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2014 Log: Italy & Islands
SANGARIS's Photos - Ancient Olympia
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OK, this is not Craig, but a Discus Thrower statue exhibited in the Museum of the History of Olympic Games in Antiquity
Aerial view of the World Heritage-listed site of Ancient Olympia
Wrestling was on of the #1 events in ancient Olympian games
Sangaris crew at Olympia
This stadium used to seat 45,000 spectators; line of folks in the forefront marks the start & finish of the 120m sprint track
Olympic hopeful at starting line
Remains of temples, gymnasium, even a wrestling school; tallest column restored & reconstructed gives visitors a perspective of its sheer size
Sangaris crew at ancient Olympia
display with rendering of Olympic site
riverbed stone and shell fragments cover much of the site remains as rivers flooded Olympia following a series of earthquakes
re-assembly of pediment from "Temple of Zeus" ~ quite spectacular tho far from complete
this large disc was an ornament on pediment atop "Temple of Hera"
Reconstruction of "Nike" sans wings and eagle; statue remains found in 1875 during excavations by German archaeologists
beautiful, classical 4th c. marble sculpture of Hermes carrying infant Dionysus
ancient "Dolphin on a Wave" statue found in remains at Olympia
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