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Sapphire Sailing Adventures
Heaven and Hell on the Same Day
01 May 2012 | Drive-in Volcano, Soufriere St Lucia
But first Hell. We hired Delaney, a cab driver to take us up to the “Volcano” which our cruising guide describes as a scene from Hell. The 12 square kilometer area around Soufriere is the collapsed caldera of an old volcano. The area pictured above is the remnant of a still active volcano where boiling water and super heated steam rise out of the ground. The area is multicolored with sulfur and other minerals. The volcano last erupted about 250 years ago and is closely monitored for activity today. Apparently, several years ago one of the previous guides had been sucked into the quicksand formed by the boiling water when taking a group through the volcanic area. He survived, but was hospitalized for months with burns all over his body. Groups are no longer allowed inside the Hell area.
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