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Rockport to Block Island

We spent Tuesday exploring Rockport. What a nice New England harbor town with so much history (and shopping). I did feel bad, we are docked next to Motif No. 1, one of the most popular historical buildings in town that people love to photograph and we are docked in front of it blocking most of the building. George was thinking of charging people to move the boat so they can take their pictures. That morning Troy did jump off the boat onto the stone wall at high tide but was quickly caught by George and he got back on. He was going after some seagulls.

The Sandy Bay Yacht Club is very old, established in the mid 1800's and has a really nice clubhouse. Plus you can't beat the price, $1 a foot to stay for a night.

Wednesday we left Rockport and headed to Provincetown. It started out a little choppy but ended up being a nice ride. When we were approaching Race Point we encountered a pod of whales. There were a few whale watching boats there also and we all got a great view. They were slapping their fins, which may serve as a communication signal to other whales. After leaving that area and heading to Provincetown, we spotted more whales spouting near shore. It was quite a show.

We hung out on the boat the rest of the day with Troy. There was a cat on the boat next to us, a big black cat that would walk around the deck. I don't think the cats ever noticed each other.

We headed into town on Thursday morning to walk around and explore. We had lunch at the Lobster Pot, one of the most popular restaurants in town. The town was really crowded and it was so hot that we headed back to the boat where there was a nice breeze and relaxed while watching all the boats coming and going.

Friday after another morning walk we headed over to Long Point in the dinghy. We walked the beach for a while; we then got back in the dinghy to ride around. We spotted some seals and headed over to them. There turned out to be about 25 of them swimming in a tight group. It was amazing to watch them. They will turn and look at you when you call out to them. George told me to stop because they were coming to close to the dinghy and he was afraid one of them would jump in and sink us.

Saturday we headed to the P-Town farmers market to get provisions. There is a bakery that sets up there that sells the best bread and homemade potato chips that are so good. We spent the afternoon back on the boat. Being the weekend the boats were coming in one after another and the mooring field and docks were filling up. We were doing some boat maintenance down below in the engine room and Troy could not resist and jumped down the hole, but he could not get back out because he does not know how to climb a ladder, so he perched himself on the generator and waited for me to help him out.

Sunday we dropped the mooring early and headed to the Cape Cod Canal. We stopped at the Sandwich Marina to get water, fuel and pump out. The ride through the canal was nice. Many boats were being sited for going to fast, but we were taking our time. Once out in Buzzards Bay, it became very windy and choppy. The ride to Cuttyhunk was uncomfortable and long. I was so happy to pick up a mooring and just relax. We were there only a short time when I heard someone call out to us. There was an older gentleman hanging onto the side of our boat in his dinghy. He said he thought he was out of gas, had no paddle and needed our assistance. We lent him the gas tank from our dinghy. It turned out to be a filter issue and they returned our tank a few hours later with a nice bottle of wine.

Monday we left Cuttyhunk at 6:30 am and headed to Block Island. It was a choppy ride and we made it in 4 ½ hours. We had no problem picking up a town mooring. Edie and Peter are here and we met them for lunch at the Oar. We then walked into town, but it was so hot that could not wait to get back to the boat and cool off. In the evening we went to the Spring House for pizza and martinis with Edie and Peter. The pizza, the view and the company were great.

We will be staying here a few days then heading back to EYC. Three months on the boat has gone by fast and was all that I had hoped it would be. But I am looking forward to living in my house again instead of this small boat, which is the size of one of my rooms.

2015 Maine Cruise
Monhegan Island to Rockport MA

Saturday we took the ferry over to Monhegan Island, which is located 9 miles from the mainland. The island is a mile and a half long and a half a mile wide. We had lunch at the Island Inn and then hiked to the other side. The hiking trails are numerous, but narrow. The island reminded me of Cuttyhunk, but more populated, at least in the summer months. Only 30 people live there year round. The islands history is well preserved at the museum at the lighthouse, we really enjoyed it.

Sunday morning we dropped the mooring in Port Clyde and headed to Christmas Cove. The Coveside Marina where we were staying had a restaurant and a live band. Quite a few boats came by trying to dock and join the party. Troy sat on the stairs and watched the parade of boats and was a real chick magnet. They all thought he was so beautiful. George was enjoying all the female attention.

Monday morning we headed to Dolphin Marina, in Potts Cove in Harpswell. It sounded so good in the cruising guide, but when we got there it was not what we expected. There was so much boat traffic and there is no such thing in Maine as a "no wake zone" so we were being slammed up against the docks by waves. George could not take it so he called Brewers in Freeport and we left and headed there instead. We do enjoy Freeport. While there I got 4 loads of laundry done, shopping (found a coat for my trip to Great Britain this fall) and picked up provisions at the grocery store. We also thought we had an issue with our holding tank and they sent over a service guy to take a look and it turned out to be just a problem with the gauge. We met some nice people on the docks and they were all taken with Troy. Some were even taking his picture. He just sits on the back of the boat and takes it all in stride.

After 2 great days in Freeport, we headed south to Portland. We stayed at the Centerboard Yacht Club, right across the bay from the city. We took the launch over to Portland and had lunch at a restaurant called Duck Fat. It was fabulous. We both got milk shakes, their famous fries and Panini's. No wonder there was a 30-minute wait at 3:00 in the afternoon, the food was so good. The next day we took the bus to the mall for a quick shopping trip, then spent a lazy afternoon with Troy on the boat. Then we went back into town for a light dinner at a place called Eventides and walked around town and listened to a concert on the water. Portland is a very nice city with a lot to offer.

On Friday we decided that we would head all the way down to Portsmouth, a 50-mile trek. We waited until almost noon to leave, waiting for the fog to lift. When it looked clear we headed out of the Portland Harbor, and as soon as we turned and headed south, we were back into the fog. We used the radar and GPS to find our way and when we were just south of Kennebunkport, it started to pour, and that finally got rid of the fog and visibility was greatly improved. The rest of the ride was not bad and it took us 5 hours to get to Portsmouth. We were both exhausted when we arrived, although Troy was not as he slept the whole way.

While in Portsmouth, Jack and Denise picked us up at the yacht club and brought us into town. Denise and I shopped while Jack and George hit a brewpub. After a great afternoon we finished with dinner at a place called Mombo's over at Strawberry Banks. Portsmouth is such a nice city. The next day George and I borrowed Jack's car and headed up to Rockland to get Georges truck and brought it to Exeter. Now when we get home we will not have to go so far to retrieve the truck. It was very nice of them to let us use the car and Denise made us a great meal when we returned. The trip back from Rockland was just awful; the traffic leaving Maine was backed up at every tollbooth for many miles. It took most of the day to get this done.

Monday we headed out of Portsmouth for Rockport. We haven't been to Rockport in such a long time. The dock we are on is not a floating dock so at low tide we have to climb a latter up a wall to get off the boat. At high tide we can walk right off. Troy is so tempted to jump off the boat. He is under house arrest or can only go out with a chaperone. We are docked next to a town landmark called Motif No. 1, a red old fishing cabin that every artist in the area has painted a picture of. Tomorrow we will explore the town and on Wednesday we will head to Provincetown.

2015 Maine Cruise
08/30/2015 | Chris P.
George, you look like you've lost weight this summer. How can that be with 3 meals of lobster every day?
Northeast Harbor to Port Clyde

Sunday we said goodbye to Jack and Denise, they are heading to Rockland and home for a while. We will be heading south before they return so we will not see them again in Maine. Edie and Peter also left for Rockland and are heading home for a few days. We may see them again in Casco Bay when they return and also head back toward Rhode Island.

I made lobster benedict for breakfast with some of the lobster meat I brought home from Frenchboro. I got two thumbs up from George. I didn't bother giving any to Troy, as he does not like lobster. We then hopped on one of the islands free buses and went into Bar Harbor for an ice cream cone and to walk around. It was pretty crowded so we did not stay long. The bus goes through the Acadia National Park so the ride is very scenic. Once back on Wildflower, I made lobster rolls with the remainder of the lobster, I did not want it to go to waste.

Monday was a beautiful day so we headed out of Northeast Harbor and took a cruise up Somes Sound, a fjord that is 4 miles long and 150 feet deep, surrounded by mountains. It is quite beautiful. After leaving the sound, we headed to the Wooden Boat School located on the Eggemoggin Reach. They have guest moorings and they let you walk around the grounds of the school and even watch the students work on boats. There were quite a few wooden sailboats in the harbor and they give sailing lessons during the day and let the students use them in the evening.

A storm was coming on later on Tuesday so we decided to head into Camden. That was not a good choice. They put us on a mooring in the outer harbor and we when the storm hit we were being tossed around like a toy boat. It started mid afternoon and lasted well into the night. It was the worst night we have spent on the boat since we came to Maine. But we made it through the night and the next morning we borrowed the courtesy car and drove up to Searsport to pick up a new anchor that George had ordered from Hamilton Marine. We headed out late morning down to Rockland and stayed on the town docks. We needed a calm day to recover.

While on the dock we pulled out all the chain and tagged it and put on the new anchor. As we worked we had an audience, as our neighbor on the dock was a small cruise ship filled with elderly people. They would all stop by and chat with George and admire Troy as he walked around the deck. Some even took his picture. We wanted to stay on the docks another night but they are having a boat show so they kicked up off and sent us out to the mooring field. Friday morning we did go in and spend a little time at the boat show and I got to tour my favorite boat, a 38-foot Sabre. I love that boat, but it is out of our price range, but it was fun to look at it.

We headed out of Rockland just before noon and went down Muscle Ridge, where after traveling 720 miles we finally hit a lobster buoy. But it was no match for our 4-blade propeller and exploded into a thousand pieces. We then rounded Mosquito Island and Marshall Point to Port Clyde, a wonderful small town. We picked this port because we have tickets on the ferry over to Monhegan Island tomorrow, which goes out of Port Clyde. We walked around town and stopped in a few shops. Linda Bean, the grand daughter of LL Bean owns the General Store and the Ocean Inn, both very nice places. It is very peaceful here and we are glad we made this stop.

2015 Maine Cruise
Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert Island

We woke Wednesday to a beautiful day. All the predictions of bad weather changed so we decided to drop the moorings and head to Northeast Harbor on Mount Desert Island. We have stayed there already this summer, but it is so beautiful we looked forward to going back there again. We arrived around 1:00 and picked up a harbor float. Seaquill will pick up the other side of the float.

We had Denise and Jack over for dinner for skillet lasagna. It came out pretty good. I have to make due without an oven. We had a little rain that evening but woke to a beautiful day. We headed into town to do a little shopping and ran into Edie and Peter who were out riding bikes. During lunch we persuaded them to move their boat from Southwest Harbor and join us over here. We all headed into town that evening for French Wine and Food with a great string quartet. It was very nice.

The next day we all headed over to the Asticou Inn for breakfast. I am getting accustom to having lobster for breakfast, the lobster benedict was amazing. After breakfast we all split up, Edie and Peter were going to climb Cadillac Mountain, Jack and Denise headed back to their boat and George and I headed up to the Thuya Gardens. The gardens were beautiful and the old cottage was a nice treat to tour. After leaving the gardens we decided to take the trail to Jordan Pond, a 3-mile trek through the woods. It was a great hike, but once at the pond we thought it would be best to take the bus home. That is what I love about Acadia National Park; you can pick up a free bus from almost any place.

Friday night was laundry night, not very exciting. Troy is back to jumping off the boat onto the dock. He hasn't made it over to Jacks boat yet, we catch him in time and he comes scurrying back to Wildflower. He loves watching the seagulls and ducks. He is very at home on the boat and the fresh air has increased his appetite, I think he is gaining weight.

Saturday Peter, Edie, George and I headed to Bass Harbor to take the ferry over to Frenchboro on Long Island for their annual lobster bake. They usually have around 400 people attend and the locals on the island put it on. It was great checking out the one room schoolhouse, museum and gift shop and then having the delicious lobster dinner. I've been waiting all summer for it and it came with homemade pie. After dinner we attended a presentation about how all the islands now have the means to participate in teleconference teaching with the other one-room schoolhouses on the other Maine islands. Frenchboro only has 3 students.

At the end of the day, they had the raffle but we did not win anything. Then they surprised us with auctioning off the left over lobster. I came home with 5 cooked lobsters, 3 for me and 2 for Edie. We headed back to the ferry dock and while sitting waiting for the ferry to arrive Edie and I were chatting with an nice guy who turned out to be the captain of a big boat docked next to us called Sunbeam. We told him we were heading to Bass Harbor then by taxi to Northeast Harbor and he then offered us a ride back to Northeast Harbor on his boat. He had a group of donors that he brought over for the lobster bake but had room for us, as he was not full. What a wonderful treat, it was a beautiful boat and going back to our harbor, no need for the taxi.

Once back we all joined Jack and Denise for drinks and talked about our great adventures of the day. Tomorrow Seaquill and Django are heading back toward Rockland to go home for a spell. We will stay here another day and then head over to the Wooden Boat School for a night and then decide where to go from there.

2015 Maine Cruise
08/09/2015 | Mary
What a wonderful summer you are having! So glad you three are having such a great trip.
Burnt Coat Harbor/Blue Hill Harbor

For our final night in Bucks Harbor we hosted a cocktail party on Wildflower. We were up on the fly bridge with Jack and Denise waiting for the others to arrive when a storm blew through the harbor. We had just enough time to get all the stuff down into the cabin when the wind began whipping and a torrential downpour started. It did not last long, but it was fierce. We lost one of our rugs off the back of the boat. Once it was gone the sun came out and Dan, Daria, Peter and Edie made their way over and we had a nice time.

Sunday morning Wildflower, Django and Seaguill all headed to Burnt Coat Harbor, which is on the southwestern shore of Swans, Island. We arrived first and found that there were moorings for rent at the Boat House. The moorings were on the honor system, there was a soda bottle tied to the float and you had to put $25 in the bottle and someone would collect it at some point. There wasn't much to see in town, it is known to be a serious fishing town. We explored the large well-protected harbor that was mostly filled with lobster and fishing boats. It was calm, so Troy spent a lot of time roaming the deck, but kept heading up on the fly bridge to sleep on his beach blanket.

We decided to leave early the next morning and head up Blue Hill Bay to the Kollegewidgwok Yacht Club. Django headed to Southwest Harbor to meet up with friends. It was a beautiful ride once we left Jericho Bay and entered Blue Hill Bay. When we arrived at the yacht club we had no issue getting a mooring, but when Seaquill arrived about an hour after us, they had run out of moorings, but finally came up with one for them to the relief of Denise. This is not the best harbor to anchor in. At high tide the bay looks very large, but at low tide much of the bay is filled with large rocks.

The town is very pretty and is considered the peninsula's cultural center with theater, dance, art and music. Going to shore is a bit tricky as you can only take your dinghy to the town dock only two hours on either side of high tide. If you stay too long your dinghy would be sitting on mud instead of water. There is almost a 12-foot tide swing here.

We had lunch at the Boat House Grill, which was very rustic and had the feel of a Key West bar. The food was good as was the local beer. We did a little shopping, then needed to head back before the tide stranded us here. It was a calm night with a beautiful sunset.

We are not sure if the weather will allow us to leave tomorrow, they are predicting thunderstorms throughout the day. Jack and Denise came over and we looked at the maps to determine where to go next. We decided to go to Northeast Harbor on Mount Desert Island on Thursday, unless the weather changes and we can leave on Wednesday. It is so pretty here I don't mind staying another day and I don't think Troy really cares either way. He sleeps well when we are in port as well as when we are under way.

2015 Maine Cruise
Rockland/Warren Island/Bucks Harbor

Sunday we left Rockport and headed back to Rockland. We decided to go out for dinner at the Samoset Resort to celebrate another great month on the water. The Samoset is absolutely beautiful and the meal at the La Bella Vita restaurant was delicious. I had the lobster ravioli. I am still not sick of eating lobster. I haven't had my steamed lobster dinner yet; I am waiting for the Lobster Fest in Frenchboro. My friend Edie says it's great and the best part is the homemade pie the ladies on the island make for dessert. The fest is the second weekend in August.

It is Wednesday and we are back on the boat after a quick trip home. We hit so much traffic we are so glad to be back on the water instead of the highway. Troy didn't like the ride in the dinghy at all getting back to mooring. He was trying to claw his way out of the cat carrier. He clawed me in the process and even drew blood. Once he was back on the boat he was fine. I think even he was glad to be back, he seemed a little lost in the house. We brought Wildflower into the dock for the night to charge things up and Troy jumped off twice, what a brat. He and George spent the evening out on the deck listening to the live music from the Rockland Lobster Fest.

After provisioning for another month on the water and scrubbing down the boat, we headed out on Thursday on our way to Warren Island to catch up with Seaquill and Django. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a nice time visiting with our friends. On Friday we all left for Bucks Harbor. Gypsea left Mount Desert Island and met us there also. Once in Bucks, George felt the water was warm enough to go in and scrub the slime off the water line of the boat. He was in there for hours. I can't imagine how bad the bottom of the boat is.

We had cocktails on Gypsea and then all walked up to Bucks Restaurant for dinner. Before dinner Dan and Daria awarded the Swan Trophy to Jack and Denise for the sailboat race from Warren to Bucks Harbor. There were only two sailboats, and even though Django arrived first, you have to deduct time for the use of your engine. The Swan Trophy is always given out at the summer cruise and it is the duty of the recipients to improve on the trophy's appearance. We will have to see what improvements Jack and Denise make. They first have to glue the swan's head back on the top as Daria accidentally broke it off.

Saturday was so beautiful we decided to stay for another day here in Bucks Harbor. Django is heading out today to catch a concert at Blue Hill Harbor. We will meet up with them on Mount Desert Island in a few days. Gypsea is heading south toward Casco Bay tomorrow. We are heading north tomorrow or down east as they call it here in Maine and stopping for a night at the Wooden Boat School located on the Eggemoggin Reach.

2015 Maine Cruise

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