Sailing the Izu Islands and Beyond

Vessel Name: Samurai 6
Vessel Make/Model: Gib'Sea 414 Plus
Hailing Port: Tokyo Japan
21 May 2012 | Tokyo Japan
17 May 2012 | Oshima
16 May 2012 | Off Hachijojima
15 May 2012 | hachijo-jima
15 May 2012 | Hachijo-jima
15 May 2012 | Hachijo Jima
12 May 2012 | north of Chichijima
12 May 2012 | Chichijima
11 May 2012 | Chichi Jima, Ogasawara
09 May 2012 | Chichi Jima
09 May 2012 | heading towards Ogasawara
08 May 2012 | 130 miles north of Iwo-jima
08 May 2012 | Location: 230 miles SSE from HachiJo
08 May 2012 | Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific
07 May 2012 | South of Hachijo-Jima
06 May 2012 | 102 Miles South of Hachijo Jima (31d21.35' N Lat; 140d20.28' E Lon)
06 May 2012 | Hachijo
02 May 2012 | Kozu Island
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Perfect conditions; depraved youth of today

28 April 2012 | Between Oshima and Toshima
We're sailing with 10kts of true wind abeam making 7 kts toward Toshima. Toshima is shaped like a giant hershey's kiss coming out of the ocean. It has a population of 400 and a bowling alley funded by the city of Tokyo so the locals would have something to do. In all the years I've been trying to convince my wife and kids that sailing is really fun despite the wet, rocky, and windy ride, I've not always had great luck. Today, however, is perfect.

Now, going back two days, a story of the degenerate youth of today. We pulled into Misaki Friday evening at around 11 and after tying up the boat Andy and I intended to join everyone else already sleeping down below. As I was drifting off to sleep, however, I heard a loud bang that sounded like it came from right against the hull. I jumped up and stuck my head out of the companionway (but not as fast as Andy who smacked his head against the sliding hatch and left a swath of blood down his ear and cheek) and yelled at a kid who was carrying a firecracker lit along the boardwalk. Andy and I hopped off the boat and ran for the group of kids with the bag of fireworks. They broke up and ran like mad. I yelled a few choice things in English and Japanese at them and then Andy I went back for our shoes and I grabbed the boat's spot light. From here, Andy and I chased them through parking lots and the back streets. Our more effective method was to send Andy around back to flush them my direction and then when they got close I'd step out and blind them with the spot light and then they'd start hopping fences. They kept coming back so I finally called 119 (the 911 of Japan) and got the Misaki police and fire department involved. They were not interested in chasing the offenders, however, but made careful note of my birth date, address, phone and boat details. They did post a patrol for the rest of the night, however, so Andy and I went to sleep finally at around 2am.

In summary, the teenagers of Japan are degenerating at the same rate as those in the US except that they don't carry guns so 2 middle aged men (in reasonable condition) with a spotlight can scare them to death. In the US, I might have had to find a real weapon.

Now, back to the sailing.

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