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Sailing the Izu Islands and Beyond
Big waves
17 May 2012 | Oshima
So we made fantastic speed today traveling around 125 miles by 8:30pm but as we were passing Oshima we were seeing gusts just under 40kts and huge waves. I rode down one wave at 14.5 knots. It felt like I was on a 7 ton surf board. It was getting a bit too exciting for an all night sail, however, so we cut over (broadside to the waves for an hour) to get to Oshima where we are now tucked into port for some sleep. We'll sail on tomorrow. We're not getting a lot of gentle sailing this trip--it's either really blowing with big waves or else the wind is dead and we are motoring.

Good night.
Warren Fraser
18 May 2012 10:36:17Z
More or less more feast or famine. Golden Week on the west side of Izu was the same.
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