Sapphire Sailing Adventures

Vessel Name: Sapphire
Vessel Make/Model: Bristol 41
Hailing Port: Rochester, NY
Crew: Moby & Caroline Burton
12 June 2015 | Jen, Pierre and their dog Jasmine doing the Great Loop by canoe!
11 June 2015 | Caroline pushing off the walls of Lock 17 with an 8 foot 2x3
10 June 2015 | Mast de-stepped and ready to go
09 June 2015 | Hoponos, Catskill Creek, Phil and Moby putting mast supports in place
07 June 2015 | Heading up the Hudson
06 June 2015 | NYC Central Park
06 June 2015 | The Freedom Tower, NYC, built on the site of the twin towers
05 June 2015 | Meeting up with Nick in NYC
04 June 2015 | Moby tightening the leech line on our staysail en route from Cape May to Sandy Hook, NJ
03 June 2015 | Leaving C&D Canal in the fog
02 June 2015 | Jenna and her Dad en route up Delaware Bay
01 June 2015 | Jenna, sailing through the C&D Canal
01 June 2015 | Corn Hole Court
01 June 2015 | side deck of the pool
01 June 2015 | Nick giving Tyler a trim next to Bubba's backyard pool
01 June 2015 | Nick, Bubba, Missy, Caroline, Moby and Tyler in a family selfie
25 May 2015 | Aunt Eleanor & my cousin Dave, sailing out of Gibson Island
22 May 2015 | Kim and Hank, Island Creek
21 May 2015 | Chesapeake Bay frostbite sailing
20 May 2015 | Reedville, off Great Wicomico River
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Heaven and Hell on the Same Day

01 May 2012 | Drive-in Volcano, Soufriere St Lucia
But first Hell. We hired Delaney, a cab driver to take us up to the “Volcano” which our cruising guide describes as a scene from Hell. The 12 square kilometer area around Soufriere is the collapsed caldera of an old volcano. The area pictured above is the remnant of a still active volcano where boiling water and super heated steam rise out of the ground. The area is multicolored with sulfur and other minerals. The volcano last erupted about 250 years ago and is closely monitored for activity today. Apparently, several years ago one of the previous guides had been sucked into the quicksand formed by the boiling water when taking a group through the volcanic area. He survived, but was hospitalized for months with burns all over his body. Groups are no longer allowed inside the Hell area.
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