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S/Y Sanctuary (41' Soverel Cutter)
Join us (vicariously) as we fulfill our dream of cruising.
A Taste of Civlization
06/14/2011, Fort de France, Martinique

We visited Martinique, another member of the French Antilles and one of the most developed islands in the Caribbean. Looking at the high rise buildings as we approached reminded us of Florida. We hung out in the capital, Fort de France and did some work on Mr. Engine. We enjoyed the French feel and the bustle of the city, but look forward to getting down island and some of the little islands of the Grenadines.

Fresh Fish
06/09/2011, Isle de Saintes

We went in early this morning as the fishermen returned with their morning's catch and bought this tuna. The guy cut it into steaks and we bagged 10 servings, including the head and tail for soup.

It doesn't come much fresher than this, and it cost less than all of the fishing lures we've lost!

Boat Building
06/08/2011, Isle de Saintes

While hiking to another bay on the island we found this boat shop and ogled at the workmanship. Too bad the workers were on lunch break when we passed through.

French Caribbean Charm
06/04/2011, Terre den Haute, Isle de Saintes

During the summer months the shops and services are open early and late but closed during the heat of the mid-day sun. It is also neat to view just the locals making their rounds before the tourists arrive on the daily ferry boats from Guadeloupe. We enjoyed some fresh produce and the glorious smell of fresh baguettes, the long thin loaves of bread the French love (we love them too).

Return to Isle de Saintes
06/03/2011, Terre den Haute

With winds on the nose we motored down the coast of Guadeloupe and across to the little fishing village turned tourist destination of Terre den Haute. New from our visit last year are squeaky clean mooring bouys throughout the harbor, but otherwise it the same charming place we remembered.

Local Sailors
06/02/2011, Deshaies, Guadeloupe

While hanging out onboard this morning we saw a very colorful sailboat making it's way around the harbor and grabbed some pictures. It looks to be a local team practising for an upcoming race, but the temperament of the crew makes me think the race doesn't have nearly the pressure of an America's Cup. I asked if they needed any extra crew and got lots of smiles.

06/01/2011, Deshaies, Guadeloupe

We finally had a good sail between islands as the wind gods smiled on us for our 40-mile jump from Antigua to Guadeloupe. We are revisiting Deshaies (De Hay), a picturesque fishing village where we stopped almost exactly a year ago with Just Imagine. We'll stay here just a few days before moving south but enjoyed snorkeling in the warm water and more French pastry.

Party with a View
05/29/2011, Overlooking English Harbor

We are in English Harbor, site of a major British base in the 1800's and Lord Nelson's base of operations in the Caribbean. The view from Shirley Heights is spectacular, and part of the fort has been transformed into a party spot, which we took advantage of on Sunday night. There was a Steel Band and lots of food, and plenty of people we didn't know, but also the company of some new friends we just made. We continue to enjoy good times and good weather.

Changed Plans; to Antigua
05/27/2011, English Harbor, Antigua

We need a cable for the Single Side Band radio and used the light weather to motor to the south end of Antigua instead of Montserrat. We replaced the cable and our connection to the rest of the cruising "fleet" and our weather advisor in Florida has been restored.

Moving South
05/25/2011, St. Barthemely (St. Barth)

We left St. Martin for the next island south, St. Barth, a chic French island with beautiful waters and expensive French shops. We could see the bottom with the depth sounder telling us 60 feet. It was like looking into a swimming pool. Fantastic.

We cleared Customs and headed to Columbier, a Marine sanctuary where we chilled to peaceful surroundings and good snorkeling. Turtles, Rays, Squid, and lots of fishies, especially Seargent Majors. We did a bit of hiking but mostly swam in the 75+ degree water. That's what I'm talkin' about!!

We hope to head out in the morning for Montserrat to see what's left after the volcano erupted there but we have to pick up a part or two at the Chandelery in the morning, so we may have to stay another day.

Oh well. Just keeping an eye out for storms crossing over from Africa.

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