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Getting Closer
12/02/2010, Santa Barbara

We haven't left yet, but soon! Our house remodel is taking longer than we thought, but the big projects are completed. We are working on the interior finishing touches. We get up early each day to tile and paint. It is all turning out so nice, we will definitely be enticed to return and enjoy it at some point. But right now, we are getting anxious to get underway.

We moved out of our slip in Ventura. Libertad is in the boatyard for a check-up. In a few days we will bring it up to Santa Barbara to a transient slip. Having it closer to us will hopefully allow us to spend more time on boat projects alongside the house projects and get us ready to go.

As the weather gets colder, we are dreaming of heading south to the tropics.

12/03/2010 | Cathy
I have been so thinking about you and wondering if you left yet or not. I'm so glad we will be able to follow you along your voyage...sending good thoughts!
12/05/2010 | Carol Kaye
Are you getting to close to going? I know you're excited and working hard! I'm so glad you have the blog--I miss you already!
12/16/2010 | Willy Abel
It's not to late to honor Saturday Nite Live and change the name of your boat to "The Raging Queen!" Coco and Kiwi say hi. Willy
12/22/2010 | Karen Kawaguchi
I'm sure the seas are rough due to all this rain. I hear there is a tornado watch in Santa Barbara today. Please be careful and keep us posted. We had our final Rotary meeting of the year today and thought of you.

12/23/2010 | Elaine Wheeler
Miss you already and your not even gone!!! I hope you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS whether it's on dry land or out at sea.
We love you and are glad to be able to keep up with what's going on.
12/31/2010 | Elaine Wheeler
Ahoy and Happy New Year!
Where are you?? We want to wish you a wonderful new year and safe travels. Also, have a very Happy Anniversary.
Love you. Elaine
01/03/2011 | Yolanda and Tom
Happy New Year. Are you still at home or on the high seas.
Tom and Yolanda
01/05/2011 | Brent Trojan
Dennis and Virginia,
I just received your Christmas card. It was sent to my old address. Looks like you are getting closer all the time and getting a lot done. I look forward in tracking your travels. Keep my email on your list.
Bon Voyage when it is time.
01/07/2011 | Carrie Johns
Hopefully they will post soon, but they are so busy trying to leave. Sailing away sooner than later.
Final Weeks of Preparation - Rough Itinerary
Virginia Johns
10/25/2010, still home in Santa Barbara

It was with a little bit of regret that we read about the Baja Haha fleet leaving San Diego this morning, as we had originally intended for our extended cruise to start with that event. But about five weeks ago we assessed the projects remaining on our house remodel and for our boat preparation and determined we needed to give up on a firm departure date. Good decision....we need a couple more weeks, but hope to leave sometime in November.

Family and friends are interested in our itinerary and have asked for more details; some may be considering joining us on some leg of the trip. Our VERY ROUGH plan is to spend the first four months cruising Mexico, Central America, and South America as far as Ecuador, cruise the Galapagos in March, and then head out across the Pacific towards the Marquesas in April. We will connect up with others doing the "Puddle Jump" who are leaving from Ecuador so that we have some company during that crossing, sharing information on weather, fishing, and other items of interest over the radio. We will stay connected with those at home via Sailmail email and this website.

We will wander through the various island groups in the South Pacific and work our way to Australia and New Zealand by November of 2011. Then we will take a few months break, doing land travel in those two countries, flying home for a visit, and deciding if we are liking it well enough to continue the adventure. If all goes well, year 2 we will travel to the Med via Madagascar and the Red Sea. Year 3 we will head across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.

But most of that is sheer speculation as it all depends on the wind, the weather, and if we are still having fun!

Stay tuned.

11/11/2010 | Karen Kawaguchi
Hi, Virginia and Dennis!

Your preparations and plans sound exciting but exhausting! I'm looking forward to following your journey on this blog. I noticed you'll be traveling to Galapagos in March 2011. If you have a chance chat with Chris because he was there a year ago.

Bon voyage!
Cruise planning: up close and personal
Virginia Johns
09/30/2010, still home in Santa Barbara

We bought *Libertad* nearly a decade ago and the lofty goal (inconceivable dream?) then was to cruise when we retired, perhaps circumnavigate. Thus our intention was to purchase a boat that would be up to the task and with our mostly local cruising during these 10 years, we are satisfied we made the right selection. Even so, at that time it was overwhelming to think about planning such an extensive cruise and now that our departure is rapidly nearing, I've been thinking back on how it all happened.

We spent the first couple years learning about our boat by cruising in the Channel Islands. We enhanced our sailing knowledge by joining the Santa Barbara Sail and Power Squadron (SBSPS), taking every squadron course that was offered and by participating in as many of the planned cruises as our busy work schedules would allow. We also read voraciously about the topic - 4 monthly magazines (Latitude 38, Sail, Cruising World, Practical Sailor) and many personal-story and reference books. Through all this we were dog-earing the pages in the reading material and noting in the margin items that needed to be on our "list": things to buy, things to research, things to learn. Visiting the boats of other squadron members also gave us good ideas. Together we picked away at this list over the years but it soon became clear that our approach to this task would be best served if we patterned it after our married life "partnership". So we divided the tasks to match our specific skill sets. This allowed each of us to focus on our individual tasks and make more progress. However, it did result in some unshared expertise which we plan to remedy with cross-training once we are under way and sharing tasks onboard.

Dennis is responsible for items related to the operation of the boat and navigation. This includes not only having working systems, but also secondary systems and spare parts for all of these. He approached the task with the philosophy that if you have it, you won't need it (thank goodness * Libertad* has lots of storage space!). For instance, for battery charging power we will have the Perkins engine, solar panels, a wind generator, a propeller shaft-driven alternator, and a portable gasoline powered generator. Squadron members who crewed aboard *Libertad* on the 2008 Baja Ha-Ha can appreciate these additions, having gotten lots of practice with hand steering and navigating with paper charts as we were unable to recharge the batteries when all we had was the Perkins and we lost the starter motor forcing us to turn off most electronics!! For steering we have an autopilot as well as a wind vane. We've also added a watermaker, freezer, sea anchor, a main staysail, various new running rigging, and a new set of sails.

I am responsible for items related to safety and communication. Some obvious items in these areas are boat and medical insurance (including emergency evacuation), flares, life raft, satellite phone, SSB radio with pactor modem for email, website for our pictures and blog, and of course webcams for us, our parents, and son so that we can call and "visit" them using Skype. As a part of this, I am developing our reference library. I've really enjoyed that part of my job - the new Jimmy Cornell book that was released this month just arrived.

And then there is our house for which we had numerous "deferred" maintenance issues as well as preparations to rent it -we split that list too. Dennis is in charge of the remodel projects and I'm in charge of downsizing so that we don't have to store so much while we are gone. Craigslist is my new friend.

We share the rest - such as entertainment, the galley, and creature comforts. I like to sew, so I'm busy making sail covers, winch covers, sail bags, bedding; I bought a new Sailrite machine and I love it although it will require a special (read LARGE) storage space. Dennis loves his music so he is working on installing speakers "in every room". We also plan on having "movie nights", so he will be installing a flat screen that can run DVD's off the laptop. I'm loading up my Kindle with reading material so we don't have to take as many paper books and can use that space for my sewing machine -see, it all works out. Dennis is deciding which musical instrument he'll learn how to play and doesn't take up too much room -fortunately drums are out of the question.

Here are some lessons we have learned along the way.

1. *You can't start too early.* While we wanted to purchase some of the equipment closer to our departure date so that we had the latest technology, it helped to know which items we needed in advance so that we could keep an eye on the market and focus our visits to the boat shows.

2. *The internet is indispensible.* We have spent hundreds of hours on our computers researching equipment, insurance plans, country visa and entry requirements, and the like. The majority of our purchases have been over the net as well.

3. *Plans change.* We invested a lot of time preparing for our two sweet dogs to make the trip with us. But we eventually had to make the hard, emotional, decision to leave them behind. They are not comfortable with boating life and it's just not fair to them to drag them along. Anyone interested in the companionship of two weimaraners for the next couple years? Anyone need some ramps, dog life vests, boat booties, books on 'pets aboard', and doggie tranquilizers?

4. *Some things are never off the list.* After we purchased an item we would feel good about taking something off the list, only to see a related item reappear later. For instance, the life raft we purchased in 2008 needed to be repacked, the EPIRB battery had to be checked and its hydrostatic release replaced, PDFs had to be rearmed. And of course, as we learned in the Cruise Planning course, this routine will never stop - we will need to have monthly and annual maintenance lists to stay on top of things.

We are still very busy with the preparations, but our target departure date is approaching and we are getting excited for this adventure to start. Joining SBSPS was one of the smartest decisions we made early on in our planning. We have learned so much from the courses and the other members. And we will certainly be glad to share our 'lists' with any of you planning a similar adventure!

10/04/2010 | Elaine Wheeler
Love the blog! I am so glad we'll be able to stay in touch while you are gone. I guess I have to admit really looks like you will be going!! Have a wonderful, fun, and safe adventure. Love you. Elaine
11/10/2010 | Paul B
HI Virginia & Dennis
Thank you for the change of address notice telling me how to keep in touch and watch your progress. I heard about your departure at the SBSPS class I am now taking at the harbor. It is going to fun to follow you guys on the move. We will all miss you and be thinking of how much fun your are having. Good luck getting 'on the road' on time.
11/11/2010 | Dolores Estrada
Ginny and Dennis, Thanks for the contact info and the opportunity to follow your wonderful adventure. Can't wait to read your progress. Be safe and enjoy!

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