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12/30/2010, Key West, FL


Left Coconut Grove Sailing Club mooring this morning with a temperature of 39 degrees!! We turned the stove on to heat up the inside of the boat a little before taking off this morning, left at around 8:45. For the first time since leaving Lake Superior I have my long johns on in addition to sweat pants and jeans. That is just the bottom half - I have 5 layers on top and 2 pairs of socks. The good news is that it is bright sunshine and the wind has died down so it should warm up a little. Next 5 days high temp should be in the 70's.

The Sailing Club we just left was very convenient to the downtown area of Coconut Grove. Can't say much for the restrooms/showers there. Yesterday we went to see True Grit, Bill was disappointed - I think the John Wayne version was more to his liking.

Plan is to anchor off Pumpkin Key tonight then head through Angelfish Creek Inlet out to the Hawk Channel tomorrow morning. There has been lots of conflicting information concerning Angelfish Creek Inlet - not only water depths but also a phantom rock that may be on the outside of the Inlet. Hopefully we will not be one of the boats that discover it. The Hawk Channel runs down the Keys between the islands and the coral reef, this will be our route down to Key West.

As usual, plans changed. We got to Angelfish Creek Inlet right at high tide. We hailed TowBoat US from the radio to get advice on us going through. He said we should be okay but to watch when exiting, to stay to the north side as there are rocks on the south side. We made it through with no problem. Lowest depths were 5.5 feet at the entrance and 6.5 feet at the exit with much higher depths in between. So, we did another all nighter. This all nighter I can gladly say was very uneventful - no strong winds, no mechanical problems, no seasickness. We did 3 hour watches, which works best for us. The cockpit enclosure helped tremendously. With keeping warm and out of the wind the challenge was to stay awake.


We arrived in Key West at around 9:00 am, tired but glad to finally be here. We are now at the Key West City Mooring Field. There are lots of empty mooring balls, most are way the heck out there. It is a very long dinghy ride to the dinghy dock. There is some chop in the mooring field so our dinghy ride was a little wet to say the least - actually very wet. Thinking we will need to wear our foul weather gear from now on each time we want to go ashore. I'm not happy at all about this mooring field but hopefully after I get a good nights sleep I will put it all into perspective and remember that it could be much worse - I could still be working in the frozen north.

I have read many negative comments about the restroom/shower facilities here - I can happily tell say that they are great now - very clean, look new and are individual private showers so no communal bathing which makes me happy.


Our plan is to stay here for a month. My daughter and son (Laura and Chris) arrive January 5th so we will go to a marina for the first and last night they are here. Slip fees at a marina are very expensive here, cheapest I can find so far is $3.00/foot per night.

The City of Key West provides a free pump out when staying at the mooring field. We are waiting now for the pump out boat to arrive. After that the plan is to dinghy to shore (wearing foul weather gear) to do some laundry and take the bikes to the dinghy dock to lock up so we don't have to transport them back and forth each time we want to use them.

Expected high temp today of 71 degrees.

12/31/2010 | Craig Horn
Tell Bill when walking down Devall St if somebody flips a quarter out in front of him, not to bend over and pick it up.
Cheryl - sunny
12/25/2010, Dinner Key

Hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas.

We stayed 2 nights anchored on Lake Worth. First time using the new Mercury outboard motor, worked great. There is a place to lock up the dinghy just between Lake Worth and Little Lake Worth and walk about a mile to a West Marine and about a block away from a Publix grocery store, both very convenient.

From there we stayed last night at anchor at Lake Sylvia, in Fort Lauderdale. We are at The Coconut Grove Sailing Club on Dinner Key, just south of Miami on Biscayne Bay, on a mooring ball. We arrived here at around 1:00 so it was a short day for us.
We have been through a lot of bridges, something like 30+ bridges in the past week. As Bill was saying - when we were working our 15 minute breaks went super fast, when waiting 15 minutes for a bridge to open it feels like forever. Some bridges open on the hour and half hour, some quarter past the hour and three quarter hour, etc., etc. So, timing is everything. Some bridge openings we missed by minutes, then having to wait close to 30 minutes for the next opening. We are very glad all the bridges are behind us now.

It looks like we will be here for a couple of days, thunderstorms expected tomorrow and some high winds for a couple of days. Next stop: Rodriguez Key.

12/26/2010 | Dan and Pam
We were thinking about you when we were out ice fishing. We hope you are warm, happy and wish you the best of a new year. Happy sailing!!
12/27/2010 | Paul & Gaynor
Hi Guys and seasons best to you both! We are freezing our buts off in Niceville Florida (near Destin) I shall be returning to Meridian in the week and wait for a window to cross the Gulf. All the best - stay in touch
Paul & Gaynor and Pepper
Cheryl - Sunny
12/21/2010, Fort Pierce, FL

Our month at the Telemar Bay Marina came to an end. We wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone there, Karen, Kenny, Tony have all been great. Karen in particular was extremely helpful to us and we very much appreciate it.

Bill arrived back from Minnesota on Sunday afternoon. He really enjoyed his time with his daughters, parents and brother. I don't think he will miss the Minnesota weather though. On Sunday we finish stowing everything that was used the past month, filled up the water tank and did some last minute cleaning. I rode my bike to the grocery store to pick up food for the next few days. I added a basket to my bike so with that and my backpack I can buy several days worth of supplies. We put the bikes on the bow, now we really look like official cruisers.

We have already deviated from our tentative plan. We left Telemar Bay Marina at about 7:30 and went all the way to Fort Pierce City Marina, by-passing Vero Beach. Arrived at around 4:00. We had a few cocktails at the Tiki Bar here at the marina then walked to a bar called Jo-Jo's to watch the Vikings play the Chicago Bears. Ended up playing trivia at the bar and Team Walkabout won 3rd place! We won $10 but I think Bill would rather have won 4th place - a pitcher of beer. Anyone know what a "Pile Driver" is? I had no clue, Bill guessed that one right something about wrestling and construction. Bill lost his bet with Mike of Anan Cara - twice now Vikes have lost to the Bears.

We are staying a second night since the guy from Sisco Marine didn't finish with the fuel cleaning until around noon. Nice guy, seemed to know what he was doing. Not sure this will solve our problem with dirty fuel, guess we will need to constantly be changing the fuel filters and adding the bio-stuff (don't know what it is called) to keep the fuel clean.

I talked Bill into looking for our Christmas lights so now have lights in the salon and around the cockpit. Guess that is about as much Christmas as we will have this year. Downtown Fort Pierce has a fantastic Christmas light and music show next to the marina that we walked to this evening, we can hear the music from our boat as well. I think Bill has had enough since Christmas music - he dislikes Christmas music even more than Country which is saying a lot.

Plan on leaving at around 8:00 tomorrow morning after the fuel dock opens. Not sure where we will anchor tomorrow night, several options depending on how long it takes us to get through all the bridges.

12/22/2010 | sharron
hi good sailing, stay safe, tell bill i knew what a pile driver was also, would love a picture of you riding your bike, love sharron
Cheryl - Sunny and chilly
12/16/2010, Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Dan & Pam in Minnesota - this blog is for you.

Still in Telemar Bay Marina, waiting for Bill to return so we can get the heck out of here. Almost a month here and I am definitely ready to get going again. The plan is to leave bright and early Monday morning and head to either Vero Beach or Fort Pierce. I have lined up a guy in Fort Pierce to come to the boat to empty the fuel tank, clean the tank then clean the diesel and put it back in. Hopefully this will take care of the growth that is supposedly taking place in the tank. Definitely something we didn't need to worry about back on Lake Superior.

Varnish work is progressing very slowly. I haven't been able to work on it for the last several days due to the cold temps. I have been keeping busy sewing an enclosure for the cockpit. We already had a screen enclosure but I am making a plastic enclosure for rainy and chilly days. Bill went to our storage in Minnesota and mailed our Buddy Heater to me here. With the Buddy Heater in the cockpit we can keep our tootsies warm while underway. Never thought we would need to have all these cold weather protections on the boat here in Warm Sunny Florida!!

I have a very tentative itinerary for getting from here to Key West. As all Cruisers soon discover the itinerary will be changed many, many times to fit the immediate needs/wants.

So, here is the plan:

MARATHON MOORING 20 12/29 to 12/31

The main factor, other than weather, to actually being able to get to each location within a day are the bridges. There are 31 bridges between Hooker Cove and Fort Lauderdale. All bascule or lift bridges. Some are 'on demand' but most are on the hour and half hour or some variation of that. With about 10 bridges to get through each day we may end up going out to the ocean instead of the ICW, that is dependent on weather and which inlets we can get in the out of.

Expected high of 75 degrees's a heat wave!!

12/17/2010 | Craig Horn
Hey girl, glad to see you are still afloat. Weather does look chilly down there and I know the water always adds a couple of degrees but it will warm up. I'm headed to St Pete Jan 4th working on some sailboats for a couple weeks...maybe 3. Then Feb 7th (after superbowl) headed down to Islamorado to refinish 5 more boats. Will have the car if you guys are in the area.
Cheryl - Freezing
12/06/2010, Indian Harbor Beach, FL

After 6+ years of outboard motor problems we bit the bullet and bought a new Mercury outboard at the boat show. Not as big as Bill wanted, bought a 5 hp and he wanted an 8 hp. I had 3 factors for my needs in an outboard: 1. One that I can start 2. One that is reliable and 3. Price. The 5 hp won out since: I tried starting the bigger motors and my arm strength just couldn't do it and the price. There is an $800 difference between the 5 and the 8. Now we need to get rid of our 2 old motors. Bill is putting them on Craig's List and hope they sell since we don't want to take them with us when we leave.

We toured lots of boats, both monohull, multihull and power boats. There was a catamaran that we both liked a lot but definitely not in our future, maybe if we had it to do all over again it would be a possibility. One of the power boats we looked at was $4.5 million; don't think that one is in our future either. We love Walk A-Bout but those brand new boats sure were nice.

It is really cold here with an expected low tonight of 36 degrees. I realize it is not as cold as Minnesota but still this is florida.......lots of sunshine but I want warm temperatures to go with it!!!

12/03/2010, Still in Indian Head Beach

It has now been 4 months since we moved aboard the boat and decided we needed an excuse to sleep in a real bed, so.......we decided to go to the boat show in St. Petersburg. We rented a car today and will leave in the morning. It is about a 3 hour drive from here. Two nights in a hotel and the boat show then return on Monday.

Our boat projects are progressing. Cockpit and hull are washed and partially waxed. One side of the toe rail is all stripped of the old varnish and first coat of new varnish is on with at least another 6 coats to go and the other side to still finish sanding and 6-7 coats on that side to do as well.

Waiting on a couple of packages to arrive, one is new charts and cruising guides for the Keys and the other is sunbrella fabric so I can finish making the enclosure for the cockpit.

We ordered Chinese takeout the other night, talked to the delivery guy and he wanted to know where we are headed next and I told him the Keys. He said to watch out for the mosquitoes down there as they carry something called Dengue Fever. Looks like we will need to buy lots of mosquito repellent before we head down there.

Weather has turned a little chilly - only a high of 70 degrees!! :)

12/06/2010 | Maryanne & Chuck
We enjoy your blog and plan to sail south next year. Do you have a heater? If so, what kind?
12/13/2010 | s/v Ishmael
There are mosquitoes carrying Dengue Fever in the Keys, but mosquitoes across all of the southern states carry the virus. We're in the Keys now and we just don't see that many mosquitoes to start with. Sonetimes at dusk on shore there are one or two, but we are out on a morring in Marathon and in the month since we've arrived I've only seen one mosquito. The repellent might be a good idea to have on board but I wouldn't stress over it too much.

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