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11/01/2007, Beaufort, NC

Oriental to Beaufort... October 31 (The real Happy Halloween)

We were really not in any hurry to leave today because the trip to Beaufort was only about 20 miles. Kathy did some computer work and I got the boat ready for departure. Finally, around 8:30 we pulled anchor and crossed the Neuse River. The trip was uneventful and we arrived at Town Creek without incident. I wanted to fuel up, so called the nearby marina and pulled up to the dock. When I radioed in, the lady said that she would turn on the, since there were no people around, I started filling up while Kathy filled our water tank. When we were done I walkup up to the office, paid and picked up a bag of ice before returning to the boat.

When I turned the key to start the engine... there was nothing. Oh oh. On the third try the engine barely rolled over ... but caught and started right up. If truth be known, for the last couple of months, the starter hadn't been turning over like it should.

Cielo pulled in about an hour later and when Kevin stopped by we discussed the started problem. Madcap arrived a little later but ... it was looking like work afternoon as opposed to something fun.

After getting the anchor down and eating left over shrimp for lunch.. darn, I tried to start the boat and this time it wouldn't even turn over. I checked the battery and it was fine... but I knew that batteries were sneaky so I put a load on and watched the rebound. It was fine. Just to make sure, I connected one of the house bank batteries which I knew to be good and when Kathy turned the key...nothing.

At this point I called Jim, my cousin, to run through my diagnosis with him. He recommended more electrical testing...and in the process, with Kathy turning the key, the engine started right up like is was supposed to. Unfortunately, I had done nothing. It almost had to be something in the ignition or the connection with the battery /solenoid.

After waiting for the engine to cool enough for me to work, (I have to lay on top of the engine to access the starter) I disconnected all the wires from the battery, cleaned everything, replaced one loop connector, and put things back together. When we turned the key it started right up. So....I hope that the problem is fixed. If not we have a spare starter and that will be the next project.

Tomorrow we'll go to town.

PS: Sam, I cut the fixing stuff to the bare bones. (Yeah. It really went on all afternoon...and Dad said he liked this house.)

11/01/2007 | Pam
Mike, I had a very similar problem with my Bravada. After lots of $ and several attempts at repair, it turns out the REAL problem with actually the ignition switch itself. I have no idea if that experience will translate to your boat, but (shrug) "couldn't hurt, might help" to pass it on.
11/01/2007, Oriental, NC

Oriental - October 30

We left Belhaven at daylight and stayed ahead of the pack all the way to Oriental. The sails were up and down, and helped quite a bit, but the engine was always running. Our path, for those of you who care in the least, was down the Pungo, across the Pamlico River, through the Hobucken Cut, out into the Pamlico Sound proper and finally up the Neuse River to Oriental.

We arrived to find that the Anchorage was reasonably full but after a couple of tries, got our anchor set in a good spot for the night. We are right next to "Peace", the boat that rafted off of us in Deep Creek, so we got to say Hi to Ann and Neville.It was mid afternoon, so we went ashore to wander around the town for a while. Oriental is small and quiet. One of the four restaurants we saw had a sign out advertising all-you-can-eat- shrimp which caught our attention. We ran into Jim and Beth, the Madcap sailors, and made a date for dinner.

On our walk we also ran into Claude who has a small Bayfield and was anchored next to us in Annapolis. He is traveling with a couple form Marquette who we met briefly and who seem like people that we'd like to get to know. Restless, Steve and Carol's boat, is docked there and looks to be no worse for their owners going home for a week. They will be back tomorrow and will catch up in a few days.

The shrimp were great.


Yes, I forgot to say Happy Halloween yesterday. We did not have any trick-or-treaters!

11/01/2007 | sam
and you probably dressed up as "sailors" too, huh?

Too much wind
10/31/2007, Belhaven, NC

Belhaven October 29

We weren't sure when we went to bed last night if we were traveling today or not. Our next hop takes us out into the Pamlico Sound which is another large body of shallow water. The forecast was for 25 to 30 mph winds and we really didn't know. I was up before daylight and not one of the 12 boats in the anchorage was make any sign of getting underway. Decision made.

I spent most of the morning removing our stern light...which has been covered most of the time by our dinghy, and installing a new LED stern light on the aft edge of our solar panels. Our neighbors from Madcap, a Bayfield 36, stopped by to introduce themselves and we promised to get together later in the day.

By the time I was finished with my projects, it was time for lunch and a trip to town. We took two back packs with the computer in one of them on the off chance that we could find a Library. The old part of town which is located on the water is quaint but we were looking for a grocery store and a post office, which were located about 1.5 miles out on the highway. So off we went for our daily exercise.

On our return we dinghied over to visit the Madcap sailors as promised and had a very nice chat. They returned with us to inspect Sapphire and more idle conversation.

I cooked some Flounder for dinner along with some fresh spinach wilted in olive oil and garlic... (I had seen Kevin do this one evening up on the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.)

We didn't take any other pictures in Belhaven.

10/31/2007 | abby
Happy Halloween Mom and Dad!!!

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