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s/v Libertad
05/01/2010 enroute to marquesas
Virginia and Dennis Johns

have had a couple nice days of sailing without any squalls. Jibed so that we could start heading back north a bit while we continue to make westwards progress. Ran the spinnaker for part of the day on Sunday but winds too variable so changed to a wing-on-wing setup with the main out to one side and the jib out to the other as the wind is coming from directly behind us. This morning it is dying down a bit lower than we would like, hope to see it come up again. But, all is well aboard. Calm enough yesterday (all relative!) to bake bread. That was a nice treat. We continue to check in on the radio in the evening with the group of 4 boats that left the Galapagos at about the same time, with us leaving a couple days later than the others. We haven't seen any other boats out here yet, two of the others have had a siting of another cruiser.

More than half way there!

04/29/2012 enroute to Marquesas
Virginia and Dennis Johns

You may notice by our position marks that we are already as far 'south' as we need to go, but we have a lot of 'west' still to do. But we have to head where the winds take us, so we realize that at some point we'll be further south than the Marquesas and we'll have to tack and head back north to them. Or maybe soon the winds will change direction a bit and allow us to head more directly west! All is well aboard.

04/28/2012 enroute to marquesas
Virginia and Dennis Johns

Yesterday and today we have had much calmer seas and not much rain. The squalls come close and provide a change in wind at times, but overall much smoother today for sure, and somewhat so yesterday. Took the opportunity to bake some cookies yesterday. All is well aboard. Happy Birthday to Kathleen tomorrow 'the other grandma'.

04/26 end of week 1 enroute to Marquesas
Virginia and Dennis Johns

Had sunny skies in the morning, but darn squalls came back in the afternoon and throughout the night intermittently. We brought out our foulies (foul weather fear) again - not exactly what we think of as typical tropical wear!

Hit 1000 mile mark (since leaving Galapagos) - only 2000 to go, This is end of week 1 only 2 more to go.

All is well

apr 25 enroute to Marquesas
Virginia and Dennis Johns

the high winds, big seas, and intermittent squall rains have calmed down a bit and it is a more pleasant sail today. Making good time today! Still a big rocky and rolly so have to hold on tight whenever you move around! We've travelled 816 miles since we left the Galapagos, about 2168 to go if we stop at Fatu Hiva first.

04/27/2012 | Rich Cio
Wow, you are really on your way now! It looks like you are making westerly progress. Safe passage, fair winds and calm seas. Exciting stuff!
4/24 enroute Marquesas
Virginia and Dennis Johns

in a line of squalls so getting higher winds and making better time,but rocking and rolling. All is well.

04/24/2012 | Anita Merriman (Starlight)
Good luck with the watermaker. I am loving the blog and enjoying your passage vicariously, wishing we were with you! Fair winds.
xo Anita & James

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