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Sandy Feet
Ready to Escape
Dream coming together

The first part of phase 1 is coming into play. We will be sailing off on April 25th on our initial test run. This will only be a one week trip, but necessary to test Laura's sea legs. If Laura can handle this bareboat charter, the next step will be to follow through with the hunt for a new sailboat! We are very excited! Well i am anyway. Our first charter will be in the BVI's. We will be bareboating a leopard 47 and are really excited. Some of our great friends will be sharing this 7 day adventure with us and I will be celebrating my 50th birthday on this great event. Needless to say i am excited! If anyone has any itenerary ideas, please feel free to help us out. Im sure we will be doing the touristy things, but i cant wait to get the sails unfurled!


the crew

Lets Get Started
Neal/ freezing outside
01/06/2010, Lake Conroe, Texas

Life is funny, one day you wake up and decide you need more in life and your beautiful wife suprises you and says,"Lets Buy a sailboat and sail the carribean for a year". This of course comes out of the blue and I am speechless. I didnt know what to say. My first words were "Are you kidding me?". She is not one to be funny about things that are life changing. I will give you more detail on why we dont kid about life.
Laura and i have been married for a little over three years now and things didnt start off the way they were suppose to. She had a challenge with cancer that almost took her life. This happened in our dating times. Needless to say it was very strenuous at first, but we were in love and knew nothing could stand in our way. The chemotherapy and radiation absolutely destroys the body and I almost lost her a few times. Laura is 100 pounds wet anyway and she got down to about 80 pounds. She is one of the toughest beautiful people i know and the prayers worked! I have her with me today and thank God for that soul each day i wake up.
Thats enough of the sad part. I tell you this because it is part of our story and brought us to where we are at this moment. Close to death experiences change a person. One tends to look at life a little differently. We see things a little brighter than before. Colors move with emotion and that song on the radio has more meaning. Life is just better! Things that we took for granted are given more thought. It gives a stronger and real meaning to the saying "Life is Short". We understand these things a little better now and we want to enjoy that life and not procrastinate. Get out and do the things that make you laugh.
I jumped on the chance that she wanted to take a sabbatical and runaway for a year! I was seriously excited! I have spent the last six months or more, researching everthing there was to know about sailboats.
I have sailed small catamaran sailboats throughout my life and had some experience on larger boats. I was so ready to take on the challenge of being on the sea with my soul mate and living life to its fullest! The path had been set and I was going to give it my all.
My next blog will continue our venture and let you know where our sailboat purchase stands. We expect to be on the water November of this year, I hope.

01/07/2010 | Jane S/Y Drimia
Well done!! We've just sailed back from Caribbean to Australia for similar reasons. We will watch with interest - and some envy!!
01/07/2010 | Kerryanna Barnes
Just a note to say that I know both of these beautiful spirits, and indeed it is a pleasure. Both of them deserve the escape! I have learned a great deal from the both of them and they will always be sailing in my heart!!! Good luck on your GREAT ESCAPE, and indeed "Life is Short", so go on and LIVE!!! Love ya'll very much!!!!
01/13/2010 | Carrie Bershee
Just wanted to say congrats!! To be honest, I clicked on the link to your blog because I liked the name of your boat, but now I am so glad I did and plan to follow your updates. My husband and I quit our jobs, sold our possessions, and took off for a year of cruising in '05-'06 for similar reasons, and we've never regretted it. As the song by Eric Stone says, life is "permanently temporary." Wishing you all the happiness and adventure you are longing for!
Carrie &

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