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Witch's Over the Boom Cruise
Day 17
07/21/2013, EYC

Today is the last day of our cruise. We were expecting some bad weather so we wanted to leave Potter Cover early. We had breakfast and started to prepare the boat for departure. Troy was able to spend some time out on deck before we were to leave. He doesn't know he will be going home tomorrow and will again be house bound, but maybe he is ready to go home.

As we prepared to leave, we saw Nixie heading out of the cove and Ruffian was preparing to drop the mooring. We hoisted the dingy and headed out right behind them. It was a very hazy hot morning. The ride to Edgewood Yacht Club, our homeport was an easy one and only took about a little over an hour.

Once docked it was time to start cleaning the boat, top to bottom. I took the air-conditioned inside work, while George cleaned the outside and it was very hot. I did go out and help him once and awhile and he came into cool off from time to time. While we were all working, Daria came up with an idea to have a final dinner at the Capital Grille in Cranston. I took George there for his birthday and it is a beautiful restaurant and the food was fantastic. We made reservations for 6:30, which gave us plenty of time to finish our chores. We kept watching the weather, actually hoping for a storm to cool things down. All we got was thunder and lightening and maybe 15 minutes of light rain. It was kind of a let down.

Troy stayed inside and kept cool all afternoon. He has been the best boat cat we could ask for. He never once got sick on the 17-day cruise, even when it was rough. You might think he grew up on a boat, but actually never set foot on one until we adopted him when he was 5 years old. I think he just likes being with us no matter what we do; you might say it was love at first site for Troy and us.

We all cleaned up nicely, looking like three well dressed couples (lucky to still have clean clothes after 17 days) and headed to the Capital Grille. We had a drink at the beautiful bar and a wonderful meal in the elegant dinning room. Linda heard music playing out on the patio and she and Jeff went out to dance for a while. On the way home we finally received the rain we were hoping for this afternoon. It had come down so hard the streets were flooded.

George was exhausted and crashed as soon as we returned to the boat. I stayed up and watched the first episode of season 3 of Downton Abbey (Mathew and Mary finally got married). Only did 6500 steps today. I have to pick up the pace.

We will pack up the truck and head back to Millbury tomorrow. We have Anthony's 21st birthday to go to at Jillian's Pub. I hope you enjoyed the blog and I do appreciate you reading it.

Witch's Over the Boom
Day 16
07/20/2013, Cuttyhunk to Potter Cove

We were meeting a few of our friends this morning for a walk up to the Cuttyhunk Fishing Club for breakfast at 8:00. Years ago it was a men's fishing club, now it is a restaurant and bed and breakfast. The walk up was nice and the breakfast was great as usual. You cannot go to Cuttyhunk and not go to breakfast at the fishing club. While we ate, we discussed the up coming weather. Today will be 2 to 3 foot swells, but tomorrow they are expecting 3 to 5 foot swells. We had already decided to leave today for Potter Cover, as we did not have a reservation for tonight and the dock master advised that they were full for tonight. Ruffian and Nixie decided to leave a day early and beat the possible bad weather on Saturday.

We left around 10:00 after shopping in one of the only shops on the island. It may be the only one, but it is a nice one.

I stowed Troy in his usual place for the ride, but as soon as we got out into Rhode Island Sound we realized how bad it was. The wind was blowing strong and we were bouncing around like crazy. Troy was not a happy boater today. He could not sleep so he spent the next two hours sitting in my lap on the floor while I held onto him and braced myself so I would not slide around. He did not want to sit on the seat next to me so I had to join him on the floor. He kept trying to head to the stairs. I guess he thought it might be better down below, but I knew it would not be and it was too dangerous for me to take him below. The water was splashing up into the fly bridge so we had to roll down some of the windows. George did his best to keep us headed into the wind so we were not tossed side to side, but heading into the waves.

I was never so happy to see the mouth of the Sakonnet River. Once a little ways up the river, it became calm and only then did Troy head for the comfort of his beach towel and quickly fell asleep. When we exited the river and headed under the Mount Hope Bridge it was very windy. We clocked it at 30 knots. It was not, however as choppy as it was earlier in the trip. We arrived in Potter Cove at 2:40 and had to kick a sailboat off our mooring. There were apologetic, thanked us for letting them use it and dropped the mooring quickly.

We spent the next few hours baling out the dinghy, as it was full of water and George washed the lines that were filthy from being around the poles in Cuttyhunk. Troy climbed into bed and slept like a baby. He was very tired and glad we are not moving anymore and has little desire to go out on deck. I could not even get him to come out when there was a flock of seagulls at the back of the boat.

I received e-mail from Django. They are enjoying their trip to Maine. They have stayed at Manchester by the Sea, the Isle of Shoals, Falmouth, Great Chebeaque Island, and 5 Island in Sheepscot and are now heading to Boothbay. Wish we were with them.

Ruffian beat us to Potter Cover, but Linda did not enjoy the trip. She said she was mad at Jeff, George and Dan for deciding to leave Cuttyhunk and not stay until the seas were calmer. It was a long day for the sailing vessel Nixie. They did not arrive here until around 6:00.

We had a light supper and George was exhausted from the long day at the helm. I watched more episodes of Downton Abbey (I have now completed seasons 1 and 2 while on the cruise, only one more season to go). I only logged around 6500 steps today.

Witch's Over the Boom
07/21/2013 | Joan McMackin
Hi Cathy and George and Troy
I read the whole blog and thoroughly enjoyed
it. It sounds like you are having a wonderful
time. Tell me, does Troy ever get sick on the
boat. My cat Peggy Sue gets sick the first day
we leave in the bus but seems to adjust after
that. Continue to have a great vacation. Love Joanie and Bill
Day 15
07/20/2013, Red Brook to Cuttyhunk

We woke early and began to prepare for our journey to Cuttyhunk. We stowed the kayak and other things left out from two lay days in Red Brook Harbor. We dropped the mooring around 9:00 and headed into the docks to fill the water tanks and pump out. Nixie was on the dock having some work done on their sailboat.

Troy took his usual travel position, under his beach towel under my seat on the fly bridge. He never moved from there the entire trip. It was a fairly calm trip and we arrived in just 3 hours. We had decided to stay at a slip instead of picking up a mooring. It was so hot; I wanted to be in an air-conditioned boat for a while. We are also hosting the final cocktail party and our guests would be more comfortable on the docks in a cool boat.

Well, docking the boat at Cuttyhunk was quite the new experience. It is not a floating dock that rises and lowers with the tides, but a fixed dock that you have to tie up to six poles. We had no issue backing in between the poles, but tying up was a challenge. I think I was a cowgirl in another life because I was able to stand on the railing and throw lines over the poles and hit each one on the first throw. It took awhile to get situated so we could drop the dinghy, which was hoisted up at the back of the boat. The back of the boat was the only way to get on and off the boat. Once we got the dinghy off and tied to the side of the boat we were able to adjust the lines so we were evenly between all six poles and could climb the latter at the back of the boat and get onto the docks. Good thing no one was watching, because the whole ordeal was quite amusing. We then watched other people come after us and attempt the same thing, did they did it with no better finesse than us.

I cleaned up and walked up to the small grocery store on the island to pick up a few things for the party. The island only has 20 permanent residences year round and 150 during the summer months. I got what I needed and headed back to Wildflower. We also ordered cooked lobsters from one of the lobsterman on the docks. They will be ready for us at 6:00.

After showering, I found my lost pedometer in my bathrobe pocket. I was glad it showed up, now I can give George back his.

Peter and Wanda from Cetacean, Linda and Jeff from Ruffian and Daria and Dan from Nixie all came over and we had a nice time talking about the trip and how great it was. We talked about what to do next year and that maybe two weeks will not be enough time.

We devoured our delicious lobsters and went for a walk around the island (need to get in those steps). The sunset was beautiful and the ice cream cone was a nice ending to a good day. Troy was enjoying the air-conditioning and had no desire to go out on the deck. He just climbed up on the Nav station and spent the rest of the night there.

George and Troy went to bed early so I watched a few more episodes of Downton Abbey. It was a comfortable night. I logged 12,000 steps today.

Witch's Over the Boom
Day 14
07/20/2013, Red Brook Harbor

Today is our second lay day in Red Brook Harbor and we have a lazy day planned. That means we have no plans. We slept later than normal. Troy did not even wake us up for his usual early morning walk on the deck.

It started out pretty hot. George went for a kayak ride while Troy and I relaxed on the boat. After breakfast we did some boat chores. The side door on the boat has no screen and the flies here can be brutal. Because it is so hot we want to be able to leave the door open to let in the breeze. We had picked up some screen panels in Provincetown and worked on getting them to fit on this odd size door. I think we accomplished this task, I just hope it stays in place. There was a fly in here this morning that was having breakfast on my legs as I was making breakfast.

We decided to head into shore. Before we left I made sure that Troy was comfortable and in the coolest spot on the boat. He usually likes to sleep under a blanket, but because it is so hot, I threw a sheet over him right under the open hatch. I left him plenty of cool water.

There are a few shops in the marina, so we hit both of them. We then headed into the Chart Room for a cool beverage and a light lunch. Dan and Daria joined us for a while, but they were headed to do some provisioning.

We went back to the boat to change and head to the beach. Troy never woke up while we were changing. The breeze has picked up and it has become quite comfortable. We walked the beach, swam and hung out for the rest of the afternoon. When we left the beach we did a tour of the island and harbor in the dinghy. The wind was really picking up and it felt great. It was cooler in the afternoon than it was first thing this morning.

George made margaritas and we had a leisurely dinner on the boat. I colored another picture and we watched the rest of the movie we started the night before.

Tomorrow we leave for Cuttyhunk Island. Cuttyhunk is the westernmost of the Elizabeth Islands. It should only take us a few hours to get there.

Well, only 6,000 steps today. I will have to make up for it tomorrow.

Witch's Over the Boom
Day 13
07/18/2013, Kingman Yacht Center - Red Brook Harbor

We woke up at the crack of dawn to get ready to go biking. We had to get the bikes in the dinghy, get them to shore and set them up. We both have folding marine bikes that fit in bike bags. Jeff and Linda joined us around 6:30 and we headed to the Falmouth bike path. It was only two miles away and once on the bike path it was very flat, no hills at all and it was mostly shaded. The bike path is 10.5 miles long and ends in Woods Hole at the Steamship Authority where the ferries bring people to Martha's Vineyard. When we reached the end we stopped at a bakery called Pie in the Sky. After a much needed break we headed back. I kept looking at the mile markers and counting off how close we were to the end. We made it back to the marina around 10:30 and it was already 90 plus degrees. I did not expect to ride 25 miles on this hot day, but starting out early when it was cooler was the way to go.

My brother Mike had planned on coming to see us today, as lives fairly close by. We met Mike and Betsy for lunch at the Chart Room, and then brought them out to the boat in the dingy. Troy quickly warmed up to Betsy and now has a new friend. When they left to go pick up their kids at camp, we put on our bathing suits and headed across the bay to the beach to meet up with Daria and Dan.

The beach is on an island called Bassetts Island and it shelters Red Brook Harbor from Buzzards Bay. It was about 10 degrees cooler on the beach and there was a breeze that made it feels even cooler. When we jumped in the water we were surprised at how warm it was. It was like bath water but if you ventured out a little further it did get much cooler.

It was very hot once we returned to Wildflower from the beach. The heat made all three of us quite lazy. I noticed that I no longer had my pedometer. I searched the boat top to bottom and it was nowhere in site so we headed into find out if I lost it at the Chart Room. No luck finding it there either. George was using my spare, so he gave it back so I could continue to log my steps. Good thing I ordered a few more before I left on vacation.

We had dinner on the boat and watched a video that Edie lent me called The Bletchley Circle, a PBS series. It was very good, but we could not finish it as we were both wiped out from a long hot day.

I did get in around 10,000 steps today.

Witch's Over the Boom
07/18/2013 | Chris
Did you know that light biking is the equivalent of 142 steps per minute for women and 145 for men? I got that from the website (I log my steps there).
07/19/2013 | Clint
I have decided that because of all of this biking, walking, and hot weather you need to increase your endulgences.

We do not want you to waste away to nothing before you make it back to work.

Enjoy the rest of the trip!
Day 12
07/18/2013, Scituate to Red Brook Harbor

Wow is it hot, and t is expected to get even hotter as the week goes on. We are leaving Scituate today, heading for the Kingman Yacht Center, located between Falmouth and the Cape Cod Canal. We went into town early to try and get some walking in, but it was so hot we headed back to the boat. With a little sea breeze it was much nicer out on the water. Around 11:00 we dropped the mooring and headed into the harbor to fuel up. Troy was flirting with the pretty young girl working the fuel pumps. Once that was done, we docked at the yacht club to top off the water tanks. We ran into Melissa at the docks and she said Brad is doing better, is headed to a chiropractor and they hope to meet us in Cutty Hunk.

The seas were very calm and there was no wind (sorry sail boaters), but we enjoyed it. Troy was wrapped up in his beach towel and was content to sleep the whole trip. I kept putting pillows on the seat above him to keep him in the shade as much as possible. On the way to the canal, Melissa and her sister Nina went flying by us in Sea Quester, heading back to Padanaram. We caught up with Ruffian and also passed Cetacean along the way.

The trip through the canal was nice. We hit the changing of the tide and the ride through was easy. We meandered our way into Red Brook Harbor to the Kingman Yacht Center. Red Brook Harbor is located between Falmouth and the Canal. We are moored next to Nixie and Ruffian is at the docks.

We had dinner on board Wildflower and tried out best to keep cool. There is a restaurant at the marina called the Chart Room. It is quite popular, so we headed in for a mudslide (their specialty). The place was absolutely packed, so we bought two and headed to the Ruffian for a visit. The sunset tonight was spectacular from the fly bridge of Ruffian. When getting our mudslides at the Chart House, we saw people from the Portsmouth Yacht Club that we met on our trip to Maine a few years ago.

We headed back to Wildflower as we are getting up very early for a bike ride with Jeff and Linda. Troy was a sleep on the Nav station, I swear, that cat can sleep anywhere. The problem with him sleeping on the Nav station is that he sometimes accidentally turns on the windshield wipers with his paws. He has done it a few times this trip and it always scares me when I hear the wipers going on a canvas window cover. It always takes me a minute to realize what that strange noise is.

Only 9,000 steps today, a little better than yesterday, but still not very good.

Witch's Over the Boom

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