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Summer Cruise 2014 (Tri-State Cruise)
Lay Day in Newport
07/20/2014, Newport, RI

Day 22 is a lay day in Newport and our last day away from our homeport. We spent a lazy morning on board and finally took the dingy to the Anne Street Pier, tied it up and went into town. I think Troy could not wait for us to leave so he could have some peace and quite for his long nap.

George and I shopped around on Thames Street and George found a nice lightweight rain jacket for the boat. We went to the Old Port Marine store and stocked up on spare parts. George keeps a list of part and model numbers in his wallet, so when we can he picks them up. On a boat you always need to have a backup for everything.

We met up with Jack and Denise and had chowder at the Moorings restaurant for lunch on the water. After getting back to the boat we received a text from Nixie, the sailboat that had to have their fuel tank replaced in Sag Harbor. They were moored a few boats behind us in Newport. They left Sag on Friday for Montauk, and then did a 40-mile trip to Newport. Good to have them back if only for the end of the cruise. We all headed over to Nixie to welcome them. Once back on Wildflower we watched some of the Open Championship on TV. There were two other boats in the harbor that are members of EYC that stopped by to say hi.

We had dinner with Jack and Denise at Zelda's and all our meals were so good. If you are ever in Newport be sure to eat there. It is a small French restaurant and you always need reservations for dinner. The rest of our group and a few extras headed up to the Vanderbilt Hotel rooftop bar for cocktails.

Tomorrow we head to EYC early to begin the arduous task of cleaning the boat and unpacking three weeks worth of stuff, so it was an early night for us. Troy sat out on the bow until well after sunset, entertaining the people on the back of the boat in front of us. The little girl just loved him. I read for a while, as I have started a new book that I just cannot put down. It is a mystery called No Time for Goodbye

Summer Cruise 2014
Block Island to Newport
07/20/2014, Newport, RI

Day 21 was a travel day from Block Island to Newport. The seas were calm and there was no wind (sorry sail boaters). We got up early to prepare the boat for departure. We hailed the pump out boat one last time, and by 8:00 there were so many new boats coming into the harbor for the weekend, they were like sharks circling waiting for moorings to be dropped. When we were pulling the dinghy up on the back of the boat a large sailboat came up next to us to inquire if we were leaving. I said we would be leaving in about a half hour; he proceeded to circle us until we finally left.

The trip to Newport was nice, Troy sat for a while on one of the seats, pretending to be the first mate. He soon tired of that and went under his beach towel under my seat and quickly fell asleep. We passed Seaquill and Ceili on the way, but when we passed Rufian, they increased their speed and blew by us. When we approached Newport harbor, there were so many boats coming out, the boat traffic was so heavy. There appeared to be a sailboat race about to start.

We hailed Old Port Marine and had no issue getting a mooring for two nights. Ceili is a few moorings away from us, Seaquill is over at Ida Lewis Yacht Club and Rufian is over at Goat Island Marina. There are so many places to stay at Newport Harbor.

We had lunch on board and I called Zelda's, my favorite restaurant in Newport and made reservations for Saturday night. We went into Newport and walked around for a while, it was crowded and every place was busy. We headed back to Wildflower and sat watching all the beautiful boats moving about in the harbor. Our favorite boat to watch was a 170-foot sailboat called Meteor. It had a dark blue hull with all dark wood cabins. It is for sale if anyone is interested, only 25 million Euros.

Troy spent the late afternoon and evening out on the bow of the boat. It has become is favorite place to lay and watch the birds and boats. He and I sat out there and watched the sun set while George took a harbor tour in the dingy. There was a concert going on at the Newport Yachting Center. The band called the Bare Naked Ladies were playing, but all we could hear was the beating of the drums. We all called it a night early, cruising can be very tiresome (but I could get used to this). There were so many things I wanted to get done in the three weeks we were out, but not many of them were accomplished.

Summer Cruise 2014
Last Lay Day on Block Island
07/19/2014, Block Island, RI

Day 20 was a beautiful sunny day. I am so glad we decided to extend our stay on Block Island one more day. Troy has been spending a lot of time out on the bow of the boat. He is getting a lot of attention from passing boats. There are dogs on boats all around us, but they have to be brought to shore to do their business, Troy does not. He is so easy, and just loves being with us on the boat.

George and I hailed the bakery boat once again and bought muffins this time. Then we headed to the beach for a long beach walk. It was low tide so it was pleasant to walk on and the waves were really big, there were even surfers out there.

We returned to the boat for lunch, then George and Jack went fishing over at the channel entrance to the harbor. It was a very relaxing afternoon on the boat for Troy and I. We sat on the back of the boat in the shade, I read while Troy napped under my chair. George returned to the boat with no fish. I was hoping to have fish tacos for dinner but I guess we have to go out.

The group met on the docks and eight of us took a taxi to the Spring House for martini night. We were seated out on the veranda overlooking the ocean. It was a beautiful evening. It was a wonderful ending to a great stay on Block Island. We walked back to the boat, getting a gelato on the way and stopping at the library to return the movies. I did 20,000 steps today on my pedometer. Probably was not a good idea, as my heal is killing me.

Tomorrow we leave Block Island for Newport. We heard from Nixie, the sailboat we left in Sag Harbor with the leaking fuel tank. The old tank has been removed and the new tank will be installed tomorrow. They hope to leave Sag on Friday and head back to EYC.

Summer Cruise 2014
Rainy Day on Block Island
07/18/2014, Block Island, RI

Day 19 was not much to write about. It rained all day. I never got off the boat, but George did. We were running low on water and we have two 7-gallon water jugs, which George took to the docks and filled up a multiple times. He got soaked, but now we will not run out of water. Jeff came over and borrowed them when we were done and filled his water tank as well. You could just hail the water boat, but that is to easy (plus the water is not free like it is on the docks).

We spent the morning reading, then after lunch we watched a few episodes of Doc Martin. We got season two from the library and there were three episodes we had not yet seen. We took naps in between with Troy. He usually sleeps all day so he did not pay much attention to us.

Even though the rain stopped around 5:00, we did not feel like going ashore. We had dinner on Wildflower and watched some episodes of Prime Suspect that we also picked up at the library.

Everything on the boat feels damp. George put the generator on and then the heat to try and dry it out, but it was too hot so we tried the air conditioner for a while, but all the windows were steaming up and it was too cold, so we just gave up. They are predicting a sunny warm day for tomorrow so we all decided that we would stay another day on Block Island. The sailboats don't want to leave because they are predicting no wind, but we just want to stay so we can go to the beach. Plus Thursday night is martini night at the Spring House. Can't miss that.

Summer Cruise 2014
Another Lay Day on Block Island
07/17/2014, Block Island, RI

Day 18 is yet another lay day on Block Island. It has been a bit foggy since we got here, but at least it is not raining. We woke up early, only because Troy blew the horn on the Nav Station at 5:30 am. George has since put a piece of rubber under the button so he cannot do that anymore. We had good intentions of making a cover for the buttons out of teak, but that never happened. I will put it on Georges retirement list of things to do.

It was a lazy morning on the boat. We had the pump out boat stop by and pump out our holding tank. There is also a Bakery boat that comes around the harbor selling coffee and pastries. I waved them down and bought an apple turnover and it was delicious and I did not have to make breakfast this morning. The same boat comes around in the late afternoon selling seafood.

We headed to the library in hopes to be able to get a better Internet connection so I could upload pictures to the blog. Their Internet was no better than George's hot spot on the boat. I have a library card from the Block Island library so we took out some movies to watch tonight and tomorrow, as they are predicting rain all day tomorrow.

We did a little shopping in town and headed to the Spring House for pizza and martinis in the bar. In the past we have eaten out on the veranda overlooking the ocean, but because the weather was threatening, the veranda was closed. The bar was beautiful and the food and drink was very good, worth the walk. We did this last year with Edie and Peter, but that was a beautiful evening and we were able to enjoy the veranda as well as the good company.

We headed back into town and decided to stop at Finn's Seafood and pick up some scallops. They looked great so we bought enough to make a big pot of scallop chowder and invited everyone over for supper. I made some hummus; we had some wine, fresh baked bread from the local store to have with the chowder and cookies for dessert. It was a good impromptu meal and so much fun to sit around with friends over a nice meal and good story telling. Troy came out to join us at the end of the meal. He got much attention from Linda and Jeff, who love cats. Jack is allergic and I had hoped he took some Benadryl before coming over. Of course, Troy made his way to Jack's backpack to play with it. He wanted to make sure Jack took home some of his fur.

It started to look threatening and we could hear thunder in the distance, so everyone made their way back to their boats. We watched a few episodes of Doc Martin. We did have some heavy downpours during the night. Tomorrow will not be a day to do much off the boat.

Summer Cruise 2014
Lay Day on Block Island
07/16/2014, Block Island, RI

Day 17 is a lay day on Block Island. This is one of my very favorite places to be. It has so many boats to watch, beautiful beaches, great biking and many shops and restaurants. It is a very relaxing island. There is a steady steam of ferries bringing people to and from the island. The harbormaster keeps a close eye on all the boaters ensuring everyone maintains a slow speed in the harbor. Just this morning we saw him put on his blue light and stopped a boat and a dingy to make them slow down.

I spent the morning cleaning. I cleaned fridge, the cabinets, the closets and storage bins. I changed sheets, which is hard to do with Troy diving under the blankets. He thinks changing a bed is a game. I stowed all the dirty laundry out of site under the v-birth. The boat looks like new again and now I know what I have left for provisions. Even my fully stocked freezer is somewhat empty now.

We were entertained this morning watching a new batch of boats come in and vie for moorings being dropped. There was one next to Jeff's boat that after trying to pick up the mooring and missing it three times, Jeff got into his dingy and went over and handed the mooring line to the girl on the bow of the sailboat. He also helped them get the dingy line untangled from the prop on their outboard motor. What a good guy and it was fun to watch (as his wife said, it was better than TV). He did this all while still in his pajama's.

We visited on Seaquill for a while and then we all headed for a walk into town. We had lunch at the Mohegan Café and Brewery. After shopping around a little the fog started to roll in and we decided it was time to walk back to the dingy. It is about a half hour walk from town to New Harbor (got in almost 9,000 steps with this walk). We were not back on the boat for 10 minutes when the sky opened up and it poured. But it did not last long and later the sun was back out.

We spent a relaxing evening on the boat with Troy sound asleep under his blanket on the bed. We watched an old British movie called "A Man Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain". I was kind of corny but entertaining.

Summer Cruise 2014

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