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More snorkeling and hiking
02/11/2008, Wardrick Wells ...Exuma Park Heaquarters

Feb. 10... Warderick Wells

In the morning I went snorkeling again (I love it) with the crew to the north of park headquarters. The current was tough at the first spot and although we again saw a lobster and some nice grouper, we didn't stay long. Back at the dinghies, we layed around in the water for an hour or so just talking. At the next spot... there were a few fish but hundreds of conch. The highlight was seeing a shark...nurse sharks are reasonably common and only get up to about 4 feet. This was something else... at about 5 or 6 feet it was spooky.

In the afternoon we all went on a hike to the far side of the island and then north to Boo Boo Hill which is the highest place on the Cay. At the top cruisers leave all types of biodegradable things with their boat name attached. We also checked out the blow holes, but they were not blowing when we were there. The holes go down into the rock and waves come up under them. In the right conditions, air shoots right up and can blow your hat off. One hiker told us she had lost her visor there that morning. They also make sounds which have led to stories about the place being haunted. It was a little easier hike ... not quite so much scary sharp limestone.

Later as the wind began to pick up we went to shore and met some of the boaters in our anchorage for snacks.

02/12/2008 | Jeff and Janie
For a couple of old powerboaters you guys are doing a respectable sailor imitation. :-)

We'll be in FL for the Miami Show and then some R&R in the Keys with Pat and Craig for about a week beginning Wednesday. We'll catch up when we return. Enjoy the islands.
More untouchable lobster
02/11/2008, Wardrick Wells ...Exuma Park heaquarters

February 9 Warderick Wells and more lobsters

Another beautiful day... We worked on the boat for a while and then I snorkeled on some nearby coral heads with Steve, Sandra, Beth and Jim. (Kathy doesn't have any equipment) At the first spot we saw two nice lobsters and a few big Nassau Groupers. There was also a sea turtle resting among the coral. At the next area, two more lobsters and lots of fish. Although everything is protected we are getting much better at spotting lobsters under and in the rock, holes and coral. Generally all you see at first is part of their antenna. Then by changing angles you can usually get a glimpse of them hiding.

We were going to go for a walk but ended up reading on the boat in the shade. There was a potluck at the park headquarters at 5:30 so we dinghied over...(it's about a mile away).

As always we met some great new people and ran into some folks that we had crossed paths with on our trip south. There were probably about 20 boats represented so it was a good crowd.

Back at the boat we listened to the Spartans... and hope that they can break the trend and win a couple of road games.

02/14/2008 | Larry and Carol picked the perfect year to take off. We have had ENOUGH snow and ice for one season! A belated happy birthday, Kathy. We had one for you!
Hiking in Warderick Wells
02/11/2008, Wardrick Wells ...Exuma Park Heaquarters

February 8 Warderick Wells

We started the day, as usual, with a little boat work. At around 11, we and "Madcap" got a call from "Princess" asking if we were up for a hike and a picnic and of course we said yes. We all dinghied down to Turtle Beach for a short hike to "The Pirate's Lair" and Capture Beach. The story is that pirates used to hang out there because the anchorage is well hidden from the surrounding waters by some high cays on the south side of Warderick Wells. The lair is surrounded by cabbage palms and there is a type of grass that grows here and nowhere else in the Exumas. The theory is that the pirates carried the seeds to shore in their blankets and clothing, and thereby the grass was inadvertently planted here. On the beach there was a picnic table where we had our little picnic and there was a hammock there in case one needed a nap after lunch. We were greeted by several lizards and a mocking bird who thought we might feed them I guess, but that is prohibited in the park.

From there we walked on sharp limestone along the edge of the island. I found this difficult to walk on and began to feel strange. I had to stop several times for rest and water. It was very hot (it has been around 90 every day-I know all you Michiganders feel sorry for us) and there was no breeze to speak of. We finally found a place to get in the water and cool off and I felt much better after that. We think it could have been heat stroke, or at least a heat-related affliction. We walked back across the island beside a wall that we believe was built to keep livestock out of the plantings, though how anyone ever grew much on this rocky ground is hard to believe. We got to Beryl's Beach where the girls waited and the boys took another challenging trail back to the dinghies.

We got back to the boat and headed for the office to buy more internet time and ice. We had plans to hike to Boo Boo Hill that evening to watch the sun set, but when it was time to go we all decided we had had enough hiking for the day. We spent a quiet, restful evening on the boat.

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