Sapphire...One day at a time.

22 May 2011 | Deep Creek, VA
22 May 2011 | On the way to the Great Dismal Swamp
22 May 2011 | Leaving Oriental, NC
22 May 2011 | Charleston, SC to Beaufort, NC
08 May 2011 | Charleston, SC
08 May 2011 | Charleston, SC
08 May 2011 | End of the Bahamas
08 May 2011 | Abacos, Bahamas
16 April 2011 | Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Bahamas
07 April 2011 | Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Bahamas
15 March 2011 | Black Point, Great Guana Cay
05 March 2011 | George Town, Great Exuma & Thompson Bay
11 February 2011 | George Town, Great Exuma
01 February 2011 | Jumento's
01 February 2011 | Raccoon Cay
01 February 2011 | Jumento's
31 December 2010 | Thompson Bay, Long Island
31 December 2010 | Thompson Bay, Long Island
29 December 2010 | Thompson Bay, Long Island
16 December 2010 | Pipe Creek to Black Point

25 November 2009 | Pipe Creek, Exumas
November 23rd, 2009 Norman's Cay to Pipe Creek, Exuma's
We were off at 7 a.m., to arrive at Pipe Creek around high tide. It was another nice day...more clouds than usual but there is a low pressure trough working its way south ahead of cold front that should arrive around Friday.
We arrived at one of the entrances to Pipe Creek around noon and worked our way into the anchorage. There was lots of water but our charts weren't as accurate as I'd like. Eventually we got the anchor down and buried in the sand. We were in an area were the tide rushes in and out on its way to and from the banks to our west which makes things interesting. With our full keel "Sapphire" likes to "sail" forward in a good current so that most of the time our anchor is behind us...
After lowering the dinghy we took off exploring the area but found nothing that looked like good snorkeling. I think we have to go to the banks side of the area to hunt with much success.
Later we took some wine over to the flats and watched the tide go out. (Simple pleasures...)
In the evening we got together on "Fine Lion" for our first cracked conch meal of the season. Steve added his only lobster to left-over rice as well. I made my not yet patented, but famous cracked conch dip and we brought along a jar of dilled green beans for snacks.
We had planned on staying here a couple of days but decided over dinner that we'd leave tomorrow at about half tide. Kim needs to make sure that she actually has a ticket for a flight out of Staniel Cay on Saturday. Steve set it up on the phone with the person in charge of the airport there.... but those of you who have had the pleasure of flying in and out of Staniel Cay can understand her trepidation.
"Sapphire" hasn't had any fuel since Lake Worth so we will top off our tank at Sampson Cay and then head south to Black Point to get some laundry done. We're not entirely sure that the laundromat will be open on Friday. Ida spends a lot of time singing in the choir and who knows home many services there will be on Thanksgiving weekend.
Vessel Name: Sapphire
Vessel Make/Model: Bayfield 40
Hailing Port: White Lake, Michigan
Crew: Mike and Kathy Steere
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A bunch for lunch at the boat show
The Dilts house from the beach
Boats for sail, er sale.
Deltaville Marina
Lots of boats in the boat yard
The building
The pool area with the building in the background
Making the teak beautiful
Boat for sale
The marina and boat yard offices are in the same building.
Carol and Jimmy sharing a laugh.
Dinner in the clubhouse.
Cooking dinner
Nice . . . putt!
The foursome and the beverage cart girl (niece Betsy).
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