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And there She was!.....
Bob Akins
12 February 2013 | Indian Harbor Beach,Fl
It was November 2011 and I had just driven over 11 hrs. to look at an abandoned project boat near Merrit Island, Florida. After 4 yrs. of repairing and sailing small boats on freshwater lakes, always with the goal of getting a big boat and "getting out there", I stood looking at what I was sure was my destiny. All through the entire process heretofore experienced I constantly perused all the internet sites for used bluewater boats. Spent endless hrs. on various sailing forums reading other peoples ideas on what constituted a good offshore boat. The different hull designs, ballast and keel configurations, necessary attributes to make reasonable comfort and maximum inherent safety were all studiously picked apart and examined over and over. I hadn't really figured on actually buying a big boat for another 3 or 4 yrs...but I was suddenly convinced that no matter how long I waited this was the one. She was called Salacia, a 35 ft. center cockpit Chris Craft sailboat made in 1964. She had a solid FG constructed deck and hull. A modified full keel w cutaway forefoot and shoal draft of 4'8". Her systems had been almost completely removed by the current owner with the intentions of updating them at some point. That point never arrived for him. He married a girl more interested in motorcycles, so Salacia languished at a dock for over 8 yrs uncared for. She survived 2 hurricanes and numerous lightning strikes during that time. She bore them well. I bought her that day. After 4 months of traveling to her to work on getting her moved closer to home, myself and a motley crew sailed her to St Simons Island, GA where she sits today. I will get to that quite adventurous story soon....