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Back out on the ocean

26 January 2008 | Royal Island, Eleuthera, Bahamas
Thursday, January 24

We were raising the anchor at 6:15 in the dark and were underway by 6:30. Our plan today is to go out the Little Harbour cut and into the ocean for a 50 mile run down to Royal Island on Eleuthera. We had no difficulty in the cut and the ocean was perfect. We had swells from the east most of the day but the period was about 9 seconds which makes things pleasant. The trip was uneventful ... except for the fishing.

I had two lines in the water. One was a hand line with a snubber attached in the middle. The other was one of my old salmon rods for Lake Michigan wound with 50 pound test. I was running green and white squids about 50 to 60 feet back skipping between the waves trying to imitate a flying fish.

Before noon I hooked something small. Once it was in the boat, we got the fish book to see just what we had. It looked like a tuna shape but color and size were wrong. As it turned we had a small Blackfin Tuna which was cleaned, bagged and in the refrigerator immediately.

At some point in the afternoon , I was below checking the engine when Kathy was yelling something... when I got away from the engine noise it was clear that we had a fish on. She was holding the rod in the holder while the drag was screaming. I got the rod detached and started making some ground as Kathy took the helm to try turn us into the wind to slow us down some. At about this point I realized that there was also a fish on the our hand line .... it was going to be disaster unless I got that one in the boat first so I put the rod back in the holder and hauled in the handline. The fish was well hooked so I hoisted it over the side into the cockpit and grabbed the rod to try to land the second fish....after a few minutes we got it along side and I was able to get the net under and dumped it in the cockpit with his (really, they were "hers") buddy.

Neither of us needed the fish book for these guys... we had two 12 pound dolphin...popularly referred to in the seafood case as Mahi-Mahi. There are absolutely beautiful when they come out of the water...neon yellow...with bright blue and green hues.

Although the seas were a little rolly I took them to the foredeck, where we have access to water, and had them cleaned in a few minutes.

We arrived at Royal Island at about 3:30. Royal Island has a wonderfully protected harbor. Unfortunately, the once wild island, is being developed into a resort and although we can anchor, we can't go ashore. A front is supposed to go through tonight with winds up to 25k ... it's a great place to be even if we can"t go exploring.

Jim and Beth (Madcap) joined us for a grilled mahi mahi dinner and later we listened to the Spartans beat Northwestern.
Vessel Name: Sapphire
Vessel Make/Model: Bayfield 40
Hailing Port: White Lake, Michigan
Crew: Mike and Kathy Steere
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The Dilts house from the beach
Boats for sail, er sale.
Deltaville Marina
Lots of boats in the boat yard
The building
The pool area with the building in the background
Making the teak beautiful
Boat for sale
The marina and boat yard offices are in the same building.
Carol and Jimmy sharing a laugh.
Dinner in the clubhouse.
Cooking dinner
Nice . . . putt!
The foursome and the beverage cart girl (niece Betsy).
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