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Stll at Black Point
02/22/2008, Black Point Settlement

Feb 17

We were going to leave today but never got around to it. After listening to the SSB we went to shore to phone Kathy's mom who has just returned home after her hip injury. At the pier there is a building, the front half of which is open on three sides with half walls. It looks like some type of concessions should be sold here but the inside is empty except for a bench on inside of all three walls.

Gathered here were a group of young men who were debating politics with some gusto as we walked by...
While Kathy was on the phone I really tried to eavesdrop on their discussion...there is somewhat of a language barrier although I am beginning to do a better job of following the drift of native conversations. When speaking directly there is no problem, but when they are talking among themselves, the English language is stretched a little. One poor fool was arguing the republican line...he was outnumbered to say the least.

Back at the boat Kathy made breakfast and then we hiked to the other side of the island with Jim and Beth. There were no treasures to be found, but there was lots of trash on the eastern beaches...again mostly plastic.

Before we returned to our boats we bid the Madcap sailors a fond farewell with promises to track each other down again. Jim and Beth have been a great couple to travel with but the need to stay here in the Staniel Cay area to entertain family and friends for the next few weeks while we need to continue south to connect with Sam and Erin.... we have enjoyed their wit, charm and sense of adventure ( read sparkle in her eye) for the last few weeks and will miss them dearly.

Instead of heading to Little Farmers Cay, we spent most of the afternoon reading with a quick run into Lorraine's for a bag of ice and a final check of our email. Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will move south.

Black Point
02/22/2008, Black Point Settlement

Feb 16...

We were back at the Laundromat reasonably early and finished three more loads by about 10:30. Later in the morning we returned to shore to make reservations for dinner at Lorraine's, which was about two houses down from the Rockside Laundry. Along with Jim and Beth, we placed our orders for Bar-B-Q Ribs and checked out her internet lounge.

We wandered down to the store to purchase some limes, and ended up buying some frozen fish that we found in the freezer that were locally caught. The bag we picked had one trigger fish and three grunts.

It was much too much fish for one meal, so back on board we partially thawed the bag to divide things up, leaving the trigger fish for tomorrow's dinner.

We were all back at Lorraine's at about 5:30... Dinner was a 6:30 but we wanted to take advantage of her computer room for a while.

Besides the four of us, there were five others for dinner. At 6:30 Lorraine served conch fritters... hot out of the fryer. The next course consisted of ribs ... that were well done with a mild sauce, peas and rice, slaw, and Bahamian macaroni and cheese. Desert was warm lemon cake.

I also need to add that at Lorraine's there is a small bar and a cooler filled with beer, wine, juice, water and soda. Lorraine is often away, so the place runs completely on the honor system. If you want to mix a drink, or have a soda you grab one and leave the money on the counter. Donations for computer use or internet access are also accepted.

The people here are friendly, polite, and outgoing....

Great Guana Cay
02/17/2008, Black Point Settlement

Feb. 15..

This morning I helped Jim and Beth for a while troubleshooting a charging problem and then we spliced a junction into their new SSB antenna. Having finished a little "work" Kathy and I decided to head south to the Black Point Settlement about 10 miles south to do some laundry. There isn't much in Black Point, but their laundromat is nice and it is a quaint, very Bahamian town. We again had a nice sail in 12 knots racing a big catamaran and a big Hunter. We actually went into the wind better than both and held our own for the morning. We needed hot water and motored the last 3 miles... forfeiting the race, but had a great time tacking with them.

After anchoring, we loaded up some dirty clothes and some garbage and took off for the laundry. Garbage gets to be a problem in some places. In the Exuma Park you must pack it in and take it out. Some places charge you to take your trash, but Black Point has trash bins you can use for free. We had to wait about 45 minutes for the owner to get back for her mid day shower to sell us some tokens, but once started, we made good time and at least have some clean clothes to wear back to the Laundromat tomorrow for the real deal.

While things were in the dryer, we wandered down to the store which was similar to the one we were in yesterday. We'll probably go back tomorrow to pick up a few things like crackers and a few more vegetables. We are also planning to go out to eat at Lorraine's tomorrow... you make reservations and place your order via VHF in the morning.

We have one more stop before heading out in the Sound for our sail down to Great Exuma.

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