Sapphire...One day at a time.

22 May 2011 | Deep Creek, VA
22 May 2011 | On the way to the Great Dismal Swamp
22 May 2011 | Leaving Oriental, NC
22 May 2011 | Charleston, SC to Beaufort, NC
08 May 2011 | Charleston, SC
08 May 2011 | Charleston, SC
08 May 2011 | End of the Bahamas
08 May 2011 | Abacos, Bahamas
16 April 2011 | Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Bahamas
07 April 2011 | Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Bahamas
15 March 2011 | Black Point, Great Guana Cay
05 March 2011 | George Town, Great Exuma & Thompson Bay
11 February 2011 | George Town, Great Exuma
01 February 2011 | Jumento's
01 February 2011 | Raccoon Cay
01 February 2011 | Jumento's
31 December 2010 | Thompson Bay, Long Island
31 December 2010 | Thompson Bay, Long Island
29 December 2010 | Thompson Bay, Long Island
16 December 2010 | Pipe Creek to Black Point

Stll at Black Point

22 February 2008 | Black Point Settlement
Feb 17

We were going to leave today but never got around to it. After listening to the SSB we went to shore to phone Kathy's mom who has just returned home after her hip injury. At the pier there is a building, the front half of which is open on three sides with half walls. It looks like some type of concessions should be sold here but the inside is empty except for a bench on inside of all three walls.

Gathered here were a group of young men who were debating politics with some gusto as we walked by...
While Kathy was on the phone I really tried to eavesdrop on their discussion...there is somewhat of a language barrier although I am beginning to do a better job of following the drift of native conversations. When speaking directly there is no problem, but when they are talking among themselves, the English language is stretched a little. One poor fool was arguing the republican line...he was outnumbered to say the least.

Back at the boat Kathy made breakfast and then we hiked to the other side of the island with Jim and Beth. There were no treasures to be found, but there was lots of trash on the eastern beaches...again mostly plastic.

Before we returned to our boats we bid the Madcap sailors a fond farewell with promises to track each other down again. Jim and Beth have been a great couple to travel with but the need to stay here in the Staniel Cay area to entertain family and friends for the next few weeks while we need to continue south to connect with Sam and Erin.... we have enjoyed their wit, charm and sense of adventure ( read sparkle in her eye) for the last few weeks and will miss them dearly.

Instead of heading to Little Farmers Cay, we spent most of the afternoon reading with a quick run into Lorraine's for a bag of ice and a final check of our email. Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will move south.

Vessel Name: Sapphire
Vessel Make/Model: Bayfield 40
Hailing Port: White Lake, Michigan
Crew: Mike and Kathy Steere
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A bunch for lunch at the boat show
The Dilts house from the beach
Boats for sail, er sale.
Deltaville Marina
Lots of boats in the boat yard
The building
The pool area with the building in the background
Making the teak beautiful
Boat for sale
The marina and boat yard offices are in the same building.
Carol and Jimmy sharing a laugh.
Dinner in the clubhouse.
Cooking dinner
Nice . . . putt!
The foursome and the beverage cart girl (niece Betsy).
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