Day 7

11 July 2013 | Salem
Today was a travel day. We woke early to some fog, but still quite warm. We headed out of Provincetown Harbor with Django promptly at 7:00. As we rounded Race Point visibility was pretty good, a couple of miles and the seas were calm. When we were just south of the Boston shipping lanes we only had an 8th of a mile visibility. We closely monitored the radar for other boats (only came across two). It was too foggy to see any whales, but we found out after we arrived in Salem that Edie and Peter saw a whale. The fog did start to lift part way across Massachusetts Bay as we approached Salem. A patch of rain was coming at us, we could see it on the radar, I thought we could out run it, as we were headed north and it was heading east. It did catch us and it rained for only a short time. This was the only rain have had on the trip so far.

As we approached Salem Harbor, it was still quite foggy and we could only see the next buoy we were looking for. This was our first time coming into this harbor and using our GPS we had no problem finding Brewers Hawthorne Cove Marina. Salem Harbor is not the most picturesque harbor, as the first thing you see is the power plant and an enormous white building I think is a manufacturing plant.

We are on the docks for three days, so we can run everything on the boat, as much as we want, I am so happy. We are docked right in front of the House of Seven Gables. Will definitely stop by there while we are here.

Troy slept the entire 5-hour trip. He only moved once and that was to borrow himself deeper into his blanket. Once docked, he was very anxious to roam around on the deck. After he checked out his new surroundings, he headed back on the bed, under his blanket and back to sleep. What a life this cat leads.

George and I walked around Salem to check out the town and to see who else in our fleet had arrived. We found Ruffian and Sea Quester over at Pickering Wharf, and Nixie came in while we were there. Django and Cetacean are out in the mooring field at Brewers. We headed back to the boat and hung out with Troy. I did some laundry, as we seem to go through a lot of clothes when it is this hot and sticky. I cooked the scallops we picked up in Provincetown and they were excellent. We had pan-seared scallops on linguine with a tomato cream sauce.

I watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey (which sends George quickly to bed as he thinks it is quite boring). Because we were on the boat so long, I only logged 12,000 steps today. I will have to do more tomorrow. We are heading to the Peabody Essex Museum tomorrow and will visit some of the historic sites.

I am having difficulty down loading pictures to the blog. George was suppose to install a Wi Fi amplifier, but did not get to it before we left. I will keep trying.
Vessel Make/Model: Mainship 34 Trawler
Hailing Port: Edgewood YC - Cranston, RI
Crew: George, Cathy & Troy
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Summer Cruise 2016

Who: George, Cathy & Troy
Port: Edgewood YC - Cranston, RI
PORTS OF CALL: Dutch Harbor, Watch Hill, Mystic Seaport, Stonington and Block Island