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Glass Window Bridge
Sunny and warm
02/15/2013, North Eleuthera

On Monday morning we were still in Hatchet Bay and it was still a bit breezy. So we continued with our plan to rent a car. We were able to obtain a car from Mr McLean at the gas station. the car was a bit used and had marginal tires, but the brakes worked well, even though the windows did not. The car at Twin Brothers was already reserved. We drove up to the Glass Window and got out to take pictures and watch the blow hole. This is a must see on the trip. The view and the whole experience is incredible. The area was originally a rock arch that collapsed over time. They built abroad bridge and during one of the hurricanes the roadway was actually shifted about seven feet. Check out the picture.

From there we went to just past the North Eleuthera airport to the end of the road and caught a water taxi to Harbor Island. On Harbor Island we rented a golf cart. We spent the day touring, visiting shops and had lunch at one of the resorts. Along the waterfront one open air bar had Sands beer three for $5 and they were very cold. (At the N Eleuthera airport they have Sands 3 for $4.50). We saw everything we wanted to see and were back to the car by 4 pm. It is not advisable to drive here after dark. Everyone drives very fast and they all drive on the wrong side of the road. Saturday night there was a fatal collision just north of Hatchet Bay. We drove through Gregory Town and Bluff on our way back and were still back in HB by 5:15. It was a day well spent.

Since the weather has settled for a few days we traveled back to Governors Harbor to complete our visit there. We had planned to stop at Alabaster Bay, but the south wind was still a bit brisk so we continued on to GH. We made a water run to the shore and invited the other three boats over for cocktails. Two of them showed up. The third boat, who will go unnamed, has been a pain in our space. In Hatchet Bay they tried to anchor on top of us and I had to "politely" request they move. It took them about an hour to anchor their ketch. They arrived about a half hour after us in GH and did the same thing, only closer this time. again, another "polite" request to get out of our space. Again, they took over an hour to set their anchor. They must have tried at least seven times to get the anchor to hold and tried two different anchors. Believe me, they were so close that I could document every action they took.

Wednesday we walked all through Cupids Cay and then hiked over the hill to the ocean side. It is supposed to be a two mile walk to the Levy Nature Preserve. It is every bit of that. We actually had a cabbie I had met earlier give us a ride the last half mile at no charge, although I did give him a tip. We had lunch at Tippys which is a little past the preserve. This restaurant was recommended by a shop owner in Rock Sound. Great location, good food and crowded. It is on a beautiful ocean beach. That side of the island is very upscale and you may forget you are in the Bahamas. Then we toured the preserve. It is a nice preserve with several trails to walk and a guide sheet to point out the various trees and birds. It was certainly worth the time to explore. We were tired at this point and hitchhiker when we got to the road. The girl who was our server at lunch picked us up and took us back to our dinghy. The people on the island are super nice.

Thursday morning we topped off our water tanks and then went to the internet cafe to surf the web on their internet to catch up on news. then we hitchhiked our way across the island to go to the beach for the afternoon. it was a calm day on the ocean and we had dolphin swim within 10 yards of us. The beach was beautiful, but not a shell to be had. We stopped at the Beach House Restaurant for a drink and then hitched a ride back to the harbor. Fishermen were selling there catch and we bought two lobsters for Friday night's dinner.

Then it was back to the boat for a Valentines Day dinner of Costco steaks on the grill.

Today it will be back to Hatchet Bay for weather protection and stone crabs. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday we will be headed for Spanish Wells.

We have noticed that Eleuthera sure does have a lot of very loud roosters!!

Dave & Mary

Nassau Ferry at Hatchet Bay
Still Windy
02/10/2013, Hatchet Bay

The fast ferry from Nassau entering the 90' wide cut at Hatchet Bay.

Mark's Grill
02/10/2013, Governor's Harbor

The bar at Mark's Grill in Governor's Harbor

02/10/2013 | Andie
Dave and Mary, I'm so glad you are finally sailing and enjoying your winter: it didn't sould like you were ever going to leave FL! As always, I love reading all your fun news--the blog is a great idea. Thanks for keeping us posted. Stay safe, we miss y'all! Andie
Governor's Harbor
02/10/2013, The Harbor at Governor's

The Harbor at Governor's Harbor

Governor's Harbor & Hatchet Bay
02/10/2013, Blue Hole @ Rock Sound

Governor's Harbor has been the highlight of the trip so far. GH is a nice place. We chose to anchor in Cupids Bay instead of the harbor. There were six boats in the harbor, but the cruising guide left me skeptical about holding and debris there. There are no mooring balls at either place, contrary to what the guide says. We are anchored in about 14' of water with another Beneteau that we met in Rock Sound. Access to shore is about the same from either anchorage. Holding seems good (1700 RPMs) in sand and very light grass.

Tomorrow is laundry and water replenishment day in the morning and then a planned walk to the other side of the island to the former Club Med beach which is supposed to be beautiful. Will report back later.

Later. My last report was from Cupid Bay at Governors Harbor. There was good holding and very comfortable as long as the wind was out of the n-ne. When it clocked around to the SE and built to 15 it got very rolly. Thursday we moved over to the main harbor. It was very comfortable there and we had no problem with holding. We left there early due to the weather, but plan to return as there was a lot more to see and do that we missed. It was windy and overcast on Thursday so after laundry and water replenishment and moving the boat we did not hike over the hill to the former Club Med beach.

It was an easy 15 mile sail to Hatchet Bay, "the safest harbor in the country". There are ten mooring balls here spread over three areas in the harbor. There is a 90' cut through the rocks to get in and there is a short rock jetty on both sides as you pass through the cut. You don't see the cut until you are right on top of it. Last night (Friday) at 5 pm the fast ferry from Nassau came barreling through the pass. It will return on Sunday night. There is a dinghy dock on the SW corner of the harbor with a gazebo and pier for the boaters that leads into the "center" of the settlement. There is not much here. We walked the entire settlement today. There is a place called Twin Brothers that is very nice that has a restaurant, bar, shop and rooms to rent. They also rent a car here (I emphasize one car). We ate lunch at the Front Porch and got a lot of information from the owner - Francis. Today's special was stone crabs that he catches himself. These claws were impressive. They were the size of your fist. The lunch included a pound of claws, which was three claws, FF and a salad. Mary and I shared it and it was plenty for us, including a couple of beers. The claws were cracked, but he showed us how to crack them with a teaspoon. Pretty cool!

This morning we went to church in the settlement. I know the sign said Catholic Church and the service was a Mass, but it was more like a Revival. We shook hands and spoke to everyone there. After church we walked south on the island and explored some new area that included a New Orleans style cemetery right on the beach. Several of the above ground crypts had been destroyed by the water from previous hurricanes. After our walk we stopped at Twin Brothers for one of their "world famous-as seen on CBS" daiquiris. It was a cocktail that you drank with a spoon. It was quite good and very refreshing.

Since we will be here couple of days we plan to rent THE car tomorrow for a day and visit some sites we won't get to by boat.

Dave & Mary

Sunset at Palmetto Point
Clear and calm.
02/05/2013, Overlooking one of the Pineapple Cays

Sunset at Palmetto Point.

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