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Added new picture albums

Just added two new picture albums - one for our friends at Aqua Poker and one of Bimini.

11/01/2011 | Dean
Thanks for the update, enjoy your stay.
11/01/2011 | sharron
hi cheryl ray and i want to wish you a happy birthday love sharron
10/29/2011, Bimini, Bahamas

After a rough crossing we arrived this morning at around 10:00 am. We left Marathon at 9:00 as planned. We went out to the Hawk Channel, dodging crab pots the entire way. Bill sat on the bow pointing the way for me to go to avoid hitting one. Did manage to hit a couple but luckily didn't get any wrapped around the prop. Thought we would be done with them in the Channel but no such luck. So, we decided to go outside the reef and pretty much hugged the reef up to Molasses Reef.

Just before heading outside the reef we saw a Coast Guard vessel coming up fast behind us. We slow down. They pull up along side us and announce that they are the US Coast Guard. We say hello. He said they want to do a safety inspection. We say fine. Then he asked if we had ever been boarded before. We say no. He then asks where we are going. We say Bahamas. He then asks if we are married. We say yes. He then tells us to have a good day and they leave. HUH????? Was saying we were married the deciding factor to not getting boarded?

So, we head out the reef and avoid the crab pots but now there is some type of small buoys floating that we need to avoid. Not sure what they were for. We headed towards Bimini from outside Molasses Reef at around 8:00 pm. Around midnight a thunder storm hit. From out of no where it goes from 6 knots to 25+ knots and we almost blew out our head sail. Bill managed to get it rolled up without it tearing. From that point on it was a very rough crossing. I did manage to fall trying to get into the head when a big wave hit. Think I might have a bruise from that one.

Just outside the channel between South and North Bimini we got out the yellow "Q" flag to fly then hailed Bimini Blue Water Resort and Marina to ask for some guidance into the channel. We went through the red and green buoys and headed for the mid channel marker. Need to stay just to the left of the marker, pretty much hugging it. It was close to high tide so we didn't have any problems but it was very choppy and tide was very strong. Couldn't figure out where Blue Water Marina was so we pulled up to Bimini Big Game Club dock and a guy "Cisco" came out to help us and we decided to stay. Only one other boat in the entire marina. All the marina's are the same here, doesn't start getting busy until January. Cisco brought us all the Customs and Immigration forms we needed to fill out. Filled out the forms then I walked to Customs and Immigration to turn in the forms and pay the $300.00. Then it was time to go get some breakfast and take a much needed nap.

10/29/2011 | Charlotte Crissey
Interesting, we were in Bimini January before last and the place was also nearly deserted. They said the busy time was March.???
If you want to go bonefishing, look up Bonefish Tommy. Any local can tell you how to find him.
Smooth sailing.
10/29/2011 | Mike & Francie
Glad you made it safe, we were watching the weather for you from here!
Love the decoration on the bow, too bad it didn't scare away the storm!
10/30/2011 | Laura
Perhaps the coast guards in those waters are actually searching out swinging singles. lol
10/30/2011 | Anna & Greg Feller
Glad to hear you made it safe! Maybe we'll see you in a few. Still getting things ready on Jolly Mon.
Fair Winds
10/30/2011 | Craig Horn
The coast guard probably knew you weren't a beer drinker and decided to leave you alone. Glad you made it.
Cheryl - warm and calm
10/27/2011, Marathon, FL

Looks like our weather window for heading to the Bahamas has arrived. We will be heading out tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, no Fantasy Fest for us this year.

Plan is to head out tomorrow morning at about 9:00. We will stop at Burdine's to fill up the diesel tank before leaving Marathon. We will then head out to the Hawk Channel and go up towards Key Largo. If everything still looks like a go we will then go through Molasses Reef and head up to Bimini. Should take us a total of about 24 hours, non-stop.

10/28/2011 | Dan and Pam
Good luck you guys, have a blast! We wish we could be sailing along side you...Let us know when you are safe and sound.
10/28/2011 | Bill in Miami
Sure hope your blogs come along a little more frequently while you're on the move.
Another Blogger at Marathon a couple of years ago was very informative about the cruising society in Boot Key Harbor.
We Vicarious Cruisers like al the little details. LOL
10/28/2011 | Craig Horn
Good luck and get those sails up. craig
10/28/2011 | Lynne Taylor
Good luck on the crossing. We're looking forward to more blog entries!
10/30/2011 | sharron
glad you made it safe, mom said i was lucky to still have a sister. not sure why the coast guard asked that maybe they were looking for two drug dealing singles.stay safe love sharron
10/21/2011, Marathon, FL

Here is a pic of the flooding on Sombrero Blvd next to the marina.

Cheryl - Pleasant
10/21/2011, Marathon, FL

In a weeks time we went from 90 degree temps with high humidity to wearing long sleeve t-shirts. It's like someone just turn off a switch and boom the weather changed. After 3 days of heavy rain the humidity is gone, air conditioner is off and hatches are open to let in the cool breezes.

We are almost all provisioned for our 6 month trip to the Bahamas, only last minute things left to if the wind would cooperate we would be happy. Next ten days weather forecast is 15+ mph winds out of the north - not a good time to cross the gulf stream. Unless the weather people are wrong, looks like we will be here for at least another 10 days. The positive to that is I get to go to Fantasy Fest in Key West on the 29th.

If we still are stuck here after the 1st of November we will probably leave the marina and go out to the mooring field here in Boot Key Harbor.

11/04/2011 | David Kairis - Minnesota
Your voyage is very interesting. We have been to Eleuthera three times on land vacations, flew there. Have sailed for many years in the past on White Bear Lake. We wish for you safe sailing.
Cheryl - Still very Hot & Humid
09/29/2011, Marathon, FL

The above picture reflects how bored we are these days, even living in paradise. Bill and I both love cherry tomatoes so we decided to make a "topsy turvy" to grow our own. Theoretically we should have fresh cherry tomatoes by the time we get to Georgetown, Great Exuma Island (about 70 days!!!).

Still counting down the days and preparing to heading to the Bahamas. Each day we are buying a few things to cross off the provisioning list. We have our route mapped out, thinking we will do an overnight passage from Marathon to Bimini. From there head across the Great Bahama Bank to Chubb Cay, then Nassau then down the Exumas.

My son, Chris, is attending Hall's International Career Institute and Diving Center here in Marathon to become certified as: Scuba Diving Instructor, Master Diver, Dive Equipment Repair, Resort Sales & Operations and Search & Rescue. He finishes at the end of November and is hoping to get a job in some exotic location. I think he inherited his wonderlust from me.

The only excitement around here is Bill just got a ticket today for not wearing his seat belt.......first over in over 20 years. The cop was apparently standing next to his motorcycle, saw Bill wasn't wearing his seat belt when he was stopped at the light next to Publix grocery store and ran on foot over to the van and gave him a ticket. I refrained from the "I told you so" since I am constantly reminding him to wear his seat belt. Guess he will start wearing it unless he wants another $116 reminder. Speaking of the van, we are just waiting for the title from Minnesota to finally arrive so we can sell it. Once it is sold we will be back to our rusted bikes, less than a year old and they look 20 years old. We haven't decided if we will take them to the Bahamas with us.

10/01/2011 | sharron
sorry you got a ticket bill, now you know to listen to cheryl ha ha

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