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Witch's Over the Boom Cruise
Day 7
07/11/2013, Salem

Today was a travel day. We woke early to some fog, but still quite warm. We headed out of Provincetown Harbor with Django promptly at 7:00. As we rounded Race Point visibility was pretty good, a couple of miles and the seas were calm. When we were just south of the Boston shipping lanes we only had an 8th of a mile visibility. We closely monitored the radar for other boats (only came across two). It was too foggy to see any whales, but we found out after we arrived in Salem that Edie and Peter saw a whale. The fog did start to lift part way across Massachusetts Bay as we approached Salem. A patch of rain was coming at us, we could see it on the radar, I thought we could out run it, as we were headed north and it was heading east. It did catch us and it rained for only a short time. This was the only rain have had on the trip so far.

As we approached Salem Harbor, it was still quite foggy and we could only see the next buoy we were looking for. This was our first time coming into this harbor and using our GPS we had no problem finding Brewers Hawthorne Cove Marina. Salem Harbor is not the most picturesque harbor, as the first thing you see is the power plant and an enormous white building I think is a manufacturing plant.

We are on the docks for three days, so we can run everything on the boat, as much as we want, I am so happy. We are docked right in front of the House of Seven Gables. Will definitely stop by there while we are here.

Troy slept the entire 5-hour trip. He only moved once and that was to borrow himself deeper into his blanket. Once docked, he was very anxious to roam around on the deck. After he checked out his new surroundings, he headed back on the bed, under his blanket and back to sleep. What a life this cat leads.

George and I walked around Salem to check out the town and to see who else in our fleet had arrived. We found Ruffian and Sea Quester over at Pickering Wharf, and Nixie came in while we were there. Django and Cetacean are out in the mooring field at Brewers. We headed back to the boat and hung out with Troy. I did some laundry, as we seem to go through a lot of clothes when it is this hot and sticky. I cooked the scallops we picked up in Provincetown and they were excellent. We had pan-seared scallops on linguine with a tomato cream sauce.

I watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey (which sends George quickly to bed as he thinks it is quite boring). Because we were on the boat so long, I only logged 12,000 steps today. I will have to do more tomorrow. We are heading to the Peabody Essex Museum tomorrow and will visit some of the historic sites.

I am having difficulty down loading pictures to the blog. George was suppose to install a Wi Fi amplifier, but did not get to it before we left. I will keep trying.

Witch's Over the Boom
07/11/2013 | Clint
It appears that you are having a great time on this trip. I would normally say that you should be sure to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, but you already seem to be doing so. I hope that the trip keeps going as well as it has been.
Day 6
07/09/2013, Provincetown

Woke up to an overcast day today, but still quite warm. Troy is spending more and more time out on the deck. He is really enjoying himself and not timid in the least when boats go by Wildflower. He is a true boat cat again.

We said goodbye to the crew of Ursa Major and Scappare this morning, as they are heading back through the canal toward home. Ruffian and Sea Quester left a little later heading to Salem and Cetacean and Nixie headed to Scituate, and will meet us in Salem on Wednesday. It is just Wildflower and Django left here in Provincetown.

We took a morning stroll through town and then met up with Peter and Edie for a bike ride. We headed to Truro in search of another bike path. We made our first stop at the Truro Vineyard. To bad it was morning, a glass of wine would have been nice. We left the vineyard heading to the Head of the Meadow Beach. Our GPS told us we had to take the Old Kings Highway to the Truro Bike path. When we could not find it we asked the beach attendant and he directed us to a 6 foot wide sandy path through the woods, which was in fact the Old Kings Highway. We could ride our bikes on part of it, but had to walk through the sandy parts. We finally found the bike path and it was a disappointment. It was very bumpy, nothing like the bike paths in Provincetown. It was a long ride and I was very glad that the day was overcast, because I would not have been able to ride that long in the hot sun.

After biking 16 miles, we headed to the Lobster Pot for lunch. It's one of the oldest restaurants in town and the food lives up to it's great reputation. After a delicious meal, George and I walked another few miles in search of Mack's Seafood, a recommendation from someone in town as having fresh seafood. We picked up some scallops for dinner tomorrow night and after that we did some provisioning at the market and headed back to the boat.

We spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing on Wildflower with Troy. We went back into town in the early evening for a walk and some ice cream with Edie and Peter.

I put on almost 22,000 steps on my pedometer today, a personal best for me. We are heading out very early tomorrow for Salem. It should take us about 5 hours. We are hoping to see some whales on the way.

Witch's Over the Boom
07/10/2013 | Wendy
I am loving your blog, especially where you're making note of your steps. ;o) It sounds like you're having a marvelous time.
Day 5
07/09/2013, Provincetown

Another beautiful day in paradise, I could do this forever. Troy is now relaxed and enjoying walking the deck licking dew off the boat, chasing bugs and bird watching.

George brought the bikes a shore in the dinghy and we met up with Linda and Jeff at 6:00 am. We did a 12-mile loop of the tip of the cape. Race Point Beach was great. It brought back memories of all those summers I spent on that beach as a child. The bike paths we so well marked and in great condition (you do need lots of bug spray out there though).

After breakfast we walked around town and did a little shopping. There are so many people in Provincetown. The streets are packed all the time. We headed back to Wildflower, packed a lunch and headed to the beach across the bay at the very tip of the cape next to the lighthouse. As we sat on the beach having lunch we had 4 seals swimming around about 15 yards off shore in front of us. They hung out there the whole time we were there. It reminded me, a few years ago we were out there with Peter and Edie and Peter was swimming and came up from under water and was face to face with a seal. They both screamed and headed in opposite directions.

After leaving the beach we took harbor tour in the dinghy. We saw more seals. We heard there was a great white shark about a mile off shore in Provincetown. We wound not want to run into him.

We hung out on the boat the rest of the afternoon with Troy. Took me a while to get him to wake up. He just wanted to stay under his blanket on the bed and sleep the day away. He finally got up and headed up on the fly bridge, crawled inside my bike bag and went back to sleep. I guess he needs his 18 hours of beauty sleep each day.

We met the group on the pier at 6:00 and headed to Napi's for dinner. There were 17 of us and we had a great time. The food was so good, everyone's raved about his or her meal. The chalice cup was awarded for the race across Cape Cod Bay. It included sailboats and powerboats. It was a challenge for the race committee to determine handicaps for powerboats. Most sailboats have a PHRF rating but Peter experimented with making the race fair for both. Out of 8 boats, Wildflower came in 7th place. We are not the fastest boat in the fleet. Sea Quester came in first. They have a very fast boat. They blow by us like we were standing still. The chalice cup was something Jeff and Jack found at a yard sale last year on Martha's Vineyard. It is up to the winner each year to improve on the cup. Brad said that next year after he gets done with it, it would look like the Stanley Cup.

We walked around for a while (needed to get to my 17,000 steps for the day) and headed back to Wildflower. Now Troy was wide-awake and wanted to play. Every time the door opened he bolted out.

It was a calm night to sleep. So calm all the boats in the mooring field were all going in different directions and some looked like they may hit each other. Captain George was on watch duty to make sure we did not hit the boat next to us.

Witch's Over the Boom
Day 4
07/07/2013, Sandwich to Provincetown

I woke this morning to the sound of George washing the boat (I knew it wasn't raining because the sun was streaming through the hatch above me). It is the last time he will be able to do it before Salem. Jeff and Linda came over around 7:00 to take an early morning walk. We walked to the center of Sandwich and admired all the beautiful homes. We also hit the hardware store to pick up a new showerhead. Not much water was getting through the current one. George finished up washing the boat and we headed out around 10:00.

The trip across Cape Cod Bay was smooth and delightful; at least to us power boaters. The sailors had little wind and were not moving very fast. I think they call it "shaking and baking" on a day like today. It was so calm; Troy was not the only one who napped. Brad and Melissa when zooming by us half way there. They have a really fast boat.

We arrived in Provincetown around noon and I picked up the cleanest mooring line I have ever seen. It looked brand new and never used. There wasn't a barnacle or creepy crawly thing on it.

We hung out on the boat for a while, and it was so hot. Poor Troy just could not find a cool place to sleep. George and I headed into shore to check in at the marina and walk around. I wanted to buy Troy a battery operated fan to keep him cool (when the air conditioner was not running). After walking around and checking out the town, we stopped in an air-conditioned bar for a cool drink. We nursed those for quite a while, as neither of us was anxious to venture back into the heat.

We put the folding bikes together and got them ready to bring ashore. We are biking with Linda and Jeff at 6:00 am. Any later than that and it will be way to hot. I am anxious to ride on the bike trails here. We are heading out to Race Point Beach where I spent every summer when I was a kid.

Troy and I hung out on the fly bridge and watched the boats come and go, or at least I did, as Troy was just watching the seagulls. He would love to catch one of those, but they just don't get close enough. Troy is sound asleep on the dashboard now. Hopefully he will not press any buttons up there.

Logged almost 18,000 steps today. Could have done more if it was not so hot (or if the boat was bigger).

Witch's Over the Boom
07/08/2013 | Dianne
Sounds like you're having a great time. Enjoying your blogs very much. Feel like I'm there...almost! Say hi to George and Troy for me.
Day 3
07/07/2013, Padanaram to Sandwich

It was another beautiful hot day in Padanaram. We went to shore early for our walk as the radio had heat advisories for the day. On our walk we came across the Russell Garrison house built in 1675 (only the foundation remains), which was a place of refuge for the early settlers of Dartmouth during the King Philip War.

Once back on Wildflower it was time to jump in the water and cool off. I asked George what he wanted for breakfast and he said the rosemary bread and olive oil we bought at the farmers market yesterday. After all we on vacation and we can eat what ever we want for breakfast. Tomorrow he said he wants some of the Boeuf Bourguignon I made for the trip for breakfast (I suggested ice cream).

It was very hot and Troy was trying to find a cool place to sleep. I got him to come out on the swim platform and sprinkled some cool water on him, but he wanted no part of that. I did give him a little ice cream and he loved that.

We headed out of Padanaram around 12:30 along with Ruffian. The sail boaters were already gone. We have to all time it just right to get to the Cape Cod Canal when the tide changes direction. Once out on the water it was almost cool. We were all enjoying the ride until the water started churning like we were in a washing machine. I hate traveling through Buzzards Bay, as it is always too ruff. As we approached Hog Island Channel, it was getting worse. We were being tossed around like a toy boat. We passed Nixie and Ursa Major and they were worried about us because we were rocking back and forth so much. We tipped so badly one time that everything went flying. Troy went skidding across the floor. Good thing he had his harness on, that stopped him from hitting the side of the boat. George powered through the rest of the entrance to the canal and once inside, it was quite calm. We passed Django on the way into the canal. They left Rhode Island at 5:30 that morning.

When I headed down to check out the damage inside the boat, it was a mess. The furniture all shifted and the floor was covered with stuff. When I went to put up the bumpers and lines to get ready to dock, even the kayak was hanging over the railing.

Once at the Sandwich Marina, we did chores and headed to the outside patio bar at the Agua restaurant for a skippers meeting. The mudslides were cold and company was great. We now have seven boats in our fleet and we will all head to Provincetown tomorrow.

I logged 17,000 steps on my pedometer. Hopefully I can do that every day while on vacation, then I won't feel so guilty about the mudslides.

Witch's Over the Boom
Day 2
07/06/2013, Padanaram

Woke up to another beautiful day. George and I headed to shore to take a walk. We took the dinghy in and we tried to beach it so I could jump out without getting my sneakers wet. Well that did not work out so well so I took my walk with wet squeaky shoes. We headed over to Second Beach, which is the ocean side of the peninsula. The waves were great, there were even surfers out there. At one end of the beach the water almost looked red. I wonder if they had "red tide", which they have had there in the past.

When we headed back to the boat, Nixie, Ruffian and Seaquil were heading out. Scappare was not far behind them. We took our time and headed out around 9:00. It was very ruff getting out of the Sakonnet River. The waves were crashing over the front of the boat. Poor Troy just could not find a comfortable place to sleep and kept moving around. Once we made the turn toward New Bedford, it calmed down and the rest of the ride was fine. Troy slept the rest of the way there. We arrived in Padanaram around noon.

We cleaned up and headed into the New Bedford Yacht club to sign in. The club is quite beautiful. We took a walk around town with Jack and Denise and came upon a farmers market. There was a vendor selling balsamic vinegar and olive oil from Italy. He actually gives lectures on the topic and a half hour later we walked away with two bottles. I also picked up homemade rosemary bread and fresh basil.

It was getting hot and very windy, so we headed back to the boat for a rest (Troy and I napped together on the couch). Cetacean and Ursa Major, a few more boats in our fleet arrived this afternoon.

We headed over to Brad and Melissa's house across the bay around 4:00. They are part of our group and have a beautiful bungalow style house on the water here in Padanaram. The house once belonged to Melissa's grandparents. They hosted a great party. We sat on their front porch over looking the water until well into the night.

When we returned to Wildflower there were a few green flies inside and Troy, a great bug catcher would trap the fly and George would kill it. Troy has usually shed most of his long fur by now, but for some reason he waited until the start of the cruise to do it. It has been a challenge to keep up with all the fur on the boat. I take him outside and use the furminator to rake off as much as I can. Maybe by the end of the cruise he will have only his summer coat on.

Tomorrow we are heading across Buzzards Bay through the Cape Cod Canal to Sandwich. Should be a nice trip.

Witch's Over the Boom

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