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Monday, June 25, 2007 - Hanging Out in Huahine
06/25/2007, Huahine, French Polynesia

Nothing new and exciting going on today, just snorkeling and working on boat projects. The guest crew is now land based and they are enjoying doing not much of anything and doing it well. The weather is fine and the wind seems to have calmed down from last evening and this morning.

Radio transmission of these reports has has been unreliable lately, possibly because Sand Dollar is located too close to mountains which interfere with radio signals. It also could be due to solar activity. Nevertheless, the daily logs will continue but may be tardy.

Sunday, June 24, 2007 - Rain Showers All Day
06/24/2007, Huahine, French Polynesia

The wind has been gusting to 30 knots on and off all day accompanied by occasional rain showers and a couple of short-lived torrential downpours. The salt has been washed off the boat and the laundry hanging on the rail has been well rinsed. It has been a good day for reading and working in the cabin on miscellaneous boat projects. I did find time when the sun came out to do a little swimming and snorkeling. The sea bed near the anchorage is loaded with small sea cucumbers but not much else. It seems out of balance, but what do I know. I am hoping the wind dies down so I can try casting a fly to the bluefin trevally I saw near the boat while I was snorkeling.

Saturday, June 23, 2007 - South Huahine
06/23/2007, Huahine, French Polynesia

This afternoon the crew and I moved the boat 8 miles to the south end of Huahine Island to Avea Bay. This is a very quiet anchorage which offers protection from the prevailing trade winds. The barrier reef is about 2 miles offshore and there is a great deal of shallow water inside of the reef which is said to offer very good snorkeling. This island continues to amaze us with its natural beauty, dense vegetation, friendly inhabitants, and scarcity of tourists.

Friday, June 22, 2007 - A Gem of an Island
06/22/2007, Huahine, French Polynesia

Huahine is known among sailors as the nicest of the Society Islands there being only a few hotels and not many tourists. The market is very well stocked and the local Hinano beer was on sale for only $54 per case, marked down from $70. The island is very fertile and locally grown produce is available including excellent melons. The people are friendly and helpful.

Last evening we enjoyed an excellent dinner of Mahi Mahi at an oceanfront restaurant and watched as some local children performed native dances. Bob and Dana are staying ashore for a couple more days while I am working on boat projects and trying to get wifi internet access onboard.

The wind has been mostly calm with occasional gusts to 30 knots, especially at night. It is all due to the heating and cooling of the mountains and valleys of the island. A couple of boats were dragging their anchors last night so they moved this morning to find a better holding. Sand Dollar seems to be securely hooked to the bottom so I am sleeping well.

Thursday, June 21, 2007 - Landfall at Huahine
06/21/2007, Huahine, French Polynesia

Sand Dollar arrived at the island of Huahine at 7:20 AM this morning after a pleasant overnight sail from Moorea. The wind was 12-16 knots on the starboard quarter the entire passage and the crew did very well. We dropped the hook and went ashore to explore the small town of Fare which has a great market. The crew jumped ship and took lodging at a small hotel on the water at the south end of the island. They will be back onboard in two days. All else is well.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 - Feeding the Sting Rays
06/20/2007, En Route from Moorea to Huahine, French Polynesia

This morning Bob, Dana and I joined the crew of another boat and traveled by dinghy to an area in the lagoon where local dive boats feed sting rays and black tip reef sharks for the tourists. We stood in the water while dozens of large, harmless rays swam around us and into us looking for food. At the same time there were about a dozen sharks also looking for a handout. It was quite amazing and we never felt threatened.

Sand Dollar weighed anchor at 2:20 PM for the 90 mile overnight passage from Moorea to Huahine, an island not frequented by tourists but very popular among cruisers. We have had 10-12 knots of wind on the starboard quarter making for a fairly comfortable trip. We expect to make landfall by 8 AM. All else is well onboard.

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