monday night Paul and Gaynor of 'Meridian' invited us to their boat for cocktails and Paul's Indian Curry.......yummy.

11/16/2010 | Randy & Dawn Ortiz
We are anchored out at the north end of Lk. Worth until mid next week. give us a call on VHF 16 when you get in for happy hr.
11/17/2010 | George Markham
If you are looking for a marina where you can do a lot of your own work and/or you need a haulout try calling Riverside Marina in Fort Pierce. (They'll also do work for you or help find somebody that will do a job.) They are very reasonable by Florida standards and West Marine is only a few blocks away. That's where we haul out for the summer. Not the Ritz but it gets the jobs done. If you choose Fort Pierce don't miss the farmers market by the City Marina on Saturday morning.
11/18/2010 | Craig Horn
Becky and I rode the motorcycle down to St Augustine in May. Lots of history there. Leave for Ft Lauderdale this Sunday. Be at Bahia Mar Marina till the day after Thanksgiving.
11/11/2010, Fernandina, FL

It looks like we are good to head out again tomorrow morning. After 2 days of having the diesel engine mechanic here it basically ended up being a fuel filter problem. Won't go into a lot of detail but I'll just say we had a discussion concerning the bill and ended up with a compromise on the end price.

As we were waiting for the mechanic to come back today Paul & Gaynor of 'Meridian' pulled up in their dink, great to see them again. They came back in the evening, we ordered pizza and had a good time catching up with them since we last saw them when they were trying to pull us off the sand bar back in South Carolina.

We have decided to find a marina to stay for about a month to do, for us, a major boat project - the head. Plan to replace the head, holding tank and hoses. Hopefully it will take us a lot less than a month but based on pricing it might be cheaper to get a slip for a month than for a week. The other thing we need to look into is a solar system for the boat. Since we plan on heading down to the Keys and anchoring out a lot we need to have an alternative energy source.

Tomorrow night we should be in the Jacksonville area.


We left Hilton Head via the Port Royal Sound and Inlet at around 9:30 am yesterday morning. NOAA weather indicated winds 10-15 from the north (following seas which is good) and 2-3 foot waves. Once we were out into the ocean we were getting wind from the south right into our bow (which is not good). By late afternoon the wind had still not shifted. Lots of other boats thinking as we did - it would be better to go offshore and bypass Georgia based on weather prediction.

We motor sailed (sails up and motor running) most of the day then right after the sun set the engine quit. Checked everything we could think of to figure out the problem, did not overheat, had enough fuel, etc. This was done in 5-8 foot seas and winds 15-20 mph right on our bow. We will call this Type 3 Fun (I'll explain later). So, we lowered the main and had about ½ the genoa (head sail) out so we could maintain our course and keep moving. We spent the entire night trying to stay in the trough between the 5-8 foot waves but still getting tossing around significantly. About once an hour 'Anan Cara' would call us by radio to get our Lat and Lon and course heading so they could monitor us.

We finally made it to the entrance of the St. Mary's River at around 9:00 am this morning. We tried restarting the engine several times during the night but it wouldn't restart. We knew we didn't want to try and sail into the river so we called TowBoat US once we were at the buoyed channel to go into the river. The Coast Guards heard our radio chatter and comes out to baby-sit us until the tow boat arrived. We think they decided to do this since at the same time a Navy nuclear sub was coming out the river right by us and going out to sea.

So, we are now at the Fernandina Harbor Marina waiting on a diesel engine mechanic to arrive to find out what the problem is.

Long story short - Maggie on 'Oh By Joyful' called their experience a few days ago of the rudder cable breaking, going aground and a line getting wrapped around their prop "Type 2 Fun" meaning - not fun while it is happening, only when looking back. So, we decided to call ours "Type 3 Fun" - meaning not fun while happening and doubt we will ever look back and call it fun.

It was so rough out there for about 15 hours that it is the first time both Bill and I chummed the fish (seasick). We are hoping that all our "Type 3 Fun" is behind us and will only have "Type 1 Fun" from here on out.


11/09/2010 | Randy & Dawn Ortiz
Wow! Sounds like a heck of a night! We to are in Florida, just a head of you, moving only with high tides! Ran aground 3 times at low tide leaving Fernadiba Beach so watch that corner! Hope to share Happy Hour with you soon in Lake Worth.
11/10/2010 | sharron
Hi, oh my god what fun, thank god i was not there, i would have been hysyerical, glad you both are safe. love sharron
11/10/2010 | Mike & Francie
Sailing into 5-8 ft. seas with a handkerchief out for the jib, another moment for "All's well that ends."
11/10/2010 | Chris and Maggie
Type three fun!!!!! At least you had sails. Did you catch any fish? I dropped a couple of boat units at Bass Pro in Savannah loading up on tackle.
11/10/2010 | sistas sis marilyn
I can't believe you are in Florida!!!!! Awesome..I am Chris's sister Marilyn Just let us know how we can help. There is a very nice marina in the intercoastal waterway..West Marine down the road, Food and liquor....Call me at work. 223-4546...The marina numer is 904-692-0475 Take Care and call us!!!!! Marilyn and Gary
11/11/2010 | Laura
Um... wow, sounds like a blast guys lol. Glad you made it to FL though. When am I coming to visit? :)
Cheryl - windy and cold
11/08/2010, Hilton Heach Island, SC


We stayed an extra day at Wimbee Creek due to thick fog this morning and threat of thunderstorms. Bill is a happy camper; he is fishing and just caught a blue crab. "Sparky" (Bill's nick name for the crab) is now in a bucket in hopes that he will have friends to join him soon. No friends found, Sparky lives! (Bill threw him back).

As we sit here Bill and I are discussing/reflecting on our first 90 days of our adventure. As with most things there are positives and negatives. Biggest negative is missing family; biggest positive is all the new people we have met. There have been good days and bad days. Good days are: not going aground, seeing our first dolphins, visiting new places and all the people who have been so great with their help, guidance, friendship and generosity. Bad days are: going aground, inconsiderate speeding boaters, two people living in a very small space and at times under very stressful situations.


Stayed at the Downtown Marina at Beaufort, SC. Nice town. Marina has a courtesy car so we used it to go to the grocery store. Stocked up on beer and cigarettes.

11/6/10 - 11/8/10

We followed Mike & Francie on 'Anam Cara' to the Skull Creek Marina on Hilton Head Island, SC. Francie found a deal for this marina on Active Captain, pay for one night get the second night free. Francie and Mike invited us to their boat for dinner, great dinner with dessert and a birthday candle for me to blow out. Thanks guys!

Bill & I walked to the Boat House bar and restaurant which is just outside "The Plantation". To leave here and get back they require us to have a pass and go through a guard gate (armed guards). Guess they take their security seriously around here. We watched the last quarter of the Vikings game. Mike joined us for a couple of beers.

Maggie, Chris & Tom on 'Oh Be Joyful' showed up yesterday. They had contacted us when they were outside Beaufort with some mechanical problems so didn't know if we would see them or not. We all got together on 'Anam Cara' to catch up on 'Oh Be Joyful' adventures since we last saw them. Tom (Maggie's cousin) will be leaving them in Savannah to go back to Colorado where he has a job at a ski resort waiting for him. It was great seeing them again.

We have heard from several sources that Georgia has lots of shoaling areas so we have decided we are tired of white knuckle days (stress of not knowing if we will go aground on the next turn), along with the cold weather and will follow 'Anam Cara' and go offshore to avoid the ICW in Georgia and get farther south. It will be an all nighter, about 120 miles, from Hilton Head Island to Fernandina Beach, Florida.

My next blog should be from Florida!

Cheryl - Cloudy and cold
11/03/2010, Wimbee Creek, SC

Left the anchorage at Tom Point Creek (MM 495) went aground at MM 512. Charts indicated 12 feet of water but went from 18 feet to 3.5 feet within seconds. Paul & Gaynor on Meridian made a valiant effort in trying to pull us off but we were stuck. Kedging didn't help either. We had to wait about 5 hours for high tide to float us off.

After getting going again we are now at another anchorage located on Wimbee Creek, off Bull River at MM 521. Weather indicates rain and thunderstorms tonight and all day tomorrow then for the next week lots of sunshine.

Still seeing lots of dolphins, several sightings each day.

11/04/2010 | Craig Horn
Try sex, that might rock the boat loose.
11/05/2010 | Randy & Dawn Ortiz
We must be close by, we heard you on the radio today but couldn't find you, missed the Halloween drinks, have to try later. We are on the ball at Mile716. Be careful around the corner after that. We spent an hour on the sand bar there today!
11/02/2010, Charleston, SC

We had a great time in Charleston, spending Saturday, Sunday and Monday night at the Charleston City Marina. We did all the touristy things in the historic area; toured a house built in 1825, walked along the Battery, visited several really old cemeteries (on Halloween), did a tour at the Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon. I really like Charleston a lot and was glad to visit again. The marina has a free shuttle van which was really nice. We ate out several times but can't really say we had great food, guess we didn't eat at the right places or something.

Thank you to all for the happy birthday wishes........they say 60 is the new 40...........I absolutely agree!!!

Left Charleston this morning and now anchored out at Tom Point Creek (ICW MM 495) along with about 10 other boats. Next stop will be Beaufort, SC.

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