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Sandy Paws
Batteries/starter/oh boy!
Kathy Evans
05/14/2010, Daytona Beach

Back on the 26th of April we discovered that our port engine would not start. That was the beginning of a series of small problems. We finally got the two batteries replaced at great expense, got ready to move the boat and when we tried to start the port engine nothing happened. Oh boy, now what?!! So, we called the "boat fixer" again. By now we are getting very well acquainted with him. He discovered that our starter looked a little suspect. He pulled that, took it to his shop and found that it was shot. He was able to rebuild it and viola...the port engine works!

We got the boat moved, actually before we got the engine started. That was interesting. Wes tied a heavy line to the bow, got some guys to help him (thank goodness) and they were able to manuver it around the end of the dock and over to the other side. Simple, actually, once everything got underway. Not something I'd want to do everyday, but interesting.

05/14/2010 | Bruce
that sounds a lot more fun than just sitting around in the hot sun sippin on some fancy pinapple drink!

Mom, I need a hair cut!!
Kathy Evans
04/30/2010, Daytona

Oh boy. Coconut needs to get her bangs trimed. She won't leave her ribbon or hair clip in place. She scratches it off then her bangs flop. Oh my. She went to the dog park today and nearly ran into a tree. Time for a change.

Coco/life jacket
Kathy Evans
04/30/2010, Daytona

Coco's new life jacket.

04/30/2010 | Bruce
ahww thats soo cute
does it have lil pockets on the side so it can double as a purse?
Coco/new bed
Kathy Evans
04/28/2010, Daytona

Coco takes over Cesar's new bed.

Coco and her bone
Kathy Evans
04/28/2010, Daytona


04/29/2010 | Bruce
hey you have to fix your clock in your camera before I start to think this whole "trip to Daytona" thing is just a farce. Cute pictures though and inventive story line I must admit.
Is coco's bone there from one of the natives?
Coco/5 lbs of fur
Kathy Evans
04/28/2010, Daytona Beach

Coco, our 5 lb Maltese is adjusting quite well to the boating life with the 3 Great Danes. She only gets stepped on once in awhile now and holds her own when it comes to finding a bed. We got our largest Dane, Ceasar, 145lbs, a new bed which was quite large. It didn't take Coco long to take it over. She lines up in the evening for her treat with the big guys and sleeps in the salon area at night in her bed just like one of the Danes.

She has her own life jacket, pink of course. It fits like a glove and should work really well. It's been too cold to try it out yet but I'm sure it'll keep her afloat.

We got the Danes large bones the other day but Coco decided that hers was just a might large. She mainly just looked at it as if she was trying to figure out what the heck it was. She prefers her smaller treats.

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