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s/v Libertad
Fatu Hiva
Virginia and Dennis Johns

Two days ago we moved to Fatu Hiva. No internet here so still posting positions and short blogs via radio.

Beautiful island with rock spires around the anchorage that are absolutely gorgeous. Explored this small village yesterday and tried hiking to a waterfall but never found it. Today we hired a local to take us in his fishing boat over to the next village and that was a great trip. We went with Phyllis and Don from Solstice. We saw tapas being made and bought a couple for souvenirs. Found out that our boat captain that gave us the ride was a sculptor by trade so went to his home and bought some wood carvings; Phyllis and Don bought a tiki; we bought a wooden bowl.

got to check the weather now, but if it is good we will head at first light back to the north west to Tahuata island.

all is well.

05/23/2012 | Carol Kaye
Love hearing from you. Love the pictures. I probably won't get to see you when you come home in June/July. I'm leaving for Taipei on June 23rd, and return from Asia the first week of August. But I'll be having an adventure, too! Miss you!
05/23/2012 | Kevin Leitch
..and I was worrying about spending the weekend at Pelican's. There's an overachiever in every bunch! Glad you're enjoying your travels and new friendships amid the trials. Can't wait for the book!! Best to you both.
Land Ho! Marquesas
Virginia and Dennis Johns

We arrived at Hiva Oa in the Marquesas early morning on Mothers' Day after 23 days and a few hours at sea - yea! We just couldn't escape the rain even in those final days, so while we timed our arrival for daylight hours, the cloud cover was so thick we couldn't see the islands at times. But things cleared up just as we approached the anchorage and so all was well. We hadn't seen any other boats the whole time we were out there, but as we mentioned had been in touch via radio nets. One of our nets was just 5 boats who had left the Galapagos at around the same time. We knew one of the boats and they asked us to join the net. We hadn't met the others, but several are here and so we finally are getting together. In fact we did actually spot one boat, Solstice, just as we were approaching the anchorage - they were about 15 minutes ahead of us. The other boats in the anchorage said they had been getting all that rain here too for the last week and were hoping we brought some sunshine. Well today it has been sunny all day, so far. We never did get the watermaker to work despite numerous emails with techs at Spectra while we were 'out there', so if it rains, it helps to fill the water tanks! Always a bright side. We didn't take many pictures during the crossing, as it looked a lot 'the same'. But we will post a few of the sunsets, sunrises, fish we caught, and rainbows.

05/14/2012 | Marcia Rowland
Thank God you have made it. John Profant boght our Tripui boat so all is sold and now I am the first woman in our Squadron to make JN
05/16/2012 | Amy K.
Congratulations on a safe crossing, and thanks for the photos of the beautiful sunrises, sunset, and the Supermoon...hope you get your "land legs" back soon!
05/19/2012 | Brother Greg
Glad you made it without incident. All family interested in your progress. Where do you have to go next to be able to come home for Adrienne's wedding?
last night watches - enroute to the Marquesas
Virginia and Dennis Johns

Happy Birthday to Charlene and Colleen - Virginia's sisters. This wiill be our last night out - only 69 miles to go. Should arrive before noon tomorrow, local time. Marquesas time is kind of odd as it is 9.5 hours earlier than UTC - the only 'half hour' time zone. We will be 2.5 hours earlier than pacific daylight savings time, I believe. Looking forward to a break from the night watches. We expected to be totally exhausted on this trip, but that hasn't happened. We are doing 3 hour watches, starting at 9pm. We each have 6 hours on watch and 6 hours of scheduled sleep. Then we nap as needed during the day. It's worked out great. More news soon as we reach our next landfall in paradise.

05/13/2012 | Marcia Rowland
I bet by now you can see them and also have the smell of the land. This will be one of your happiest Mothers Day ever once your feet are on solid ground
05/13/2012 | Bill Abel
Way to go sailors! Looks like you were
able to hold a pretty steady westerly course. Stepdown Committee meets
Tuesday...wish us luck! Cheers, Willy
May 11 enroute to Marquesas
Virginia and Dennis Johns

Lots of squalls with rain and some with wind the last several days including all night last night. Yesterday about 3:00pm we got in an area with no wind and we were rocking around so we cheated and turned on the engine - too close to the end to want to dally any longer!

Making good time today. Now we are thinking we might get there midday Sunday may 13.

05/12/2012 | Marcia Rowland
That is not cheating, that is what the engine is for. Otherwise you would not know if it was still working. What a great Mothers Day present to get to your next goal.
May 10 enroutre to the Marquesas
Virginia and Dennis Johns

lots of squalls yesterday, along with some rainbows. Made good time as there waere some higher winds in those squalls. Still pretty cloudy out there, looks like more rain this morning, but we are getting there! Only 380 miles to go!

05/10/2012 | Rich Ciolino
Great progress and it sounds like so much fun dealing with different weather conditions. Glad they are generally good for you. Once you make it to the Marquesas it looks like there's a myriad of Island choices to go from there - have you made that choice yet?
05/10/2012 | Kevin Leitch
Hello Libertad, congratulations on your far-reaching and significant voyage. I fully believe that Columbus and Vespucci and Cook were knowledgable mariners, but it was their bravery and consistent resolve that took them to new lands. Good luck!!
May 8 enroute to Marquesas
Virginia and Dennis Johns

Happy Birthday Judy, Dennis' sister! We are getting consistent wind today that enables us to run the spinnaker. We took down the main and hoisted the drifter (another light sail like the spinnaker) between the main and mizzen and we are cranking - making time today at 6-7 knots. Seas lumpy at times, but they got quite a bit calmer last night so hoping for the same tonight. All is well. Hoping to make landfall by Saturday, but still 566 mi. to go, so too soon to tell quite yet - depends on the winds of course.

hope all is well with all of you.

05/09/2012 | steve&susan
you guys rock! we wish you a happy landfall and more!
05/09/2012 | steve&susan
you guys rock! we wish you a happy landfall and more!

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