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15 October 2009 | Seattle - not Belize :(
12 August 2009 | Seattle WA
05 July 2009 | Sacramento CA
19 June 2009 | Gulf of Mexico
27 May 2009 | Cay Ambergris Belize
17 May 2009 | Turneffe Islands Belize
08 May 2009 | Rio Dulce
30 April 2009 | Rio Dulce
15 April 2009 | Roatan, Honduras
02 April 2009 | Guanaja Honduras
23 March 2009 | Providencia, Columbia
10 March 2009 | Panama City
09 March 2009 | Panama city
16 February 2009 | Eastern Holandes
08 February 2009 | Green Island, San Blas
23 January 2009 | Cartagena
06 January 2009 | Cartagena
23 December 2008 | Cartegena
10 December 2008 | Bonaire
07 December 2008 | Los Roques VZ

more fun in Seattle

12 August 2009 | Seattle WA
Yes, yes. It has been a while since anything was posted. It's not like we have been busy or anything. Just driving from house to house to family member to friends and back around again while waiting for Salt & Light to arrive via truck. And when the truck shows up with the bow cleats darn near ripped out, that has to be repaired and the bottom painted and the boat waxed, and so on. Of course when the trucker refuses to pay for the damage because he claims the teak was rotten (do not get me started there), and that they don't actually load boats, they only transport them so it couldn't be their fault. Well then of course we have to go around their worthless insurance agent directly to Lloyds of London to file a claim as well as prepare to file one of America's favorite pastime - LAWSUIT. Such fun being back in Seattle!

Well that is enough of a vent for now. The rest of the road trip you ask? It was awesome. So much has happened I can barely remember where we went after Sedona. It could have been the Grand Canyon (North Rim is much better than the South), staying on a ranch at Zion and riding horses, hiking Bryce Canyon, driving across the expansive and beautiful north of Nevada, 4th of July at the O'Connor's (above photo with the cousins!), staying at Dave & Molly's house in Eugene, but I'm not sure. Just one big blur that will surface into our consciousness sometime when we really need it. Like now!

We have had some serious fun back in the PNW as well. One highlight would be driving up to the Solange house (Kevin, Melissa, James and Caleb Clarke), to meet up with them and the High 5'ers (Gary, Janine, Tavish, Bradley, and Richard). The Clarke's live in Courtenay BC, right near a river that is great for floating down on an 85 degree day. The weather was perfect and the beer was cold. We had a blast exploring the area and the town. There is neat little gift shop in town that had all sorts of gifts, cards, and more. The name of the store? Uranus. Yep, it's true. Just let your minds wander for a bit to all the jokes, comments and gag's that 6 juvenile adult minds can come up with. And don't blame me for the depths you can sink to. It's not my fault.

That was a few weeks ago and they are all came down here for the weekend and stayed with us while we house-sat at Brian & Molly's. We thought about going for a sail Saturday to pretend we were all back in the Caribbean. Let's just say if we could have taken away the clouds, sweatshirts, long pants, shoes and socks, added about 20 degrees to both the air and the water, it would have been almost like being there.

We still had fun.
Vessel Name: Salt & Light
Vessel Make/Model: '99 Beneteau 44cc
Hailing Port: Seattle, WA
Crew: Denis, Rennie, Michaela, Liam and Ethan
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The Adventure Has Begun!!

Who: Denis, Rennie, Michaela, Liam and Ethan
Port: Seattle, WA